Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
April 26, 2020

God's Mountain w/ John Scott

God's Mountain w/ John Scott

In episode # 48, Dr. Reese talks with John Scott, an Australian Artist who had a near-death-experience (NDE) 27 years ago where he was taken on a journey to meet GOD. With vivid details, John breaks down what he was told and what he was shown about the history of human-kind. John spent the next few decades being a recluse and doing in-depth research to connect the dots on what he was shown and told. To this day, he still receives visions. 

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Dr. Reese (00:00:18):
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet God? Hmm. Welcome to episode number 48 today I'm talking to John Scott. John was an atheist. His entire life never believed in any higher power of any form until a fateful day in his late twenties. When everything changed, he calls it a near death experience or NDE. He was in the wilderness and he was accustomed to picking mushrooms. And one day he picked the wrong mushroom, a poisonous mushroom, if you will. And that sent him into an unbelievable journey that absolutely changed his life. He details it in a book available on Amazon called God's mountain, and it's full of all kinds of details and information that he claims he was given by an incredible deity, a source God. He was spoken to and given information about the history of the world. So hold on to your seat, cuz we're about to go on a journey with John Scott. Welcome to the peace pod, John, it's a pleasure to have you take me to your late twenties. Take me into that wilderness, take me into your mindset.

John Scott (00:02:03):
I'd been introduced to a new species by a Frenchman and it was called, um, the saffron cap and they why this, that mushroom is unique. It's because orange on top and uh, white gills underneath and traditionally Kevin, anything with white gills underneath you keep away from. Mm. Right? So that's, that's the primary visual indicator. Any MYM expert, you know, can go further, but I'm not a MYM expert. Mm. So, and there's other spore print tests you can do too. Like I don't go around spore printing mushrooms for the hell of it. That's not my, that's not my trip. Um, but I misidentified, I, I went camping and at the time I would just left the Navy. So I was full on into art. Uh, I had a flatmate, uh, his name's Glen and Irishman. We used to go, uh, up to the blue mountains, which was west of Sydney.

John Scott (00:02:55):
It's very picturesque and it's phenomenal. It's like one of the seven, I wouldn't, it's probably the eighth wonder of the world. I mean, it's just a beautiful area, untouched wilderness. And we would track up there. I was extremely fit one particular time. Um, I saw these orange saffron caps and I thought, hang on this old stack there, you know, but what I didn't realize, and I only knew that found it later is that they were aging, uh, Amita Masia, you know, they were sort of, they'd already grown a full bloom and they were flattened out. They were quite large. And of course, with Amita Masia, they've got a particular identifier that classic red mushroom with the white puffy, you know, nodules on the top, which is part of the broken veil of the stem. And they've got white gills, they've got a white stem. So I thought, hang on these, you know, and I, I didn't even connect the dots that, you know, all of the, the white broken veil bits on the top, the spotted bits had washed off because they were old. They were starting to age and they do fade the orange. Sometimes now with the Amanita species, I found out there's quite a few others that are deadly and they'll kill you. And I didn't find that out till later, but I ended up chucking these mushrooms in and cooking them up and they were near, they were near the camp site. And of course in hot. Yeah. Oh, oh yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:04:18):
How old were you when this was when this

John Scott (00:04:19):
Oh, that was, I was about 29. So I was, you know, was strong. I fit, but I hadn't had any, you know, pot or anything like that since I was a teenager. So this is like a good 10 years, maybe more, but I'm glad I did because I recognized that I was expanding and I thought, holy crap, I'm this I'm start. Where did, where did this come from? You know, I hadn't clicked. It was the mushrooms that I'd added. I had no idea. And I was really starting to expand, uh, at my camp fire. I thought, man, I really, I I'm expanding here. I started to panic a bit, you know, but I thought, hang on. So I gotta ride this out.

Dr. Reese (00:05:03):
So did you, you go into like a, a psychedelic type of experience?

