Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
Feb. 16, 2020

Syncretism w/ Santos Bonacci

Syncretism w/ Santos Bonacci

In episode #38, Dr. Reese talks with world-renowned syncretist and mystery school teacher, Santos Bonacci. They discuss the secrets of electricity, energy fields, astrology, sex, meditation and much more! 

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Dr. Reese (00:00:18):
Something that comes up on this podcast often is the fact that we, you know, we're very layered. And if we keep going down from matter, we're eventually gonna get down to energy and electricity. How, how much of a part would you say that electricity plays in our existence?

Santos Bonacci (00:02:04):
Well, I would say that it is the only force that, uh, humanity knows in this current stage of their development. Their development is very, very limited. So they are dealing with electric electricity because they can only, uh, relate to the vibration wave. They're not relating to the radiation wave, which is back of and superior to the vibratory wave. The radiation wave is pure. The vibration wave in theology is described as IPU. It's the God of, uh, the IPU world. So you are probably differentiating electricity from magnetism, which is what I do. And if you are well, then that's correct. That's the correct way to do it. Magnetism is superior to electricity. It is the mother of electricity. Mm. It is 10 billion times more powerful than electricity. Thank you. Faraday and Maxwell and Stein, Mets, and all the greats. Uh, it is a radiation wave.

Santos Bonacci (00:03:12):
It is pure white light. It has no vibration to it. It does not decay. It is forever expanding. It is radial, hence radiation, uh, and electricity is a hybrid, but it is responsible for producing all of the material world. Mm. Magnetism does not penetrate into the material world. It is providing the energy for it. It's providing the radial pressure. And then the vibration, which is a transverse wave. That is what creates the illusion of time and space because you've got wave amplitude and wave length. Wavelength is time, wave amplitude is space and only electricity can do this. So the materialists, their primary mode of seeing the universities through electrical eyes vibration.

Dr. Reese (00:04:15):
Yeah. Now Santos, would you say that when we go deep into meditation and, and some of us can become self-realized as the term sometimes is enlightened, is this why light light can be seen by people that reach these states?

Santos Bonacci (00:04:38):
Yeah. Yeah. White light is pure light. It is the other half of the yin and yang, which is black and white. Black light is dial electricity. White light is magnetism. Mm. So even though white light is a, a pure light. It is divine. It is, uh, creative. It is God light.

Dr. Reese (00:05:07):

Santos Bonacci (00:05:08):
Nonetheless, the black light is the true light of our, uh, resting source because white light is motion. And if you go to the white light, as they like to talk about in, uh, the afterlife experience, well, this will only bring you project you back. It's a projecting light. It projects you back into motion into the world of motion. E everything in this world is in flux, right? It's always moving. You see everything right? All the

Dr. Reese (00:05:43):
Atoms animation.

Santos Bonacci (00:05:44):
Yeah. Animation AUM means soul and white light is the soul it animal makes. Mm. So an animal comes from soul, which we are. We are animals because we are animated by white light, black light black, white light will bring us back into rest. And black light holds the, uh, the key to its modality. If you look at the word black, you remove the, uh, the B and then you have the word lack because there is no lack in black light. It has everything. And it's, and that's the light you go back to when you remove the L. Now, now you have the word back because you go back to the black light. If you remember that, you'll find that the true teachers of transcendental science always taught, do not go to the white light. It's good light. It's beautiful light, but it's the light of projection. It's light of unrest.

Dr. Reese (00:06:59):
And if, and this was highlighted in an ancient book called the Tibetan book of the dead,

Santos Bonacci (00:07:06):
I would say so. Yes.

Dr. Reese (00:07:07):

Santos Bonacci (00:07:08):
I, I haven't read that book, but, uh, yeah. I would say it is

Dr. Reese (00:07:12):
<laugh>. Yeah.

Santos Bonacci (00:07:13):
Yeah. We need the white light. The white light is, has all colors in it. So when white light is refracted through a prism, you can see it's true nature when it's differentiated is that it holds all the colors, right? You see, whereas black has no color. It's there are no colors in black and white is all colors. So they are the yin and yang. The Coter principles of creation, right? Where mm-hmm, <affirmative> where the black energy, they call it black energy, dark matter, dark energy, all of this dark stuff that scientists now are talking about everything black, black, black, and the reason is because they're pointing us in the right direction. That source is black force is white. So when they're in star wars, when they say, may the force be with you? Yeah, well, again, this is very good to have the force, the white light, but better to have the source.

Santos Bonacci (00:08:16):
The saucers are the ones who don't need force because they have a SEP, well, another kind of magic, which is superior to the magic of the world of motion, which is really, uh, an illusion. And the reason being is because it's temporal, the vibratory wave is temporal. It decays. It can never keep going unless sustained by resonance. And that's why they have all these resonance buildings around the earth, temples, cathedrals, uh, alters and all kinds of magnetic attracting structures along lay lines, because they were creating resonance on the earth to keep the earth in paradise state. This was in tartar in the ancient days, tartar was destroyed because what they wanted the Jesuits, when they started dismantling the magnetic grid and to set up the electrical grid was to destroy the earth, to destroy her resonance because man was able to keep the transverse wave and materialism in perpetual in a state of perpetuity.

Santos Bonacci (00:09:31):
You see, we were <laugh>. We were learning how to keep the transverse wave. The temporal wave propagating through time and space with resonance only, only resonance can keep that wave from decay. Whereas the magnetic radial wave doesn't need resonance, right? It is it's the original resonance. The Jesuits were able to infiltrate all nations and all buildings and cities, and to remove certain key stones from the edifices to change the frequency, and then to disable this resonance situation that was going on in the earth, and everyone was healthy. Everyone was conscious, everyone was awakened, and everyone was using their magic, their power. Everybody had their power. We were all musicians. We were all able to creative. Yeah. We could do everything. Everything was within our, within our reach. See? So they call this creation, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> yes. Creation is made up of three words, Cronos R and to, uh, Korea tour. So that is Cronos his cons R time and space. And their son ju the maker of TAUs fields of atoms of form. So you've got time, space and form. That's the holy Trinity create a to Cronos R and Jupi.

Santos Bonacci (00:11:14):
And so, uh, with resonance, the resonance chambers, which of what cathedrals were, they were able to elevate the health and the consciousness of the bean, and to restore it every time you, you would go on a pilgrimage down the lay line, up the hill to the temple, the minister there would, uh, administer the rights and the healing rituals, and you would be restored. And so your body would not decay because it does decay without these resonance chambers. So our trick is to get back to them and reestablish that magnetic grid. If we can do that in time, none of us will need to perish and continue dying. All this dying and stuff what'll happen is rather than them controlling death and our life Spann. Remember before the flood, it was supposedly a thousand years, then God changed the lifespan of man down to 120 years.

