Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
April 10, 2022

Manifesting Health & Wealth w/ Dr. Alison Kay

In episode # 137, Dr. Reese sits down with best selling author, subtle energy practitioner and manifestation teacher, Dr. Alison Kay.  In this talk, they discuss how to manifest health and wealth. They also get into whole brain consciousness, clearing out blocked chakras, the higher self and how science is catching up to ancient wisdom. Plus, find out what Dr. Kay experienced at a Mayan pyramid on the winter solstice of 2012. 


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Dr. Reese (00:01:36):
So can you manifest health and wealth? Welcome to episode number 137. Today I'm sitting down to talk to Dr. Allison K. She's a bestselling author, subtle energy practitioner, and a teacher of manifestation. So before we begin, sit down, relax and take in this beautiful and valuable recording. Let's begin. Dr. K. Hello. Welcome to the podcast.

Dr. Kay (00:02:21):
Hi, thank you.

Dr. Reese (00:02:23):
So how would you describe manifesting?

Dr. Kay (00:02:27):
It's a sense of being able to take from what is not yet physical and bring it into the physical mm-hmm <affirmative>. So we're meant to be stepping into recognizing that we differentiate ourselves from animals because we have free will not to say that they don't have an element of it, but we have an intelligence within our systems that is actually able to help guide us into making choices that are co-creating. So the meaning of yoga to yolk with the divine in a higher part of ourselves. So to co-create from, what's not yet created by making choices, something to then become physicalized.

Dr. Reese (00:03:11):
Now, a, a lot of people get law of attraction, confused a little bit. They think that maybe they can just manifest a, a yellow Lamborghini and it's gonna be out in their, in their driveway in 20 minutes. Uh, but there has to be some action, right?

Dr. Kay (00:03:28):
No, just sit on your meditation, cushion, burn, incense and candles, play soft, relaxing music, and just visualize you driving around in a Lamborghini while

Dr. Reese (00:03:38):
A yellow one,

Dr. Kay (00:03:39):
A yellow one, and don't have a job and don't have a bank account and just hope. Yes. That's how it works. <laugh>

Dr. Kay (00:03:47):
I don't usually employ sarcasm. That's interesting. Um, yeah, I hear you loud and clear. And I say the same thing I feel like, and God bless the law of retraction in Esther Hicks and Abraham and all that they've done to help illuminate for people like the understanding that quantum physics has that in the halls of Orthodox science, they resisted for a hundred years because it's no longer the understanding that Newtonian physics had us looking at of everything outside of me is physically stable. I'm separate from it. I can predict what's gonna happen, but I don't affect it to now quantum physics, oh, I'm not separate as the observer, my perception. And just the, she act of perceiving this study that I'm having in the laboratory controlled is actually having an influence on the outcome. So in that understanding it's, and then traditional Chinese medicine, I lived over in Taiwan for 10 years, teaching in an international school while doing all this research and subtle energy and went to India, became a yoga teacher, blah, blah, blah, to understand how subtle energy works and the in traditional Chinese medicine, they talk about where Chi goes. So that's key like gray key or PR saying yoga vital life force energy, where Chi goes, blood follows, which I add onto nowadays where our consciousness focuses. The is the vital life force energy then goes, and then the blood follows. So it's saying the same thing. Quantum physics is now admitted to science, catching up with ancient wisdom. Another example of it, physical follows the subtle and energy.

Dr. Reese (00:05:24):
We can put our attention on things. I can put my attention into my hands right now if I wanted to. Right. So, uh, the ye follows the Chi. Right. And so

Dr. Kay (00:05:37):

Dr. Reese (00:05:39):
So we, we can, we can use this to help our bodies, right?

Dr. Kay (00:05:43):
Oh, totally. Yeah. I know that. It's pretty interesting. One of the things that I do, um, when I'm working with clients on particular health issues and it translates into the work I do with people to help them manifest, um, cause I have a signature program, magic manifestation, money flow. I've been doing this for quite a while and it's fun stuff. Um, like when I've dealt with cancer, less fun stuff or tumors or chronic back pain, there's a training I have in a Tibetan energy medicine modality that attuned in, trained me to use my heart to make commands. And when I do that, there's a sense that I'm reminding the cells of their inherent health, that they know health.

Dr. Reese (00:06:27):
Hmm. Having faith in your own trillions of cells.

Dr. Kay (00:06:31):
Imagine that,

Dr. Reese (00:06:35):
Yeah, I'm, I'm reminded of a, an old book from Dr. Emmett Fox, the golden key, where he talks about, oh,

Dr. Kay (00:06:44):
I've heard

Dr. Reese (00:06:45):
Of that. Praying for circulation. <laugh> like, who does that? Right? Like who wakes up and starts praying for circulation, but he's saying, you know, stagnation is not, not good, but you know, yeah, circulation's good. And you can actually pray to move things in your body, get the lymphatic moving and get the blood moving and get things going and clear blockages, or could be talking about energy too, with the shockers and whatnot, right.

Dr. Kay (00:07:14):
From everything I know decades of meditating myself and teaching it and all the work I've done with clients and on myself and the education and exploration there's levels throughout consciousness. And I feel like the place people might go with what you just said is, okay. So with my intelligence, my mind that reviews, emails and strategizes targets and plans, that's the that's if I just say, okay, circulation happen and I focus on it, that's gonna happen. And what I've seen is that through gradual clearing of what I call the back of the house consciousness, the trapped traumas or trapped unconscious conclusions, we formed from ages two to eight or, um, childhood imprints or our parents when we're not even separate from them from zero to two, blah, blah, blah. There's certain levels of our consciousness. And Western psych has an understanding of the cerebral cortex, the front of the brain being the most advanced part.

Dr. Kay (00:08:12):
And that's the last to mature, hence, and then the emotional reactive, um, the amygdala is already formed for teens. That's part of why there's so much rebellion cuz there mat maturation and self-monitoring hasn't fully matured yet. So there are different levels of consciousness. Whether you look at it from the yoga perspective or from the Western psych perspective. And the one that can connect in with creation or manifesting is a higher, pure, lighter consciousness that would have an end result being if I focus on my circulation or if I pray for my circulation, it will happen because I spend a lot of time working with people on their blocks about like I'm unworthy to receive healing. I'm unworthy, I'm struggle. Life is all, uh, difficult. My first books, what if there's nothing wrong? That's the title? So like there's all of these unconscious and subconscious modes of behavior that I spend time clearing out so that then they can use a higher consciousness of a higher vibration to affect what you

Dr. Reese (00:09:23):
Do. And you just said a word that comes up a lot on this podcast that subconscious, this

Dr. Kay (00:09:30):
Rub your head, this

Dr. Reese (00:09:32):
Deep database that we have this, that just, it just has so much info in there that we don't even know. Right.