John Scott (00:05:07):
No, no, it wasn't psychedelic at all. It was much more, um, focused than that because I'd had LSD. And I mentioned this in my book as a kid, someone put some LSD in some stuff that I had, and that was a horrible experience for me, that was really hallucinogenic and too powerful. Right. Whereas with the mushrooms, it seemed to assuage the fear. It, it, there was no hallucinogenic strobing or other effects. This was completely different. It was like, I was, um, just expanding in this bubble, but fully aware of my expansion. So I'm stepping back from my mind, watching my mind, go out, like watching the ship, go off into the horizon, but I was on the ship as well. And I thought, oh, this is something totally unique. I've never experienced this before, but it wasn't scary.

Dr. Reese (00:05:55):
You became the

John Scott (00:05:56):
Watcher. Yeah. The watched became the watcher and vice versa. So I thought so I'd realized I had something. I still hadn't clicked. It was the mushroom. And, uh, and um, I thought I better before I get too whacked here. And I was like looking at the stars and they were really, it was a classic quantum non-local moment where I thought, you know, I was like, I am the stars and they're so close. I thought this is insane. And then I could hear crickets. And I thought, I am the crickets, you know, like, and I thought I can feel them, you know, and I could see my legs moving. And I thought, why are my legs moving? And they're vibrating. And, you know, as we know, crickets vibrate their legs. So it was very, very quick, very fast. And all of these signals coming in. So I said, oh, look, you know, I, I, I'm out of it here.

John Scott (00:06:45):
This is really flash of, am I gonna die? But I basically just hopped in my tent, Kevin and kept expanding. And I went through nature. And when I say I went through nature, I literally became everything I looked at. Now, one of the saving attributes, uh, I think was my, uh, my job skills, my skill set, because I used to be an airbrush illustrator. And I used to cut stencils out with a scalpel. And of course, what I realized later is this was one, one pointed meditation. I was focusing on doing these stencils and I did millions of hours of this. You know, I had a 10 year window where I was working with advertising and I would had this incredible focus because my job entailed it. And so that enabled me to actually focus in on what the hell I was looking at. Right.

John Scott (00:07:33):
Step back, watch her watched, you know, again, and I thought I can control this. This has this, hasn't got control of me, uh, without being too controlling. If that makes sense. Yeah, it does. I thought I can actually hold this vision. So I was actually able to stabilize every part of it. And I was seeing weird stuff like it was nighttime, right. But I was seeing the earth swell and move. And then I was seeing how there was differential movement of this energy moving around the planet. And I thought, I'm looking at a whole year of movement. So I thought, what's this differential movement of the planet's crust. What's it doing? Where's that coming from? So of course you start to see the variables start to expand and what I was seeing with the magnetic pool of the moon, pulling on things and the sun pulling on it.

John Scott (00:08:21):
And I thought this is moving. It's like, this is a liquid, we got a ball of sitting on here. Then I could into the earth and see this magnetic connection, you know, the iron core. And then I thought, boom, connected to sun connected to planets. It's all magnetism. Mm. Right. It's all geomagnetic energies working here. And I thought far out, this is insane. Then the trees, uh, I thought I could see light and toroidal spirals coming out, like to Royal fields, connecting to trees and all life, the tourist field. Yes. Which is a very big one that seems to be happening in quantum mechanics at the moment.

Dr. Reese (00:08:58):
Yes. I, I, so I had, um, Santos pinache on this podcast and he,

John Scott (00:09:03):
He, right. Okay. Yeah. I know Santos I've met him. I've actually met him. So I, I bought his CD. Hi Santos. Hope you were. I'm still, he, he's a bit of a wild boy Santos, but, but he's got some good information. He's got some very good information. And, um,

Dr. Reese (00:09:17):
It, it almost sounds more like a self realization, enlightenment experience than a near death experience.