Santos Bonacci (00:12:22):
Yes. You know, if you live, uh, you know, 80, 80 years, these days you've done well. So if we can get a hold of those edifices that are still up and restore them to the original use, all of us will, will have the power to live forever. And not that we will, we won't have to, because what we used to do in ancient times was we would be able to decide when we would die and we would just leave this body and, and they would take care of it. They would embalm it and they'd put it in a nice term for us to remember us. And if ever, we should want to come back. That body that was embalmed was kind of like a, uh,

Dr. Reese (00:13:06):

Santos Bonacci (00:13:07):
Yeah. Like a vehicle or a GPS point that we could, you know, we could say, oh yeah, there we are. Okay. We're gonna go back to those old atoms and just, we wouldn't act actually resurrect that body. You wouldn't need to, but you just need that. You know, it was just a, it was just there as, as a, as like a file for you to come back to this medium. If you wish to, otherwise, you can just leave this medium forever, depending on your good works and your good soul. If you have a good soul, you can go back Torin Darvan, which means you can go back to the, uh, we in the west, we call that the, um, illicium fields, the Ellucian fields, or the Imperium, the Imperium is where the gods dwell. The, the blessed ones dwell with God. So you can go there. You can live forever there, you know, and you don't have to come back into materialism. You don't have to live on the sphere of Jupiter or Saturn or the moon. You don't have to live on these inferior planes, where there is always pleasure and pain and suffering and death. Always, no matter how long you live, see on the moon, you can live for a hundred thousand years in Jupiter. You can live for a million years, but it's still a million years of, of suffering. And eventually you will die.

Dr. Reese (00:14:27):
Now we could be reincarnated to, uh, something on another planet. Is that correct?

Santos Bonacci (00:14:33):
I wouldn't use the word reincarnated, but resurrected. Uh, we, yeah, because we wouldn't have flesh. KA is Caral is flesh. So you wouldn't reincarnate, but you would, um, you would be able to live there. Yes. As a, uh, as a being, you know, you would in your unconditioned state. Mm. And you only get to live in places where you are worthy. You see if, if you don't have the currency, if you don't buy the gold, as it says in revelation, buy gold from me. So you can, you know, you can live forever. You can live with me in the heavens, uh, that has that's in reference to good works. The works of your soul and

Dr. Reese (00:15:15):

Santos Bonacci (00:15:16):
Yeah. Well, what you do in your right? Not so much your karma, what, what your da is, how you are living in reality. Yeah. Right now, are you a liar? Are you deceiving people? Are you, uh, promiscuous in your sexual behavior? Because this is absolutely condemned. Are you, um, a drunkard? Are you a Glu? You know, all of these things are condemned and people who practice those, they will always reincarnate in planes where these gross practices are being practiced. Mm that's fine. Some people choose to do that. You know, they want to, they want to be sexual forever. They want, um, you know, pornographies is their only way of expressing sexuality. So yeah,

Dr. Reese (00:16:02):
I've heard, I've heard one guru say that, you know, our, our, one of our objectives is to drop sex so that it's not on our mind when we die. And if we die and sex is on our mind, then that's, that's not so good of a thing.

Santos Bonacci (00:16:21):
No, exactly. So this is the thing, uh, it's the kind of sex as well that you are practicing. You can be practicing white tantra, which will get you anywhere in the universe. Yeah. It will make you holy. So you won't need to worry about, Ooh, am I going to reincarnate? Or what have you, it's gross polyamorous, promiscuous, pornographic, black tantric, ejaculatory sex, which will keep you on the plane of the animals, where you will forever perish and suffer, uh, damnation, because this is damnation where we are here. We've been damned by certain limitations and conditions that is not li that's limiting. That's a damnation.

Dr. Reese (00:17:08):

Santos Bonacci (00:17:09):
And so how we got here was through those very lusts, because as the Le the legends tell us satin made this world because satin was lustful and satin wanted lustful sex. Hence this world was born through his loins. And that's the only reason why it was created was because of lustful sex. You see? So now we have to, because we were born in that we have to transmute that. Now we have to grow out of that. And that is what our aim is to purify. It's why the Bible says do not be misled fornicators and people who practice loose conduct will not inherit God's kingdom. That's

Dr. Reese (00:17:52):

Santos Bonacci (00:17:53):
Purity is the way to inherit God's kingdom

Dr. Reese (00:17:55):
Purification, detox, get it all out. Physical and mental.

Santos Bonacci (00:18:00):
Yeah. And sexual. So keep going with your question. I'll be listening. I just gotta get my tea, which is just over here at the corner. Okay.

Dr. Reese (00:18:07):
Yeah. Sure. Sure. So, something that comes up in, in your seminars a lot is the TAUs field. And I was wondering if, you know, they say, when an en an enlightened master, when you get in the presence of an enlightened self-realized master, you can feel the presence is what they usually call a Buddha field. I was wondering this Buddha field that is spoken of, is that the tourist field?

Santos Bonacci (00:18:43):
Yep, absolutely. There's only one field brother. There's only one field. And the field is inside of every atom. It's called the plane of inertia. And atom is a tourist field. That's that's what an atom is. It's the, to Royal field, the what? Ken Wheeler calls, the reciprocating processional hyper hyperboloid TAUs field. Mm I'll go back to that in a minute. Reciprocating processional hyperboloid TAUs field. I would add another ingredient to that. The plane of inertia, the plane of inertia runs through the middle of the tourist field. It's it's where the lines of force are either coming into it or going out of it. It's the point of transcendence. It's the transcendental point where everyth everything is coming out of the black hole, or going back into the black hole. That's it. And that field, that plane of inertia, that is the field. And that field is stronger in the magician.

Santos Bonacci (00:19:58):
That field will protect you everywhere you go. You'll have angelic protection. If that field is strong, the way to destroy that field is to lose your charism by ejaculating it and disrespecting the charism, which will give you charisma. So you see a lot of these people, they're all depleted. They're walking around like, oh, I haven't got any strength to even lift my anger and pick my nose, you know, sort of they're weak. And they're just, and they're not only physically weak. They're spiritually, ethically, and morally weak they're cowards. They don't stand for anything. They stand for nothing and fall for everything types. These are people who bring weakness into the world because, and they deplete themselves because they squander their oils in blasphemous, uh, ejaculatory sex, which I don't know how anyone in their right mind can think that practicing, that kind of sex has any value.