Dr. Kay (00:09:41):
<laugh> well, that's the point, like I'd love to use the example of when we learned to drive, you know, how you were saying, put car in, uh, drive, put car in reverse, put foot on break, put foot on when we don't do that, now that we know how to drive our yellow Lamborghini, right? We just go. So that stuff we've learned goes into the subconscious. So it's not like the subconscious is just this vast storehouse of drama and trauma only. I mean, it's our preference for, of our ego mind, the front of the brain whose thoughts we hear, which is only, I think five to 10% at most stats are it's 85% of our daily life's choices are made from our subconscious and from all the people I've worked with over these years. I think it's closer to like 95% meaning we prefer roboticness we prefer habit. And so habit comes from the, that example of driving, right? So if we clear out unconscious and subconscious blocks and we have more consciousness circulating or cheer life force circulating, then we have more conscious, mindful co-creation made from our choices. So this, I, I guess the subconscious isn't all bad.

Dr. Reese (00:10:52):
So let let's use you as an example. So when you were making your program at, you were, you were putting in the action, right. To make it, to actually create it, but you are also manifesting with your mind that the right people will be attracted to it. Is, is that correct? Or does it happen automatically

Dr. Kay (00:11:15):
Nowadays for me from doing this for so long, it happens kind of automatically, but when I was creating it, it's a great question that you're asking. So I mean, you could have the logic and the reason from the education of understanding the Shaka column, a lot of people go here when they're new, they're like, okay, start with the root, then go to the second, then go to the third and build up. And that logical rational sequencing. But when I was guided my inspiration, my higher self was like, let's look at your focus. Alison let's create a program called magic manifestation of money flow.

Dr. Kay (00:11:52):
I knew I was gonna my chakra Toman audio series as a one of the backbones to the program. So I asked, okay, I'm asking my intuition, my guidance, my higher self consciousness, what order do these chakras need to be delivered in in week one, for example, and it was the route, but then the second shocker, wasn't the, the second shocker given in the program for the focus to be manifesting as if by magic and opening in the way that's required to allow the results, um, is not the second. It went to another chakra. And, and I, I just, you know, brought it in through my guidance. It ended up show being shown this beautiful order that made total sense. <laugh> logically of, um, this is what shockers are involved in the manifestation process when, and so this therefore is when they, what they need to declare first, what they need to declare second to have increasingly functioning musculature to be able to successfully manifest.

Dr. Kay (00:12:57):
So I, my, my third book, it's the only one that I have. That's on audible. It's called reasonable dragons. How to activate so reasonable dragon subtitles, its how to activate the field of possibilities where logical magic is the new normal, by the way, this is its cover. A lot of people love the cover and sleep with it by their beds. I just was interviewed by one of my actual vibrational grade practitioners I've trained. Um, and she, uh, loves that book and she has so much, so many tools, um, from me, but she sleeps with that one by her head has a great vibe. The point being is it's like a divine logic. I feel like a lot of the people who are new to intuition and in using it, think it's a separate thing. Like it's when they're doing their spiritual stuff or they're manifesting stuff, but I'm all about like the marriage of the mundane and the sacred.

Dr. Kay (00:13:42):
And I don't even think anymore that it's left brain, right. Brain balancing. Like I have a lot of, um, successful professionals that come to me and I, I I've noticed it's not the rebalancing of the left and right brain. It's more like this, what I've come to call a whole brain consciousness where there is a sense of divine logic. It's just a higher level and of the integration of the two sides. So that it's not that if you're listening to your intuition, it's totally irrational. Sometimes it is only because you don't wanna do what it's guiding you to do. And I don't mean something if somebody's gonna go fear based, I don't mean jumping off a bridge, but I mean, if you're sitting there hoping for your yellow Lamborghini, your guidance might be, get out job so you can start having some income flowing to so you can get used to receiving monetary material stuff. Um, and that could seem iLogic why would I get a job when I'm just gonna get this yellow Lamborghini? So yet there's logic in that you can still see the logic in that. It's just a higher order of logic than our conditioned ego, mind and intellect function from on a daily basis.

Dr. Reese (00:14:45):
How, how would someone get in touch with their higher self Email phone, text <laugh>

Dr. Kay (00:14:55):
Or, uh, TikTok or WhatsApp? Yeah. Or just sitting on YouTube and watching a bunch of higher self activating videos.

Dr. Reese (00:15:03):
There's a, there's a lot of different names that people use, you know?

Dr. Kay (00:15:07):
Yeah. There is

Dr. Reese (00:15:09):
Some people may call it super consciousness or

Dr. Kay (00:15:12):
Yep. That's one of the other ones going out there that's a more Western beingness

Dr. Reese (00:15:15):
Beingness. Maybe

Dr. Kay (00:15:17):
It doesn't really matter. Like I I'm intertwining it now. Cause I know a lot of people are thinking of it as super consciousness, which is a, a trend of your term nowadays, but it really is. It's your higher self. Like if you look at the design of our column, we've been functioning from seven shocks and now from 2012 to 2032 in humanity's greatest awakening time and the 12 shocker column is now opening and there's so if my crown shocker, the top of my head is where my higher self starts to. I start to have a connection with my higher self there's three above that, even three higher ones that increasingly are more connected to the divine.

Dr. Kay (00:15:58):
I can see people making the conclusion, let me focus then on my higher shocks, no, because the divine intelligence needs a ized localized consciousness, which means you need to be grounded. And one of the habits and practices from the old school spiritual teachings, I see are people like connecting with their guardian angels or unconditional love. And they tend to be way up in their head and they forget about their body. But nowadays it's, and I just did a post today about this and sent out an email to the folks on my list about being a bridge between heaven and earth. So the more grounded we are, the more receiving we can do and the more the greater field can find our localized field and the easier our manifesting becomes. But the higher self, there's another way to talk about this too, in that all the Chi that circulates through your subtle energy system, all your chakras along all the nos or the meridians that each one, all of that vital life force energy contains divine intelligence.