John Scott (00:09:23):
Well, it that's right. And so again, I didn't know what a near death experience was, and this was only the initial phase. Right. So when I realized I was being primed for something much greater, further on into this, so I end up, uh, I saw all the nature, the connection to nature. I saw the molecular biological structure of matter. There's no such thing. As matter. I started to break down into what I saw was the quantum field. And I've noticed like, I've have looked at a few of Joe, Joe Rogan podcasts, and a few other people who've had Sila Simon, for example, mm-hmm <affirmative>. And I, I made a connection and like I said, I've studied metaphysics. I've spent 20 years studying metaphysics in the subtle body system, which is really important to understand that aspect in terms of human consciousness. Now, metaphysics have been studied by, by the Jewish people prior to us prior to Christianity. And it keeps going back through

Dr. Reese (00:10:18):

John Scott (00:10:19):
Yeah. Cabala. And it just keeps going back through time to, you know, Egypt and early Lamur mu all of these supposed mythological landscapes. My point being is I, you know, once I put all of these jigsaw pieces together and I was seeing this, what I, I knew, I, I knew it was the quantum field after, afterwards when I read about the quantum field. Cause it's geometric and I thought everything has this geometry in it. So when, say, for example, Joe Rogan was interviewing Mike Tyson in a podcast. Yeah. The towed poison. And I thought, wow. And Mikey said something really interesting. And he said, look, it really changed his ego. And it changed the fundamental essence of who Mike used to be. And that's the power of these earth sacraments.

Dr. Reese (00:11:06):
Yes. You know, I, I grew up a sports fan. Mike Tyson's completely different.

John Scott (00:11:11):
He's way different. I mean, I, I, I mean, he's a guy who used to pound faces into the mat and then he doesn't wanna even know that person anymore. He doesn't wanna know himself how he used to be. He's had a major transformation and I get that and I'm sure Joe has, and many other people who've done these and had these enlightening experiences. So to paraphrase or bookend to where you said, you know, was it an NDA? And this people do question me about this. And I said, no, not at this phase. It's only an at this phase out of body and you are traveling through, you know, what I would term just under the surface of 5 cents perception. Now, when I had reached out to the stars and gone through all of this earth stuff, and I saw the planet swell interconnection of, you know, geometry.

John Scott (00:12:00):
And I thought, oh my God, I was in the celestial body. And that's where a lot of people on silo hit that have this 10 minute hit on. And they see these crystalline waves and everything and crystalline structures. Now I've heard cliff ha talk about that. He's another well known person who's been into this. Um, you know, this side of, uh, consciousness, Jeremy aby is another one. Um, Graham Hancock supposedly has had a few experiences on Iowa Wasco, which I could go off on a tangent and break each one down because each one has an individual spirit, a mythology, a cultural connection, a shamanic root, an oral tradition that goes back to the beginning of time and they all differ. So the one I had, and I don't know anyone who's had an NDE on arm, but has a specific signature, a specific energy, a specific cultural paradigm that is all connected within that mushroom.

John Scott (00:12:54):
Hence why I wrote my book. It took me a long time to piece this together. I was still getting visions, post NDE. So when I'd expanded out through this initial phase, I ended up, I blacked out. Then when I hit the blackout phase, I was still conscious Kevin, but it, it was just sheer black. I retrofitted that to what they call the void. Mm that's. Where a space where there's no energetic imprint, there's no pull push. There's nothing. You're just there. And there's black void. And it was the first time I was actually scared because I couldn't visually link to anything. There was nothing to, for my consciousness to grasp onto, to say, oh, that is X or Y or Z

Dr. Reese (00:13:40):

John Scott (00:13:40):
So I've gone. Where am I darkness complete darkness. But, and, but then I realized there was a presence near me, um, a spiritual presence of something. And remember, I didn't believe in this stuff. Right. So I never saw it. I tried to look at it, you know, in my minds. So I couldn't see it, but I felt comfortable with it. It was masculine. And

Dr. Reese (00:14:04):
At, at this time, are you body list? Like you can't see your hand?

John Scott (00:14:08):
Oh, no, I can't see anything. I mean, I'm off in this, just this black void. I'm just this ball of consciousness. Yeah. Is

Dr. Reese (00:14:15):
Straight awareness.