Santos Bonacci (00:21:05):
Men, for instance, have to fall asleep. The moment they've had five minutes, five minutes of ejaculatory sex. Yeah. They're, they're leaking their energy. Yeah. Whereas someone like me, I can go all day long. Someone has to say stop <laugh> that that's enough because just build energy. Right? Right. My partner will just have to say stop that's 14, 14 hours. Please stop. There's no sleeping. There's no, not even a contemplation of thought. And it's not about sex. Like most people think, you know, thrusting about like a monkey. No, it's sacred, pure effects, politic affect political transcendental sex. Where every moment of it is like an orgasm filling the body, filling the field. It's just, you're in God's presence on the you're having sex at the throne of God. Not at the throne of Satan, where all kinds of blasphemous, ejaculatory, you see wherever there is ejaculatory sex.

Santos Bonacci (00:22:07):
There are multiple demons. It's demonic pornography. It's demonic. People think, oh yeah, we'll just having an ejaculation. Cuz that's, it's cute. You know, we like that kind of sex. All you're doing is inviting demons into your life because they love to see humans squandering the Christ. Yeah. Because we've been given a certain amount of prism just as we've been given, allocated a certain amount of breath when we expire our last breath we die. And the same is with the oils that come from our Cerebro spinal nervous system called the prism. Mm. So the we've only been allocated a certain amount and that prism is called the Christ, the oil of the Christ mm-hmm <affirmative> and demons, demons love to watch couples have sex and squander that they are always there present. You see? And that's why they love having that kind of sex because the demons come into them and possess them and they feel more passion and more lust and they want more lustful experiences.

Santos Bonacci (00:23:16):
So they go and have orgs and threesomes and all kinds of sex. You know, they, even, some people have to have sex with animals. They can't, they no longer have pleasure with human beings anymore. Yeah. Some people have to have sex with little children. They have to rape little babies and kill them and drink their, uh, their adrenal Chrome. Because you know, having sex with a, a woman now is not enough. And that's because of what happens is the moment you have ejaculatory sex, the moment you do demons are in your life. Mm-hmm and, and they're going to want more and more and more intense experiences. And you'll trapped now forever in a cycle of lust, which you will never of addiction. You'll never be able to escape without them, without the help of Christ.

Dr. Reese (00:24:06):
It's like, they, they love it when we're stuck in indulgence.

Santos Bonacci (00:24:10):
Yeah. Addictions pleasure

Dr. Reese (00:24:14):
Too much food, bad food.

Santos Bonacci (00:24:16):
Yep. They wake up the next day in pain. And so that night they go and get more pleasure. And then the next day they got pain and anger and hatred and toxicity and OSIS and psychosis

Dr. Reese (00:24:27):
Stimulation. Yep.

Santos Bonacci (00:24:29):
And the, and the moment you kiss someone, you are now downloaded with all of their hormones and DNA. And now you are thinking like them, you are acting like them. You have all their germs, all their ancestral diseases, all their past toxic partners, hormones, and parasites. You have all of their parasites. This is why people change. When they get with someone, you know, they get, they find a new partner. They change, right? Their mind. Their mind is absolutely changed according to their partners, because now they have their partners in them for ever every single person that you have kissed and exchanged DNA. You have given them your soul and you are eating their soul forever. This is why the Bible says be faithful to your one partner because you'll become one flesh. When you marry the moment you kiss someone, see kissing someone is a contract. It's a contract. When you kiss someone and you receive their fluids, their, their saliva, you have signed a contract eternally with them that you will be won with them. And you'll never be able to get out of it. It's just impossible. Wow. You cannot do it. That's

Dr. Reese (00:25:51):
Why that's heavy.

Santos Bonacci (00:25:52):
This is why prostitutes do not kiss their clients.

Dr. Reese (00:25:56):
Mm. Okay.

Santos Bonacci (00:25:57):
They put, they put condoms on. They do not take any DNA from their clients. Wow. It's and that's by law. Prostitutes have to have condoms, but by practice, they never ever kiss their clients because they know what happens. They know it dilutes their souls.

Dr. Reese (00:26:21):
So Santos, I've heard you say before that astrology is the mother of all science. Why is that? And what's the role of astrology in the Bible. The vadas the Zohar and so on.

Santos Bonacci (00:26:39):
Well, all the scriptures come from astrology. They're, they're all alluding to it or they're all veiling it. But because scripture is a subtle teaching. It's um,

Dr. Reese (00:26:55):
A script.

Santos Bonacci (00:26:56):
Yeah. Scripture is not going to say, oh, uh, we're all about astrology. It's not gonna tell you what it's about. It's it's going to be presented in such a divine way that people will Marvel when they read scripture. And they'll always be thinking, well, what is this? Oh, how, how come it elevates my consciousness? How come this information is pleasing to me? How come I want to seek this information? But I don't understand it fully well. That's because it is always alluding to something and it's alluding to nature and God, and the creation and that the creation is twelvefold. Hence we have the Doron, the master polyhedra of the universe. And we have carbon 12 throughout all the universe. All the universe is made of carbon 12. And so we have 12 systems in the body. We have 12 cranial nerves. We have 12, uh, nerve endings in the solar plexus. We have, uh, 12 is, is through our

Dr. Reese (00:28:01):
12 numbers on a clock. <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:28:03):
Yeah. We have 12 musical notes, chromatic notes. We have the 12 chromatic colors and uh, the rainbow colors are, are seven, but we always have this play between 12 and seven, 12 and seven. And in the Quran, in bug, in the Bible, there's always these two favorite numbers of God. You see? So 12 and seven, 12 chromatic notes, seven diet notes. And why is this? Well? Because this is the, the number system of the universe. The universe is made of number it's made of numbers and letters, which we would call RI or GEMR or geo tree, which is the same word. Think about it. GE G it's the same word. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (00:28:58):
Right, right.

Santos Bonacci (00:28:59):
If you can't see that where you, you don't want to, but anyone who wants to can see that geometry, andr numbers and letters are behind everything in creation. And so a to Royal field will have 1230 degree segments along its cyclical wave pattern. So energy will come. Let me get a whiteboard. Hang on.