Dr. Kay (00:17:03):
So it's not like your connection to the divine is only above your head. So how does one get more connected to their higher self? It's the kind of clearings that I'm talking about? Like bringing in more light to, so whether it's verbal clearings I do, or it's hands on remote sessions. I hardly do any in person sessions anymore, but I'm training. I train people and I have been, and still am in how to do this hands on locally in person as well as remote. So the light has a divine intelligence and it can activate more of that in you while the light trains up density or lower vibrations or fear based unconscious conclusions. Like I have to, um, be seen, but not heard that happened like as a child from the way the parents acted. So as we clear out some of these unconscious and subconscious blockages, then we get more light circulating or more energy circulating.

Dr. Kay (00:18:08):
And at the end of my second book, I'm talking to guru dev, one of the main people who brought yoga from India to the west, cause I was treating him and, and at one point I'm like guru dev is the same way of calling life force, soul force. And he said, yeah. And I said, okay. So is another way to refer to life force and soul force as love force. And he noded and smiled. And I said, okay. Huh. So then that means that unconditional love, that is the core of all existence is also in all of us circulating all the time. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So to access more of that it's to work on, carry out all the like one great way to start is how attached to you are the need to be, right. How comfortable are you with letting yourself even move out of the polarity of right and wrong?

Dr. Reese (00:18:59):
Yeah, yeah. The, the, the duality of it, right. You, you mentioned merging the left and the right brain. And so you made me think of something I learned about a year ago called whole brain posture.

Dr. Kay (00:19:15):
I know a lot more advanced stuff than that, but that's a good start. And I feel like that's like the beginning level, like, no, like just beyond the beginning level, like it's not even an intermediate level because that's just a basic understanding of, okay, so the masculine, the young takes action, the yin meditates receives ideas, inspiration. The two work hand in hand intuition, uh, inspiration take action. Step. Next one comes in next step to be taken. So the, how is in our job with the manifesting of something, it's just step by step more nowadays in the list of five target goals that you have to force and make happen no matter what. Um, so it, it feels like that that is helpful, but it's not gonna, if you just do that, you're not gonna be able to manifest your yellow Lamborghini from what I know.

Dr. Reese (00:20:03):
So using myself as an example, right. I, you know, I just opened a clinic. I'm working on a new program. That'll be out in a few months, um, IM writing, writing a book, you know, I'm finishing up my six book. If I, if I want a nice level of success with those things, what can I be doing besides actually doing?

Dr. Kay (00:20:31):
Mm that's a great question. I mean, what I know that works is coming to magic manifestation and money flow, but your whole system gets blasted wide open and you're circulating more light. And that is able to connect to the greater field of unlimited possibilities. But to get there in part, what you need is to out that density so that you have your heart shocker in particular, working to help you be magnet magnetizing to you, the desired results, you know, when you get in, when you get excited, like what made you say yes to interviewing me versus, um, another person, like when you just get that sense of upliftment, like a yes. Feeling when you desire to go on a trip and you get, yes, I wanna go there like that little bit of lightness, that's the Chinese and, um, yoga culture, both believe that the spirit resides in the heart cha or the higher heart chakra.

Dr. Kay (00:21:25):
So intuition, isn't just, it's not about the, all about the third eye. As many people think that is communication from your higher self. When you get that slight bit of upliftment and you get that yes. Feeling to make that choice. So the heart chakra has a lot of, a lot of advanced, um, aspects to it, to help in the manifestation process and beyond being receptive. And I don't mean just allowing yourself to receive and all the clearings that I have to do to help people allow themselves to receive it's beyond what you can intellectualize. It's more of like a state of being where your heart shocker is now receptive to all of life. It's flirtatious, it's playful. It let's in life. And then another upleveling of that is your heart. Shocker is able to sing out your desires. And there is a magnet. If you look at the there's stuff out there now, uh, measurements with EEGs and EKGs that the heart is, um, I believe it's 10 times more magnetic, just she is electric and magnetic. Right?

Dr. Reese (00:22:30):

Dr. Kay (00:22:31):
So the heart is 10 times more magnetic than the, the head And electric, even with all of the Snapes firing for all the thinking that we do, the heart is also more electric. So it has this magnetic quality to it, you know, going beyond the universal law, the law of retraction to the universal law of magnetics. So our system has an ability to takes action steps that we're conditioned to thinking that we're supposed to be doing out off the table because our energy field is doing much of the work for us that we once thought we had to action out. So there's my response. I mean, do you want specific specifics? You said, no, I don't have to get too specific. That's where I, what I would say.

Dr. Reese (00:23:17):
So, and you can do these clearings right over zoom, or you have to be live.

Dr. Kay (00:23:21):
You can go to my website and buy the shock. I assume audio series there's, um, it's cheaper to do the whole thing cuz you get more benefit. I make it cheaper to do the whole thing because you know, there's so much into connectivity. If you just go there and pound out the heart shock clearings, it's not as effective as listening to the whole column, all of them. But there is assessments you can do for yourself where I list typical blockages for each cha and then this, uh, sample of like three minutes worth of clearings and activations right there on the page. Right. So if you just start rotating through listening to this, I mean, I have people who bought those like eight years ago and they're still using them and still receiving benefits from them because if each shock is a wheel, that's its name, chakra Sanskrit to English translates wheel.

Dr. Kay (00:24:07):
If each chakra is meant to be turning in those, you know, those images of the Lotus flowers around the central symbol. Yep. That's supposed to be a vortex turning the vital life force energy out. So when we have a chakra, that's blocked, it, it like I've even seen people who are clear sentient in like maybe over givers and um, or maybe they, they feel so much, they're so tuned into the external environment where they're seeking a lot of approval. Um, and they feel it's their job to make every environment. They walk into positive. I've seen the third shockers pedals, like be inverted because they're taking in way too much input and data from the external environment. The ideal is the chakras petals want to be. And I don't mean I'm like literally seeing pets like a flower. It's a sense <laugh> that I'm given, you know, that, um, at first is clear sentence and then it shows up as, um, a sense of clear cognition and a slight bit of clear Voyance.