Dr. Reese (00:29:27):

Santos Bonacci (00:29:28):
I've got an old lesson on here from the other day. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (00:29:33):
Yeah. You and your whiteboards. <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:29:37):

Dr. Reese (00:29:40):
I use a lot of whiteboards myself. I they're one of the better inventions <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:29:46):
Yeah, for sure. I dunno what I'll do without them. All right. So let's go

Santos Bonacci (00:29:54):
Down about there. So what we have tourists fields, pretty much like this. You have a center here and then what you have here is we have a plane of inertia going through here. Now, if you look, if you look at the work of say Ken Wheeler, uh, Ken Wheeler is, has a channel on YouTube called theory apotheosis. And there he shows, uh, with a magnetic viewing film, he gets a battery, uh, sorry. A, a magnet here is a magnet. I have a biomagnetic healing magnet here. And what you will have is you will have a plane of inertia like this, and you will see lines of force going like this. And these lines are convergent and cental. And these lines here are divergent and centrifugal, And they always meet here in the center. And what you have is Walter Russell explains Redshift Blue shift two spirals two, uh, V vs is, And as the energy radiates here is radiation. Here is gravitation, not gravitation. Thank you, Walter Russell, radiation Redshift, right? Turning red shift energy. Very important to understand this very important. The three RS stand four Red, Right? Uh, and radiation.

Speaker 4 (00:32:17):

Santos Bonacci (00:32:18):
That's what radiation is. Radiation is in, in, in this, in this, uh, sense, this kind of electrical radiation, because this is electricity.

Speaker 4 (00:32:28):

Santos Bonacci (00:32:30):
Okay. So, and this is an atom. This is the neutron. It's the dial field. So you have three field modalities.

Dr. Reese (00:32:38):
Dialec we have of these trillions.

Santos Bonacci (00:32:42):

Dr. Reese (00:32:43):
In us. Yeah.

Santos Bonacci (00:32:45):
Yes. Ma dial electricity, magnetism And electricity. The hybrid of dial electricity, black light And white light. And electricity is red and blue.

Dr. Reese (00:33:03):
Mm I've seen some blue <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:33:07):
Red and blue.

Dr. Reese (00:33:09):
I was gonna ask you about blue.

Santos Bonacci (00:33:13):
So This is radiation, right? Turning red shift. And this is gravitation left, turning blue shift. Converging going back to the field. This is the field. This is God, God is the field. Mm. This, and you will learn this from the, uh, from the yin and yang.

Dr. Reese (00:33:43):
Yeah. Daoism.

Santos Bonacci (00:33:46):
Yeah. They're telling you dialectric field, Rest and motion, rest And motion. Magnetism mag in Sanskrit means to move. And it's feminine. It's white light.

Dr. Reese (00:34:12):
I was just gonna say that male and female, you got a male and female.

Santos Bonacci (00:34:15):
Yeah. So, and in the center here, you would have green. I would say green, because if you look at this as a human being, they have a torso. A torso

Santos Bonacci (00:34:31):
Is another way of saying Taurus. Right? Right. So at the bottom of your torso, you have a red chakra and at your throat, you have a blue chakra. Just like the rainbow. Yeah. Your torso made of atoms and anatomy knows all about Redshift blue shift. Everywhere you go. All forms are Redshift blue shift. Hence you've got red pill, blue pill, red blood blue blood roses are red. Violets are blue. Republicans are red. Democrats are blue, red police, siren, blue police, siren, red, hot water, blue, hot water at cold water. Why? Because those are the colors yeah. Of the material world and polarity.

Speaker 4 (00:35:26):

Dr. Reese (00:35:27):
Right on. <laugh>. That's great.

Santos Bonacci (00:35:32):
And that's your heart. And your heart has a green chakra with 12 pedals. And that is the field. So when you, when you respect the prism, the Christ in you, and you do not squander any of those fluids. Now you are strengthening your field. Now you are the magician. Now you are protected by the angels, the angles of your chart. Yeah. Cause that's, that's what the angels are. They are intelligent, conscious angles that come into your chart and protect you. So when you know, astrology, the mother of all science, and when you know your own chart, you know, which angels angles are protecting you. For instance, the angels that protect me are the sun and Mars. I have the sun in Aries. The, and I have Mars in Leo, the heart that's called a reciprocation. And they're trying to each other by a three degree orb that reciprocation protects me, protects my, my head and my heart because I have Arine from Mars in my heart to Aries in my head.

Santos Bonacci (00:36:55):
And since the sun is the ruler of Leo, the heart and Mars is the ruler of Aries. The head they are in each other's signs. They are reciprocating, even though the sun exalts in Aries and, and loves being in Aries. And Mars loves being in Leo, a fire sign, their domiciles are opposite. Mars rules here, Aries and sun rules are the heart, uh, Leo. So that reciprocation, that protects me. So it's important to know the good, the good angles angels in your chart so that, you know, when you are out there in the dangerous world, you know how much power you will have and how much angelic protection you will have when you go out and speak truth.

Dr. Reese (00:37:55):
Yeah. I, I, I just wanted to bring something up that one of my favorite people to study is Meister. Eckhart, going back to the late 12 hundreds, early 13 hundreds, of course, the church tried to put him to death because he was breaking down Christianity in a different type of way. And one of the things he talks about Santos is that God is the universal force. And he always refers to God as a male. And then he refers to the soul, his soul, as a formless force inside every human. He always refers to it as a female, hers. And then he would talk about the male and the female, as long as you become empty and let God in, he talks about the God male merging with the female soul and creating the son of God within you. And he would say that we, every human being has the potential to give birth to their own. Jesus Christ.

Santos Bonacci (00:39:04):

Dr. Reese (00:39:05):
The church did not like this. <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:39:07):
No, no. So the father, the father is the spirit in you mm-hmm <affirmative>. And that, that is the spirit,

Dr. Reese (00:39:17):

Santos Bonacci (00:39:19):
The mother, the goddess is the soul in you. You are a spirit soul. Some people D differentiate between the two or, um, separate the two. You don't need to, you can't be just a spirit and you can't just be a soul. You are a spirit soul mm-hmm <affirmative>. And, and, and that's because that's, that's the spirit. And that's the soul right here, here. This is the body, the electrical part. Remember I said, create tour. Uh, let's have a look at that. Tour is the TA field. And that's the tourist field, the torso, that's the physical part of you. That's the sun. It's in your heart. The heart is the son of God. That's why Jesus is always pointing his sacred heart. He's always pointing to the heart. That's where the son is the son of God, but you are spirit and soul. And they both come from the field. That's the field. That's the home. That's where God is. That's where you are in the transcendental plane. So your body projects like a, a projector on a projects from that spirit, soul complex entity that you are, right. So when you, when your body decays, because of lack of resonance in the world and the, the hybrid wave, vibratory wave energy of electricity, can you see that? There's light? Yeah,

Dr. Reese (00:41:22):
Yeah, yeah.