Dr. Kay (00:25:07):
So the pedals in any way are meant to, um, emanate out the vital life force energy or the light. And so the more that you're emanating out, the stronger your field is your localized field is, and the higher your vibration is meaning the more purified, the more clearings you've done on yourself, the more your system can call out to the field of unlimited possibilities. So, um, it's really exciting right now on planet earth, frankly, because we're, we we're in the midst of creating an entirely new paradigm. I mean, 2012 to 2032 is this 20 year window that the subtitle on my second book is using human's evolutionary transition, cuz it's considered the most intense, evolutionary transition human's ever gone through as we learn new ways. And as we come into more alignment, as opposed to being so head dominant in valuing the intellect and all the external produce it does, but having it that become more imbalanced.

Dr. Kay (00:26:02):
And so, um, learning how we have each our own power in our choices we're making. And so that's why we would wanna flush out the back of the house consciousness more so we can make more mindful, conscious choices. And that includes our own health rather than deferring to a doctor or medication where they've admitted. They suck at chronic in states, in chronic care. And I have wrote about this in my first book, in my last year, over in Taiwan that were great at surgery were great at trauma treatment cuz boys and toys and the money invested. But when it comes to the chronic conditioning, the chronic conditions, that's all about environment that you create. Yeah. Which is your diet, your stress levels, et cetera. So yeah, there's power that people are just given away left and right. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (00:26:53):
So what's gonna happen in 2032. Is there what happens at the end of this transition?

Dr. Kay (00:27:01):
Yeah. Have you noticed how there's more people out of cubicles and out doing businesses based on their passions?

Dr. Reese (00:27:09):

Dr. Kay (00:27:11):
So that's been part of the change that's already happened and that's more hard alignment unless I have to do this because this is how I'll make money and have the 2,500 square foot home. The 2.2 kids, the cars, all of that external measurement it's, it's, that's ego based and it's crumbling. And so we're gonna see a lot more empowerment of each individual, a lot more hard alignment, a lot less valuing from what the ego mind and conditioning has taught us to value. There's going to be a lot more harmony in unity. That book I held up, the reasonable dragons book goes into this, uh, the most out of any of my books, um, that might not be true. My second book may vibrational upgrade. Um, a new golden era is a synoptic way of saying it,

Dr. Reese (00:28:04):
Even though things are gonna be so much more digital. I mean we're like, and I call it the digital world order. It's uh,

Dr. Kay (00:28:15):
I don't know about that mate. Some of it will be like, I think the currencies we're seeing like even during COVID people got for doing nothing checks, right? So that was the experience of people getting money for doing nothing. Then there's the currency Bitcoin and Europe's much stronger with this than the states is, um, or north America in general with it. But there's people like owning digitalized forms of something and people using them in the gaming and, and they're just gaining passive income from one in initial investment, in an NFT. So I, I have been talking about abundance for all for since like 20, uh, 11, I would say I came back from the decade in Asia in 2010 and didn't expect to do anything with money was expecting to do spiritual awakening and spiritual path and holistic health and wellness focused deliveries of workshops, et cetera.

Dr. Kay (00:29:09):
And the people that I went, uh, do workshops with and do clearings and activations on in the workshop, couldn't receive what I was talking about because why I had to ask them and go home and ask my guidance and, and receive that they're too afraid of money. The market had just collapsed and it had hadn't bounced back yet. And I had been tucked away in Asia. I had increased my net cash, my net cash income by 60%. So I had no effects thankfully from that market crash. So I became unexpectedly proficient at clearing money blocks. So I feel like abundance for all, while is a part of this new golden era. And we're seeing signs of it now, but I don't feel like everything becoming digitalized. I know we're hearing about metaverse and, and, and, and all of that, it still feels like the human to human heart, physical grounding protection of our earth practices that help conserve our Earth's health are going to be more online.

Dr. Kay (00:30:11):
Um, and, and please remember, you know, the homeopathic response, it gets worse before it gets better, like a fever peaking before it breaks. That's what we've been saying. And in fact, you know, I had been talking about how we have been cleansing and purging for the last 10 years, even bef I was talking about all the way through, um, cause I had a radio show for two and a half years about this question. You're asking me right now, interviewing experts. I was at the may ruins on December 21st, 2012 as an expert on a cruise going there to be with am, may shaman at Chichen. It was cool. Um, yeah, so the COVID was kind of like, you know, it felt like it was picking up the clearing that people hadn't voluntarily done. Cuz there was a lot of people hitting crisis around 2012 and then another, you know, I mean it just, it's a lot of Persian going on and so it could be getting worse before it gets better. That's how a system lets go. Something naturally.

Dr. Reese (00:31:03):
Yeah. I, I, I was, uh, pretty, I was into the whole 2012 thing quite a bit. It feels like so long ago, but uh, it

Dr. Kay (00:31:12):
10 years.

Dr. Reese (00:31:13):
Yeah. That's really when I started my, you know, becoming a spiritual seeker and whatnot like 2011 ish.

Dr. Kay (00:31:21):
Yep. They're called spiritual awakening times. That's what this is called. You made new spiritual awakening.

Dr. Reese (00:31:26):
Yeah. So what was it, what was it like for you being at a Mayan ruin <laugh> at the time of the so called Mayan and the calendar? What was that experience like?

Dr. Kay (00:31:38):
I love that you're asking about that. Thank you. It's so cool that, that you're interested in that, um, and have this sense of your own awakening around that time. I saw waves like 2, 2, 12, even some in two, 10, but two 12 and then another mass wave in 14 and then another mass wave in 16. And it feels like co was picking up with where the people weren't awaken yet. So I had been taking I'm on the west coast of Florida and there's the Gulf of Mexico between me and the Yucatan where Chichen is and where a lot of the already excavated Mayan ruins are. There's still many in beliefs that are yet to be excavated or currently being excavated. And in Guatemala too, I was taking clients on VIP trips down there, um, and hitting Nessa all the time with all each of them. And when I was there the year before with a client and my feet were barefoot, uh, at Chichen ITSA, which has the main ball court and it's been considered to be where they created the may calendar from the, the observatory that's there and on the whole Chichen, it's a complex, um, my feet weren't vibrating when we took that cruise.

Dr. Kay (00:32:48):
And I remember looking through telescopes with other experts at the top of the cruise and we poured where we poured and went over to Chichen. So we all had to dress in white and we had that special permission to do the sermon with am, may shaman. There were TV crews. I heard that I was seen from somebody who knows me in Poland as far away as Poland. I had my beer feet then and uh, the ground was electric. It was, it was phenomenal. Um, really special time.

Dr. Reese (00:33:25):
Yeah. A lot of people thought it was the end of the world, but it is the beginning of, uh,

Dr. Kay (00:33:30):
A new era. Yeah. But, and you know, the yo yo Yogi Baja of the yoga culture, he talks about the end of one yoga in the beginning of another one yuccas age in, in that lingo. And then as professional astrologers, the end of the aquarium age, and we're now moving into the PK age, harder, reverse that end of the PK age and going into the aquarium age. So as I learned when interviewing different experts on my radio show about this for two and a half years, cuz voice America I know were reached out to me and asked, do you wanna do a radio show about the may galactic, uh, alignment, like in 2011? And I'm like, what? Cuz I hadn't been doing anything public facing with it. And nobody knew I was taking VIP clients to teach Annisa or the Mayan ruins. I wasn't talking about it. And so, um, I said, yes, I listened to my intuition for 48 hours and said yes. And then ended up weekly interviewing a bunch of specialists, including scientists who had come up with the ways to measure subtle energy at that point that I had quoted in my first book. What if there's nothing wrong? Um, so yeah, there's a deep understanding that, uh, I feel like I just wanna say this instead, let me shift gears the best way to maximize your potential during these times is to be like bamboo and not an Oak tree.

Dr. Reese (00:34:52):
One of my teachers used to say become like a hollow bamboo.

Dr. Kay (00:34:58):
Have you ever heard bamboo whistle?

Dr. Reese (00:35:00):

Dr. Kay (00:35:01):
Oh phenomenal. You could probably hear it. I think that there's something on YouTube, uh, put in the YouTube search, bamboo whistling or bamboo bamboo

Dr. Reese (00:35:09):

Dr. Kay (00:35:09):
Or bamboo forest there's uh, YouTubes. I I've used those with clients actually. I've sent them to 'em before. It's cool. Sound.

Dr. Reese (00:35:18):
I wanna talk about the title of your first book. It, it, uh, it jumped out at me. What if there's nothing wrong? <laugh> I love that it's because it, I'm assuming you're talking about the mind body connection of some sort and people kind of worrying too much.

Dr. Kay (00:35:41):
There's layers to it. Uh, the meaning of that, what if there's nothing wrong? Um, so thanks for asking this. It was, it started as my dissertation for my PhD and I realized as I was writing it, I was on going beyond page 40 and I'm like, okay, I'm being Gotti down a different path I expected. And so became what, there's nothing wrong. And I wrote it on my, my 10th year. I was still teaching in, uh, administrator at the international school and then the gym at night. And then after that go to the tea, this traditional tea house, uh, my scooter and stay to like two or three in the morning writing it. And, and so I was reviewing what I had learned really that immersed amongst the Asians, um, particularly the traditional Chinese for 10 years, um, and how they approach life from a holistic perspective and how we do not and how there would be so much more thriving in the west.

Dr. Kay (00:36:35):
If we understood that there is a science behind energy and a science behind how to work with the consciousness and energy and valuing that would reduce the amount of suffering. And then secondary mission I came back with was professionalizing the field of energy medicine. So it starts with exploring how, if you approach the body from the whole, a holistic perspective, including the mind body connection, what else becomes available. And I gave examples of like going to get an auric treatment or going to get a traditional Chinese, um, doctor's combination of herbs and acupuncture over there, um, and what they're looking at. And so I do launch from there to then start talking about consciousness and how it's our perception typically formed from the unconscious and subconscious that creates what we choose. And don't even see that as a possible choice and what continues to perpetuate as behavioral patterns in our lives and that one.

Dr. Kay (00:37:47):
And so foundationally, if you look at I, one of my favorite quotes by Einstein, I found my favorite is, um, the most important choice a human being can make is whether they view the universe as hostile or friendly. Hmm. So the bottom line with, what if there's nothing wrong? Is that like, what, if you not only understood the mind body connection and understood the need to value and that understand that there is a science behind energy and how and why it flows and doesn't and the how to work with the consciousness and how much more thriving you could have than we know in the west. But if you would also work within your consciousness, you could get to the point of under, uh, of framing life to what, if there's nothing wrong and just learn to live in the possibilities I do.

Dr. Reese (00:38:37):
Yeah. Well, I mean, some people create their own take work. They create, they create their own suffering kind of, you know,

Dr. Kay (00:38:44):
I, I, I do, I, it's a choice, uh, at this point. And I I've been saying for like about, I started about five years ago, maybe four, if, um, you're still addicted to the para struggle paradigm. I'm not the right mentor for you. So I understand, like there, I have a master's in public administration studying politics and working in politics, particularly environmental policy. And I understand this socioeconomic aspects. I understand there's cultural aspects that cause inequities in our culture. I don't say that without studying it at the same time, I feel like it doesn't matter anymore. You could have been brought up this way. You could have been brought up in that neighborhood with that kind of race or that kind of culture. Cause I don't even think about race anymore. I just think about where you're from originally, your family's from, you know, um, and then there's just different shades.

Dr. Kay (00:39:36):
<laugh> mm-hmm <affirmative> so like recognize, recognizing where you're limiting yourself, where you're hitting suffering. You have so much power that you can work with if you were to transform out of that struggle and out of that suffering. And, and so when people have been heavily traumatized and they come to work with me, they take longer because trauma, you know, it's, it's sticky. Um, but just knowing that you could feel lighter and eventually gradually be making new choices that would create new, new behavioral patterns that would create a new life. You're not stuck. What if there's nothing wrong? I mean, you could, even when you hear a thought that you makes you worry, not only could you hold your ring finger, cuz that helps reduce, worry and anxiety. If you hold your ring finger three to five minutes, but you could also ask that thought that makes you worry. Hey, you know what if there's nothing wrong here? Is that even true? What you're thinking mind of mind?

Dr. Reese (00:40:50):

Dr. Kay (00:40:51):
Hey, struggle is a, is sexy though in a way, isn't it? Because that means I can blame you. I don't have to take responsibility. I can just sit and meditate and hope my yellow Lamborghini. I don't have to do anything. Right. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:41:06):
Yeah. There's a lot of people walking around with victim orientated thinking.