Santos Bonacci (00:41:23):
Unfortunately I've got a window in front of me, so it doesn't really work very well in this room. But, um, so when that body dissolves, you will always go back to spirit soul. Now that spirit soul, you know how they say, you can lose your soul or someone you, you say, oh, that person's soul is well that's because their field has been depleted through bad practices, gluttony, drunkenness, drugs, bad sex, et cetera. Mm-hmm, <affirmative> now, now some people in, in their youth, they think they can get away with it. You see? But no, no, it'll catch a <laugh>. It always catches up. There's not one instance where you can break the rules in the universe and think that you will not suffer the consequences, right. In one way or another, you will do yourself, devastating harm, endless eternal, devastating harm, even kissing the wrong person will, will bring so much harm into your field. That to disentangle yourself from the harm will take all of an eternity.

Dr. Reese (00:42:32):
Can we reverse it? Yeah. Of it. Uh, it, and is this where self realization comes in? Is this where enlightenment comes in as potentially the ultimate purpose of every human being?

Santos Bonacci (00:42:47):
Well, I hope that I can reverse all the bad things I've done, you know? So I'm on that path of, of redemption, of salvation of, uh, what other words can we use here? Purification, sublimation restoration of my, my soul, because I know I don't have all my power. I'm powerful. Yes. But I know there's more to come. Yeah. I, I know that my field is not perfect and that there are holes in my tourists field where entities, uh, manage to, um, distract me, um, harm me and cause me physical and mental and emotional, um, suffering. And, and, and I know that I've got a long way to go. Yeah. But, but what I do know <laugh> is that I will not deviate from this path and I will not compromise because I know that it is my salvation. It's it is the way to purity.

Santos Bonacci (00:43:57):
Yeah. It's the only way. Yeah. So I cannot look to the right or to the left or back, see what anyone else is doing. I have to stay on my path and not necessarily my path. It is the path. It's only mine in reference to where I am on that path, but it is the path that's right. Uh, yeah. Never let false teachers tell you about your truth and it's your path and it's your way of seeing it. And it's your truth. This is all ho focus, nonsense to deceive people again and again, and again, and again, there's only one way.

Dr. Reese (00:44:36):
Yeah. The way is the way it's

Santos Bonacci (00:44:38):
Not one way

Dr. Reese (00:44:38):
<laugh> Jesus called it the way Buddha called it, the way Lazu called it, the way it's always been the way <laugh>,

Santos Bonacci (00:44:47):
It is the way. And it's up to the wise ones to find it. And the ones who talk about their way and their truth. They're not on the truth. They're not on the path. They're one truth, totally diluted and going the wrong way. Right,

Dr. Reese (00:45:02):
Right. Mm. Right on man. And you know, yeah. I'm, I'm, I'm on the path in itself and you know, how much does meditation play a part in, in your life?

Santos Bonacci (00:45:14):
It's the most important thing. It's the most important thing. And I wish I were more disciplined and did it more. Yeah. I had my own mm-hmm <affirmative> I have my own special meditations. I, I learnt one recently where I can't show you the mudra. Unfortunately I can show you one it's, uh, half of the Coronado, this is one of the meditations I do. There is another one, which I was taught that I can only teach in private mm-hmm <affirmative>. And what it does is it forms a pyramid and you put your moodra on your forehead and it activates your, your third eye. And you make a pyramid with your hand and you put your knees, you put your elbows on your knees and your knees. So you will have, your knees will make the shape of a pyramid together with your hands.

Santos Bonacci (00:46:13):
So here's the head, there's the torso there. You've got your knees going like this and there, the top of your knees and with your hands, your, your it hands you're, you are extending that pyramid. So you're making a pyramid like this, which ends, which ends at your third eye. And that's where your hands are here. These are your arms. Your elbows are touching your knees, right. And you've your, your behind is sitting on the ground. Mm. So there's the ground there. You are sitting down. And that I would recommend that kind of meditation, but whatever you do be sitting on the ground, because you need, you need your perineum touching, grounding, touching the ground, all of your power. All of it comes from the perineum. And that's the muscles you squeezed when you become a continent, practicer of white tantra, not to let any of thetic fluids come out of your body.

Dr. Reese (00:47:25):

Santos Bonacci (00:47:26):
Right. Right. So that needs to be seated on the ground. See, when you do this, you can see what I'm doing there. That's the catabolistic tree. Okay. Here is Mel. Yeah. Here is kether this Isha kether Isha. The fifth element and earth is the fourth element. The fifth element, uh, sorry, the first, then you have water. Then you have, um, then you have air and then you have fire. So you see what your hands are doing? That mudra, there would be a good one for you to do. That's why people pray like this. Yeah. They go like this, you see, they join all their fingers, the tenser off. And then they pray like this. That's beautiful. Yeah. But if you put that on your head, when you're doing this meditation, so what you're doing now is with this moodra that I showed you, you are going from earth to your mystical nature, back to the heavens.

Santos Bonacci (00:48:35):
Yeah. You see the thumbs. That's why we do this thumbs up because the thumb is the ether. And, and, and this is the sign of goodness. This is the sign of perfection. You see, when you do this Mora, you are grounding yourself down to Malco the earth. Yeah. When you're doing this, you are emotionally stabilizing yourself. Mentally stabilizing yourself, intuitively stabilizing yourself, energy. This is the energy frequency of fire, fire, air, water earth. And so that's why all these muds achieve certain things. Here's one where you can do this, where you are bringing everything together. Mind, emotions, sense, intuition, everything comes together. Yeah. So it's very important to learn these modules.

Dr. Reese (00:49:33):

Santos Bonacci (00:49:33):
And hold those circuits, make those circuits, electrical circuits in your body. Yeah. And all you have to do is be still for at least 10 minutes. Yeah. But really, really be still and penetrate the stillness. Yeah. There, you will tap in to your source, which will give you more force.

Dr. Reese (00:49:57):
That's why that's when you were going over to colors. That's why I got a little excited. When you said blue. Cause I've seen blue in meditation. Seen purple.

Santos Bonacci (00:50:07):
Yeah, me too. Hmm.