Dr. Kay (00:41:10):
Yeah. And I'm not saying what happened to them as a victim. Isn't real and true, but then using it as a core of your identity and making your choices from there and creating.

Dr. Reese (00:41:22):
Yeah. It, but I always say we're in, like, I kind of we're in like suffering school, like this is the deal and nothing. Do they, big animals eat the little animals and this there's nothing fair about this <laugh>

Dr. Kay (00:41:36):
Yeah. But there's some small animals that have hell of a sting that's poisonous.

Dr. Reese (00:41:40):
It's true. Like a, like a little scorpion or something. Right?

Dr. Kay (00:41:43):
Uhhuh <affirmative> that an elephant could just step on.

Dr. Reese (00:41:46):
Yeah. That's that's true. I'm thinking about the story of the scorpion on top of the camel going across the river and he's like, don't sting me and the scorpion stings him and he's like, why'd you sting me? And he says, cause I'm a scorpion. What are you talking about? <laugh> in <laugh>

Dr. Kay (00:42:06):
Uh, I haven't heard that. That's a good story. Who was that? Egypt? Sahara, Africa.

Dr. Reese (00:42:10):
I Don', I heard it somewhere. Uh, but life isn't really fair. And, and so

Dr. Kay (00:42:17):
No, it's not,

Dr. Reese (00:42:18):
It's not supposed to be

Dr. Kay (00:42:21):
So a sense of like, if you have a lot of life force running through your system, that also is resilience, it's immunity, but it's another way to say it is also resilience. Um, I don't know. I also like to defer to the understanding of, Hey man, thank you for this breath that each of us has the divine in us and out of gratitude, <affirmative> outta gratitude. I wanna honor that. And so I wanna live the most vibrant life where I live up to my potential.

Dr. Reese (00:43:00):

Dr. Kay (00:43:01):
So I mean, they have descriptions of the states of mind. So in Buddhism, the basic premises, every human mind is neurotic. It's not like here where we have our biggest book in existence in any kind of, um, medicine, psychological labels of disorders. They do. They being the Buddhist cannon, the Buddhist teachings there are. And I go through this in my second book, there are labels for states of mind, like if your mind is gray or if you're dull or if you're have a lethargic. When I say you, I mean your mind, your mind, isn't processing quickly. Or there's like a, um, or it's jumping all over the PLA. I mean, there's just, there's Sanskrit terms for each of these states of mind. And so a depressed mind, a person who is in victim mentality has a lot of density that needs to be cleared. And like I was talking about before, but it's also the nature of the ego mind is to be selfish like a two year old.

Dr. Kay (00:44:05):
And so the more that you listen to your mind and the inherent nature of it, rather than disciplining it, you're just gonna be led to self-absorption. So you have the ability to come out of that depression. It's harder when you've been on antidepressants for decades. I have loads of people who've come to me, not even telling me they're on them sometimes. And then the work with me for a couple of years and they take themselves off of it. And then when they're doing it, they're like, Hey yeah, Dr. Alison I've had antidepressants for decades and I'm finally off them, thanks to the work with you. And I'm like what? They would never even told me they were on them, which I, I find I have to change my intake forms again. Apparently <laugh> yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:44:43):
I've had that happen with me as well.

Dr. Kay (00:44:46):
Yeah. So it's a little bit harder to fight against that sense of the world is out to get me. I have no hope and I'm depressed if you are, um, have that in your past, but it's completely doable. But again, just knowing that the nature of the ego mind is to be selfish and self-absorbed. And so having a sense of where you're on a mental diet, like my first meditation teacher teacher, God bless him. The first thing, not the first, but the most I, one of the most important things he ever told me was do the exact opposite of what your mind wants. So let's say, um, at dinner and my ego mind is wanting that third piece of pizza, cuz I'm having a cheat meal or a splurge meal and I'm doing carbs. And instead of eating that third piece of pizza, I don't.

Dr. Kay (00:45:31):
So that right there is doing the exact opposite of what your mind wants, but I challenge you even further to at the second slice, leave a bite that you, that you would want. So there's a sense of disciplining of the mind that, you know, everybody understands what's, you know, the example I just gave, but it is like that. Like if your mind wants you to be depressed, get up and go for a walk out in nature. If your mind's focusing on how bad things are, watch a comedy, if your mind's focusing on how you'll never have what you want ask it. Well, is that true? What if there's nothing wrong here and find something in your life that you have received that you wanted?

Dr. Reese (00:46:11):

Dr. Kay (00:46:13):
That means

Dr. Reese (00:46:13):
If, if only people understood that the mine operates off of patterns <laugh> and so, and

Dr. Kay (00:46:20):

Dr. Reese (00:46:20):
It's like, it's like a, it's like a dog. So if,

Dr. Kay (00:46:23):
Yeah, exactly like that, you give a great example. I talk about that. Like your dog is walking, you running, you, it's running ahead of you. That's your mind without you working with it, you walking the dog and the dog on the lead and listening to you. You could even take your dog off the lead because it's that discipline. That's you working with your mind? You're not supposed to be led by the mind. You're supposed to have it in check.

Dr. Reese (00:46:47):
I've been doing inner work for a long time, but I find the, the most challenging thing is to drop those programmed expectations of other people.

Dr. Kay (00:46:57):
Yeah. The expectations are a tricky one. Um, they are, but they come, they come from, um, and this is in my clearing statement and it's really fun. Like I have this expectation, my sister of mine, I don't have a system I'm using a client's example. Mm-hmm <affirmative> that you are going to not wanna hear what I have to say. So with that expectation, they then project it into the situation and they go in and talk in the way that is afraid of not being heard. So it's setting up the situation with the energetics and then her behavior ensuing that then allows for the delivery of that expectation to be met. Mm,

Dr. Reese (00:47:40):

Dr. Kay (00:47:42):
Yeah. It's it's there's and one of the first things that, um, gives when I start working with somebody is that where they have been typically triggered, they are more peaceful and that means what the relationship that's triggering them. It's that is most typically the first most immediate outcome. Yeah. And, and then that deepens

Dr. Reese (00:48:00):
And it's always with the inner circle. It's with mom, dad, best friend, brother, sister spouse

Dr. Kay (00:48:06):

Dr. Reese (00:48:07):

Dr. Kay (00:48:07):

Dr. Reese (00:48:09):

Dr. Kay (00:48:10):

Dr. Reese (00:48:11):
But when you, when you can surrender though, and finally not give a crap.

Dr. Kay (00:48:17):
Yeah. But I feel like I have a thing with surrender. I don't usually say like, I haven't can't remember the last time I used that phrase. I have a thing, but I feel like on the memes on social media, it's a really cool thing to say, uh, surrender, let go control. And I don't think it's applicable all the way through the path of your progression. As you learn to work with your consciousness, there's sometimes where you've gotta do the disciplining work and you're not gonna surrender there. And other times, um, you need to go in and, and draw boundaries and you're not gonna surrender there. So I think surrender is just so misunderstood because there's so much ego still.

Dr. Reese (00:48:52):
Yeah. Maybe let go is a better word,

Dr. Kay (00:48:57):
But even even to do that, right. Like I see, I, I'm not wanting to make this more complicated, but the reality is is for people to just let go. I could say that and yeah, they nod and then they

Dr. Reese (00:49:09):
There's there's work. That needs to be done.

Dr. Kay (00:49:11):
<laugh> I could run, you know, then they spend a couple of years trying, trying to let go, and I could just run clearings on them in activations that make it a lot quicker and easier. Cuz you're reprogramming. So where you are afraid of who I'll become. If I let that go or where you're afraid of judgment of others around you, if you let that go and become this different person or what you're gonna have to do or what you're gonna have to lose, all of this is running at an unconscious or subconscious level. So if we clear out all of that family of limited beliefs around letting go of this thing, then they can actually do it without it taking years, decades or lifetimes, literally like some spousal arrangements, some soul made arrangements, just letting go. And that could take lifetimes to let go of, and you come back again and again and do the dance again. And again, I've seen, I remember when, what did you just

Dr. Reese (00:50:04):
Say? Samsara

Dr. Kay (00:50:06):
I'm thinking SAMSCA

Dr. Reese (00:50:09):
Yeah. <laugh> both good words. Both good words, you

Dr. Kay (00:50:14):
Know? Yes they are. Yes they are.

Dr. Reese (00:50:16):
Yeah. But like, like re recently I came face to face with one of my, uh, attachments, which was reputation and public image because a colleague of mine just passed away and she's in the health field and she's only like 57 and guess what's happening online. She's now a poster. Like people are using her as a example in saying, well, if, if she's a health guru dying at 57, then why should we listen to her? What, what, and people are D diving into it and they're digging into it. And I'm like, holy crap, like this woman's gone and her reputation continues. And I'm like, Aw man. And then, and then it brought up an old wound for me of reputation. And self-image because I've been, I mean, my whole life's on YouTube. <laugh> like, like, forget the Akasha records. I'm on YouTube. <laugh> for like 20 years

Dr. Kay (00:51:27):

Dr. Reese (00:51:28):
And it's like, what are people? If, if you're attached to what people think about you, it's a, it's a pretty big attachment. And if she was attached to it and I have no idea if she was hypothetically, if she was, then that means she was in the hospital dying saying, oh no, what are people gonna think about me? Because I'm a health guru and I'm only 57 and I'm dying. And maybe I just went too deep there. And, but I, I went really deep into the scar, into the wound and even

Dr. Kay (00:52:11):
Think this lifetime wound though, I, I think it's like, there's this overall collective in the collective psyche of ostracizing, you know, the picture of somebody's face and hands getting fruit and vegetables thrown at them in Europe or the UK. Yeah. Or the hanging or the, your ostracized from this village or the heads getting cut off and everybody in the group going, yeah, you shouldn't have said that the sun doesn't, you know,

Dr. Reese (00:52:33):
It's past life, something past life. That's yes, that's absolutely it.

Dr. Kay (00:52:37):
But it's been up for a couple of years. It's been as, as people come outta the spiritual closet and it's safe, like I really find that speaking in a way now that 10 years ago, we were, would've been scared to, for getting ostracized or getting made fun of, and the whole cancel culture is an aspect of this peaking fever before it breaks. So it's clearing out from our collective memories. So the image thing, um, I do agree with you. I know my fourth book, my most recent one dragon master RI first half is about, um, the students going on retreat with me internationally getting trained. Second half is me answering questions. These are my most advanced folks who work with me the longest, the practitioners on vibrational upgrade system out there. One of the questions at the end of one of the, um, chapters is Dr.

Dr. Kay (00:53:20):
Allison, how can I stop caring about what other people think of me? And it's, I mean, so the questions I'm answering, aren't about like, what do I do with my third eye when I'm perceiving that blah, blah, blah. It's very real. It's a very real question because that is like, if you wanna let go of something, one of the stickiest points is what will people think about me if I do this and become that. So even that, if I become that is a conclusion unconsciously, that you don't know you're gonna become that. So the, the point being is that, um, I have seen this trip, people up something fiercely and thank God, no, that's not true. I had a mistake happen, uh, a couple of weeks back where, um, my VA had done something, um, that I had asked her to do, but there was a misunderstanding, so 11 emails that was supposed to go every other every day for 11 days, one a day, all landed in people's inboxes on one day 11 emails from me. So I was so I was triggered and I, and it was about my reputation. I was like that doesn't look professional. That looks stupid. Yeah.

Dr. Kay (00:54:21):
So I, then the next, so that

Dr. Reese (00:54:22):
You're embarrassed.

Dr. Kay (00:54:24):
Yes. There was a slight sense of shame because I present and am a professional and, and present and want as part of my mission being to professional energy medicine. I, I wanna uphold that. So I instead chose to say in an email, what if there's nothing wrong? What if apparently this program that I'm talking about in these 11 emails really wants more attention <laugh> <laugh> so, yeah, so I just made, I, I made it light and fun. So like, I, I honestly don't give a shit. What people think about me? Excuse the S bomb. Yeah. I, I really don't because I would just be limiting myself and my life and my potential if I cared and I'm not willing to do that to myself.

Dr. Reese (00:55:04):
Yeah. Yeah. It's something I have to dig into.

Dr. Kay (00:55:12):
Oh, just clear. Don't even dig into it. Just clear it.