Dr. Reese (00:50:10):
People, you know, the average person has no idea what they can see. If they just go deep, deep, deep inside themselves and shut the mind off. It's just, it's hard to go back to regular television. I'll tell you that much. Mm-hmm

Santos Bonacci (00:50:24):
<affirmative> I don't go to the movies. People say, oh, have you seen this movie? Or that movie? I couldn't be bothered. I haven't gone to movie. Last movie I went to was with my son was avatar. And even that was boring. And I thought, I'm not gonna come back to movies. They're all. So stone motherless, Boring. I'm sit at home and meditate.

Dr. Reese (00:50:47):
That's right.

Santos Bonacci (00:50:48):
And create movies that are billions of times more ecstatic than anything

Dr. Reese (00:50:55):
Dito Hollywood

Santos Bonacci (00:50:56):
Can ever produce.

Dr. Reese (00:50:58):

Santos Bonacci (00:50:58):
Sorry. I'm different.

Dr. Reese (00:51:00):
So Santos, uh, we're kind of wrapping up here. We're running outta time. So I do have some important questions that I planned to ask you. And I wanna get to that. How game changing do you think it was when Constantine got together with that council and around 300 ad and started playing around with the scriptures. How much did debt change our existence? Even all the way to today in 2020?

Santos Bonacci (00:51:30):
Mm. Well, what it did, all he did was he set up Chris and dun a corporate structure for Christianity because in the west, everyone was Christians. The dreds were Christians. The Herme were Christians. The Neoplatonists were Christians. A lot of people will, um, will, will laugh at me saying that. And they'll just say, oh, that's ridiculous. The dreds were Christians. Oh, the Nordics were Christians. They were all Christian. Christianity is the science of light. And they were all practicing the science of light. The only thing Constantine did was he corporatized it and, and gave it a political structure. He politicized. So it, and it was done before the Babylonians did it. The Egyptians did it. When, when you go, when you depart from the true way, and you start politically and commercial, commercially manipulating religions, and you put 'em under a corporate structure, then that's when they start to degenerate. So constant time began what was called Christ dumb. And hence the Christians became Christian dumb

Santos Bonacci (00:52:48):
Because the political Christianity of Constantine giving it a structure, hence they would have to now, uh, fight in, uh, crusades and inquisitions, right? Said, how can you have a crusade if you don't have Chris and do, and people who believe they have to defend Chris and dumb, not Christianity, Chris, and do because Dom is a dominion, the dominion of Christ, how can Christ have a dominion? And how can it be in Europe when it's all over the universe? Christianity is universal. It is the universal science, which I teach, which is Christianity, which is synchronism. So it's everywhere. Another way of calling Christianity is Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, but it's all Christianity.

Dr. Reese (00:53:42):

Santos Bonacci (00:53:43):
Okay. So, so when you now, uh, are born in Europe, now you belong to Christ. You have to defend, oh, the Muslims are coming and, and they're going to destroy Christ and our heritage. Well, all they're alluding to is the political heritage, not the, the religious and cultural that Christianity gave the Europeans. It's a political thing that they're protecting and, and, and a power structure. So, and that, that can never mix. It can never mix. That's why Christ said, my kingdom is not of this world. Right?

Santos Bonacci (00:54:22):
Don't don't ask me to be your king, right? My kingdom is not of this world. This world is, this world is where stupid people do stupid things, buying and selling, eating, and drinking until the flood comes and sweeps them all away. Cuz they're so stupid. It, we, we come from a different, we are from a different place. Okay. We know our original, our original home is in the transcendence and we never lose that hope. And we, and we are warriors for that. And we are truthers for that. Trying to teach our, our brothers and sisters on this plane to wake up from this delusion, you don't belong to Christ. You don't belong to a church. You belong to the transcendence. No church can, can put a label on you.

Dr. Reese (00:55:11):
Yeah. We're just a part of the whole

Santos Bonacci (00:55:13):
Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Dr. Reese (00:55:15):
And you know, I, I just, I feel like, you know, correct me if I'm wrong, the, the Vatican sort of hijacked the teachings and kind of like you said, created, uh, their own little government.

Santos Bonacci (00:55:29):
Yeah. It's, it's a commercial enterprise. They're they're, they're asking for donations and they're getting them yeah. From all their stupid little jus that go to their church, you know, the widows might, you know, uh, you'll have widows and they pray on the widows more than the rich people, the rich people, they put a coin in, you know, they just put a few coins in just token. Oh yeah, here we go. A couple of notes, put them in the basket. But then they look down and they wait to see what's that little widow in the corner going to put in. She better put everything she's got. And if not, we're gonna go and pay her a visit. And, you know, brow beat her as to why she wasn't in church donating. Right. Because all the Cardinals at Rome, you know, they hadn't got enough Ferrari and Lamborghini and, and mansions and, and, and little boys to rape. You know, they've got thousands of little boys that they, they, they bring into their homes, them murder them, drink their acro, and they've got enough money to pay for all of this people. Trafficking. That's all the Vaticans doing. They, the child murdering eating blasphemous. I heard someone call them, uh, Kaka, KA <laugh>

Dr. Reese (00:56:44):
<laugh> one more again. <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (00:56:48):
KA. There you go.

Dr. Reese (00:56:50):
Okay. Okay.

Santos Bonacci (00:56:51):
The rulers over us, they're not the Illuminati. They're not nice people. They are cracy because they are the Kaka. I call them. I coined in 2012, I coined the, uh, expression. Um, the phrase hypocrisy, there are a bunch of pimps and they pimp off of the little widows and the orphans. And they'd make sure that they put the orphans in there so they can rate them and, and, and steal their, their energy.

Dr. Reese (00:57:19):
How much power does a Vatican have in the entire world?

Santos Bonacci (00:57:23):
Well, look what it's doing to the whole world. It's turned people into stupid idiots, just foolish, foolish idiots who follow any kind of teaching global warming, uh, you know, their, their all saving their water now because the global war, the climate change and all of this art bullshit and people are following all of this. They're burning up Australia and people can't see that's how stupid they are because of the Jesuits and the Vaticans dumbing them down. They can't see that they're trying to burn the countryside, put people in the streets so they can, uh, ZT them with 5g technology and control everything they do. They're not seeing how they're walking straight into a perfect control grid to their ultimate utter destruction and, you know, getting vaccinated with all kinds of toxic poisons mm-hmm <affirmative> to destroying their children, which are poisoning them and all of these poisonous and disgusting practices that dentists and doctors so called are practicing on unsuspecting stupid people who have been dumbed down because they get educated and dumbed down in the schools. Mm.

Dr. Reese (00:58:40):
And yet the guy that they're worshiping Jesus to Christ told us that the kingdom of heaven is inside of us.