Dr. Reese (00:55:16):
Just clear. Just

Dr. Kay (00:55:18):
Here's get the shockers. Just clear. Just start, just start clearing and stuff will come out or work with me live, uh, and stuff will come out. I, I don't mean to be as if I'm marketing, I'm not, but I, I just, it's easier than I think like that whole idea of processing or, or like, this is why I left the psych major. My third, uh, semester in college, I went in as a psych major and by the third semester, I'm like, you're not teaching me how to be the happiest, most joyous thriving version of myself. I said something along those lines. I don't think I said all three of those words because I, I, I was viewing therapy even at that time as why are you gonna sit there and repeat over and over again, a story you just reinforcing and then learning about quantum physics and how energy works like that solidifies something that was once a wave at the sub atomic level, apart into a particle. So it becomes physicalized. So the more you repeat, the more fo solid and real and physicalized, it becomes. So I saw like therapy, useless and psycho. I don't wanna say useless. People need to get things off their chest. I don't mean to be talking so flippantly. Uh, it does serve people. Sure. Um, but the repetition is the part that I'm at.

Dr. Reese (00:56:24):
Yeah. It serves lower consciousness. People, it doesn't serve higher consciousness. People

Dr. Kay (00:56:29):
I'll let you say that.

Dr. Reese (00:56:31):
I did.

Dr. Kay (00:56:32):

Dr. Reese (00:56:34):
I stand by, I stand by it. Yeah. Cause, cause lower consciousness people are, are the ones in the victim oriented I think.

Dr. Kay (00:56:44):
Yeah. And it is a process of progress and evolution. I mean, it really is

Dr. Reese (00:56:48):
Higher consciousness is what I just did. What we both just did. We both just admitted to something you, you admitted to the embarrassment of the email situation. I admitted to the being attached to the reputation when you can watch and you can see what's going on and you know, what's going on, that's higher consciousness, right. Because you're yeah. Servicing. Yeah.

Dr. Kay (00:57:13):
Yeah. The observer capital O

Dr. Reese (00:57:15):
Lower consciousness, people are in a dream so deep. They they're just man. I mean, they're, they're, they're walking around like zombies and have no idea that they are.

Dr. Kay (00:57:29):
So what I've been saying for a long time now is, uh, and I say it the way I just said it because there's a sense of like echoing. And so that's when crisis comes in, because if we're not gonna choose voluntarily proactively to work with our consciousness, then something ego shattering is going to have to come in because we are a soul in a human body on a, a, a, a specific trajectory with specific things to be evolved beyond. And if we don't, we come back and do it again. So I think that that understanding obviously is inverse for some people who are walking around still in a cloud and, and, and you know, less and less of those people exist on planet earth. Even though it seems like there may be more because we're just hearing more voices.

Dr. Reese (00:58:22):
Yeah. It's better to live in higher consciousness. It's just, uh, it can, it's challenging cuz you're constantly working on yourself. You're constantly seeing things that

Dr. Kay (00:58:36):
No, it gets to a point where you can sit and listen to the birds and you're not working on yourself. There does get to a point where that state of bliss or ter, as I say in yoga, that state of mind does get accessed and you live more from a blissful state. And some of the people who've worked with the longest are also there. So it is not just possible. It happens. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:59:00):
It gets easier. It's very, it's very hard to date that I'll tell you <laugh>

Dr. Kay (00:59:05):
Everyone. I agree.

Dr. Reese (00:59:06):
Everyone's in lower consciousness. It's it's like,

Dr. Kay (00:59:10):
I've kind of taken a pause on it because of that, just waiting for it to evolve. And I, I, I love what I do and I love my life and I don't see it as a lack. It's just a choice. I, I, I'm kind of, you know, I know the timing I'm waiting for it to evolve. It does make dating difficult. <laugh> it does. But I feel like, yeah, I feel like, and interestingly, for me as a woman, the divine masculine is, uh, reaching threshold. Now we've been focusing on the divine feminine for years now. And it feels like the divine masculine is really hitting threshold and I'm gonna be doing more work with that this year to bring it in more. And I'm excited for that. So, I mean, I feel like, um, there's something coming for me romantically and when it does cool. I'm not worried about it. Yeah. I though it does make dating a dance that, you know, sometimes it's not worth it. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (01:00:00):
At some point the yellow Lamborghini is just gonna pop up. It's just gonna, boom. It's just gonna be there and maybe there'll be a man in there. <laugh>

Dr. Kay (01:00:10):
Yeah. I, I wonder if it would be a Lamborghini, I'll get back to you on that. I'll let you know <laugh>

Dr. Reese (01:00:22):
All right. So where can the listeners come find you and say hello and see your work?

Dr. Kay (01:00:28):
Vibrational And it's a free group on Facebook where you can see me, um, most days of the week with some sort of coaching and helping to keep you on track. Uh, the shakra series is on vibrational. looked under products. If you wanna check that out, you need my middle initial Allison with one LJ, some middle initial, K a Y on Amazon to get to my books. That's enough. YouTube channel two.

Dr. Reese (01:00:56):
You got a lot of letters there and then go figure the last name is K <laugh>.

Dr. Kay (01:01:00):
K Y yeah.

Dr. Reese (01:01:02):
Last question.

Dr. Kay (01:01:04):

Dr. Reese (01:01:07):
The three most inspirational books you've ever read

Dr. Kay (01:01:13):
Conquest of mind and now mind anatomy of spirit. And when I was, I think, 14, that was my first encounter with Wayne Dyer. And that was your erroneous zones.

Dr. Reese (01:01:28):

Dr. Kay (01:01:30):
I don't know if it would have the same impact now, but that was a good starter at 1415.

Dr. Reese (01:01:36):
All right. Well, thank you for joining me today. It's been a pleasure.

Dr. Kay (01:01:39):
Yeah, same here. Have a great, brilliant easy day. Here's a question for you. Start just throwing this out. I wonder what my life would be like if everything were a thousand times easier, feel free to ask that a couple of times a day.



Dr. Alison Kay

Dr. Alison J. Kay is an Award Winning, #1 International Best Selling Author in addition to being a Master Mind-Body Energy Medicine practitioner for more than twenty years.

A world-traveler who was also both a teacher and administrator within The International School System in Asia for ten years, she intensively studied ancient practices that work with subtle energies & holistic health practices while there. Before, during, and currently, she facilitates outrageously rewarding energy medicine sessions for clients worldwide – which has earned her the nickname “lightning bolt” due to the voltage behind her vibrations that she then uses on behalf of her clients.