Santos Bonacci (00:58:50):

Dr. Reese (00:58:50):
It's right there. It's been there the whole time for all these years.

Santos Bonacci (00:58:56):
Oh yes. But of course, they'll turn that around and say, I know, but you have to come to this Jehovah's witness church. If you wanna be saved, not the Baptist one over there, they serve the devil. And of course the Baptist across the road, they're laughing at the J's witnesses across the road, telling their jus

Dr. Reese (00:59:11):
The seventh, seventh day advents over there. And then, uh, the Mormons over there

Santos Bonacci (00:59:17):
So-called Christians are so diluted.

Dr. Reese (00:59:20):

Santos Bonacci (00:59:21):
You know, that their own, uh, their own brand of Jesus. In fact, the Bible says that Christianity divided is not Christianity.

Dr. Reese (00:59:32):
Uh, oh. It also says to be still, they, they passed over that.

Santos Bonacci (00:59:40):

Dr. Reese (00:59:41):
You know, I, I, I just like, if you're gonna get to what it really means, I like Meister Eckhart a lot. Uh, even some of the saints, there's just, there's, it's all there. They're just skipping over it, man. You know,

Santos Bonacci (00:59:55):
Like the, that one you mentioned and, uh, Saint Augustine, uh, St.

Dr. Reese (01:00:00):

Santos Bonacci (01:00:01):
Yeah. St. Paul. Yeah. They're all, they're all great. Luminous, you know? Yeah. The scriptures, the scriptures are beautiful. It's just the, the interpreters of them that are not that's right. The priests, the pastors. Yeah. Now why do they call themselves pastors when they don't speak about the, a stalls,

Dr. Reese (01:00:18):
Right, right. Yeah, man. I, I prefer Zen myself, you know, just sit there, be quiet, go within yourself, stay in the present moment. And eventually if you do it long enough, something's gonna happen. <affirmative>

Santos Bonacci (01:00:37):
Well, you see, that's what Buddhism is all about. It's her meta. Yeah. In the west, we call it her Hermis Hermis is Buddha, uh, in Judaism. It's Moses, because he had this, the two tablets just like Enoch had his two tablets, Enoch, Moses, it's all the same word, Buddha, uh, Toth. It's all the same word. And it's Christianity. Now Buddha is the body, right. And the tree that they sit under to meditate, that's the, the nervous system, the tree, which has its bulb, its roots in the cerebellum mm-hmm <affirmative> forest chorus and the vagus nerve. And all of that. That is the tree, the spinal column with the lumbar, the lumbar on the spinal column, meaning tree. That is the tree. You sit under to meditate with your Budha body. And if you don't, you'll forever be noisy and you'll forever be recycled in these cycles of necessity. Yep. Forever being reincarnated and pulled back into the gross worlds to suffer pain, misery that's right. And

Dr. Reese (01:01:49):
Death and anger. Yeah.

Santos Bonacci (01:01:51):
And, and

Dr. Reese (01:01:52):
Ever, and they'll never see the light and isn't the light. So beautiful.

Santos Bonacci (01:01:57):
Yeah. It is to be illuminated is powerful. It is powerful. So empowering. My power comes from my intelligence and my Enlighted, my Christianity. And by practicing all, everything correctly, there is a correct way. And there is a wrong way. And I am on the correct path. Hence I am restoring my power and getting more and more powerful every day.

Dr. Reese (01:02:27):
That's right. How would you describe TISM to someone who doesn't know what it is?

Santos Bonacci (01:02:33):
Syncretism is to be able to intelligently integrate and unify all fields of human, knowing of human knowledge. Okay. To be able to understand alchemy astrology, theology all by integrating them and knowing that they are all from the same field, they all come from the field and there is only one field. And there is only one knowing, right. To fragment the knowing. For instance, I'm a linguist. I speak eight languages to varying degrees. English will be number one, collabo, number two, Italian, three Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Greek, And two varying degrees. As I said now, because I speak Portuguese. Does that diminish my English?

Dr. Reese (01:03:32):

Santos Bonacci (01:03:34):
Do I betray my English? Mm-hmm <affirmative> have I betrayed my, my mother tongue? No, not at all. I'm still speaking it. I still know it. I can never unknow it by learning another. I don't harm myself. I enrich myself. Hence by learning the most sacred language there is, which is in all the scriptures, including the Bible astrology, you are only enriching your field because you don't have to believe any of it. You don't have to believe in astrology. You don't have to believe in English. You only have to know it.

Dr. Reese (01:04:12):
Belief. Belief is a hell of a drug anyway.

Santos Bonacci (01:04:15):
So yeah. I don't believe in Italian. I speak it. I know it. Right. I don't believe in astrology. I speak it. I know it. Yeah. So the, this is where they get afraid. Oh, I'm a Pentecostal. Uh, you can't believe in astrology. You you'll go to hell. Well, no. One's asking you to believe in it. You, you just have to know it. You're not gonna go to hell. If you learn Portuguese and, and mathematics and science and things. Yeah. And put them all in your head so that you know them, you just know them. You don't have to believe them.

Santos Bonacci (01:04:53):
It's just so sad. It's so sad. The state of the mental state of mankind and the mental and physical, you, you can see it reflected. You see people, they're all out of shape, right? You go down the street and you see people, they're all out of shape my body. I can tell you when I stand my body's exactly the same body I had. And since I was a teenager, mm-hmm <affirmative>, I have never had a belly. I've never had a slope. I've never had any deformation in my body. I have had integrity and of shape in my body. It's because my mind has been healthy. My emotions have been healthy and my spirituality and my purpose and my correct way of living

Dr. Reese (01:05:39):
Well, if I'm not mistaken, you're also into natural health, which is my field

Santos Bonacci (01:05:44):
Veganism, which is veganism is only, only diet of

Dr. Reese (01:05:48):
Attention. And you practice fasting as well. Correct?

Santos Bonacci (01:05:51):
Always I'll be fasting on the sixth of this month, January mm-hmm <affirmative>, it's called KHI. I follow the, uh, Hindu system of KHI 11 days after the new moon, 11 days, uh, after the full moon or four days before the new moon or four days before the full moon, either one it's the same day. That is the day when you do not need to eat. But I also do fasting on my personal new moon when the moon is in my sun sign Aries, whenever the moon is in Aries, that's when I'll be fasting and the universal new moon. So the next new moon will be, I guess, uh, in Aquarius next month in February. Okay. That's a universal new moon. I will also be fasting because when the moon is in a new moon stage, it's like the menstruation, the woman it's she's bleeding, right?

Santos Bonacci (01:06:54):
So that's the moon bleeding at the new moon. Those three days when you don't see the moon, you can't see it. And that's, that's a time when we need to pause and give our bodies a break. Fasting is the best way to heal. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I did a 62 day liquid fast once. And, uh, I healed a lot of things that was in Aries and TAs, April and may of this year, uh, last year. Mm. And they were tough months. I had some other emotional things going on, but I tell you if I didn't do that, I would never have found the health that I found in June after I did an animal D worming protocol. Mm-hmm <affirmative> then benzo mm-hmm <affirmative> then benzo doll, dog dewormer. And Metin a horse D worm. If you don't, Deworm your parasites, friends, you will go out of shape. You will go out of mind because the worms, the parasites are now getting into people's brains and burning holes through their brains. Yeah. People. Yeah. Brain surgeons now are finding people with many, many, multiple holes in their brains. Some people when they take this Deworm they pull worms out of their eye. Oh,

Dr. Reese (01:08:13):
Their eye. Yeah. No. When I, the first thing I was taught in natural health school was you have to Deworm your client. So yeah, there it is. Fast

Santos Bonacci (01:08:23):
And de worm fast and Deworm yep. The secret, the key to health, I would not be alive. I would be not here talking to you now, Kevin, if I didn't do the fasting in April may, and if I didn't do the deep worming in June, July, August, I restored my health. Uh, admittedly, I now am itching again. The itching has come back. I did go to Texas last month to get some, uh, treatment by a guy called, uh, Mike Chapala and it didn't do anything for me. He claims he can, he can cure, uh, limes and more gallons and all of that. And if I do have that, well, he didn't cure it. But, um, I'm, I'm actually, uh, getting relief by watching my diet and not having grains. So, oh

Dr. Reese (01:09:17):
Yeah. Just,

Santos Bonacci (01:09:18):
Just a tip to people out there. If you're having itching problems, just avoid grains, especially wheat do not have them. I find that the moment I even put a little bit of wheat in there, I just start itching and having Allo allergic reactions.

Dr. Reese (01:09:31):
Yep. Yep. Now I I'm, I'm a fruit guy, high fruit. So

Santos Bonacci (01:09:35):
Yeah, I'm going fruit. I'm going fr all soon when I move to Nicaragua next month at the end of February, after a trip into Mexico, uh, where I'm gonna see a shaman for some healing in Acapulco, uh, I will then go and live in, uh, OE island in, um, Nicaragua. And I'll just be doing fasting, fasting, and fruit. That's it?

Dr. Reese (01:09:58):
Oh, we need brother mm-hmm <affirmative> here's my last question. Santos. And this doesn't even come from me. My good friend, one of my best friends also named Kevin we'll call him Kevin. Number two. He's the one that put me onto you many years ago. He said, you gotta check out the Santos guy. He's got the whiteboard. He breaks everything down. Secretism so I contacted him the other other day. I said, if you could ask Santos, one question, what would it be? And this is what he asked. He said, ask, I would ask him what he still wonders about beyond what's been revealed in syncretism.

Santos Bonacci (01:10:35):
Yeah. Yeah. I'm, I'm waiting for that. Every day I get downloads and they're always divine. Always. I call them downloads. I don't call it channeling.

Dr. Reese (01:10:44):

Santos Bonacci (01:10:45):
And I've had them since 2007 and that's how I've come to where I am with my syncretism. Otherwise I'd be dead. I'd be lost. Depressed, probably commit suicide. Who knows, who knows syncretism has saved me. It's the only thing that gives me bliss every day. But in knowing what I know, I know how little I know and how much I don't know. So I am always eager every day to invite the gods, to download me with the AACC records and the knowledge that I long for. I've always, always longed for all knowledge to know everything. That's all I long for. There is nothing else on this plane, which I desire, except for the knowledge that will set me free and will give me my unlimited power. Again, I want it restored. I want be who I was in the unlimited planes. So as for how much, I don't know, and how much will come to me in the near future. Uh, if you want to know what that will be. Well, I would say stay tuned to syncretism and my work and my channel, Mr. Astro theology, because I'm always sharing what new things and new ways and better ways of seeing things as I go,

Dr. Reese (01:12:15):
It's been an evolution. Yeah,

Santos Bonacci (01:12:17):
It has. It's transforming by the day it's getting better and better. Syncretism is getting better and better every day, astrology, syncretism philosophy, my mysticism and, and the knowledge is, is getting more succinct, um, more digestible, more assimilable. Mm. And understandable. Uh, I'm much, uh, more coherent in my presentations. I can, uh, carry a thought through a lot better rather than flying off on tangents and changing subject. I still do because eventually if you hang in there, I do get back around. I do get back around even though I go off on tangents and what have you, uh, but it's getting better.

Dr. Reese (01:13:07):
Great. And where can somebody come? Say hello to you on social media or your website?

Santos Bonacci (01:13:12):
I like to do messenger on Facebook and Skype. Skype's my preference. My name Sanchi one word is how to get me on Skype. And, uh, yeah, I've got time for anyone and everyone, as long as you don't bomb me with questions

Dr. Reese (01:13:28):
<laugh> um, unless you're doing a podcast, <laugh>

Santos Bonacci (01:13:32):
The best, the best ways is to go in and book a half hour constellation, uh, consultation. Yeah. You can do on my website for 75 bucks, a half an hour. And that's Australian dollars, which means it's about 45 American dollars a half an hour. Right. And yeah, and usually, you know, I like to stretch that out a little bit. Um, you know, I'm not sort of gonna jump you off at a half an hour, but that is the best way you hit the record button on Skype. You ask all the questions you want. I give you all the materials and resources you need. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but if you don't have money, that's fine. And you can't, uh, book a consultation, just get on Skype. If you've got a question or two no more, please. Uh, but I'm always there, uh, in service, always yes. To anyone who is sincere and really wants to learn syncretism, I'm there for you,

Dr. Reese (01:14:31):
Right on. Very cool. Well, man, I really appreciate your time. And I, I mean, this could have easily been three, four hours Santos easily, so I really appreciate it. Yeah, man, maybe once a year, once every six months would do doing up months, we'll do do an update and, and see where everything's going, man, you know?

Santos Bonacci (01:14:53):
Yeah, for sure.

Speaker 1 (01:14:55):
Thanks for listening to inner peace with Dr. Reese. If this episode opened your heart, feel free to share on social media and tell your loved ones. Also be sure to subscribe. So you never miss episode.