John Scott (00:14:16):
360 degree. Well, I tried to see what this entity was with me and it wasn't malevolent. It was definitely benevolent and it was loving, but it didn't like amplify love into me. This came much later. Everything had love in it the whole time. But this is when it got really powerful. I saw a gate and I thought, oh, what's that? And I could see it be, I'll never actually draw it or paint it because I think it's too sacred. And I thought, what is this? But I knew it was an entrance to something to go somewhere. So I, I said, this is it. Okay, well, I'm gonna go. And I, and I said, oh, what the hell? I remember saying it, you know, in my own mind, what the hell, boom off. I went, soon as I got through that gate, it was like this river of love.

John Scott (00:15:03):
And it was magnetic. And I thought, oh my God, I know this place. It was instant recognition. And I, I attributed that to the silver cord that they talk about. But yeah, I was traveling inside the silver cord back home. Everyone has one of these silver cords. Mm-hmm, <affirmative>, they're permanently connected. They're like, it's like string theory. Every one of us is an individual crystal. And we have these strings passing through us. And then we have a periodic punctuated, uh, sections of consciousness. And we have periodic sections in crystalography and you get into this, you know, the light mechanics of quantum. And I I've studied a little bit of that, which took me into the realms of say, uh, Islamic architecture, Iranian mosques, and things like that. The gear, I mentioned that in my book. Right? So once that gets back to the celestial body again, and I, I openly question, I say, where the hell did they go?

John Scott (00:15:58):
Those guys get those visions. Were they on visionary substances back then without the cultural, you know, suppression that we have today through authoritative figures, they wouldn't have had that kind of thing back then, you know, they would've been in caves, you know, experimenting with these, you know, substances. I, I, I, I'm only speculating here because when you start to go historically and start looking, you do find loose ends of, you know, mushroom temples and mushroom buildings in, in, in Turkey, little cities of mushrooms made out of the rock. So there's obviously, there's all of these leftover remnants of this mushroom cosmology. And I'm sure Michael STAs, if he ever gets to see this podcast, he would agree with me. And this is, would be in his area. Um, and many people are asking, well, what is this bloody connection to fungi? What is this real connection to who we are? You know, I'm talking internally, externally, historically meta, physically cosmologically. We don't know who we are. So I was starting to understand who I was just after this experience. Anyway,

Dr. Reese (00:17:06):
That's why they call. That's why they call it self realization.

John Scott (00:17:10):
Correct. So I get to this light, this massive light at the end of this, what I perceive to be a, a tunnel going somewhere. And there's this just this freaking light. And it's just full on love. I mean, you cannot, you can't, I get upset because it's so emotional. You can't put it into words. It knows you, it knows you back the front, back the front, you, you can't hide everything that you've ever ever done in your life. It's instantly known without saying it. And I didn't have a concept of God. And I'm just there in awe staring. And I'm trying to look into it. You can't look into it. Well, you can, but you can't see any discernible. Um, again, it's light, not like the dark void before, but this is the op this is pure light and it's consciousness and it knows you.

John Scott (00:18:01):
And what I was getting was I broke down the telepathic. There's like a form of osmosis that like, like a knowing, like, you know, the sun's out, you know, it's daytime. You don't have to cognitively say it it's like that. And here I am thinking, I've been here millions of times before millions. That was what popped into my head. You're back millions. And this is home. I thought far out, this is like, what the hell is this? And I've still got no concept that I've had an ND. I didn't know. It was God. And I'm thinking, no, this thing knows more than me. <laugh> it's just of knowing, you know it. So I said, am I dead? And, and it started to talk to me. I, I think the first one, um, I said, um, where are, where are you? And they said, I think the first thing is, well, it gave, it introduced me with two names, which I won't mention.

John Scott (00:18:57):
And then I felt I was slipping and it told me its name was Tim. And I thought, oh, okay, Tim. Cause I tried to fight it consciously back to that first name I said, and they pushed me back gently to this term. And this took me years to discern what was going on here, Kevin, because when you're dealing directly with telepathic downloads, uh, I I'm in, I'm facing God here. I'm facing, you know, this entity that we all read in a book and we say, you know, some people intellectualize it. They argue about it. But here I am standing in front of this phenomenal force. I had no background in religion. I had no concepts. I had no ideas about who, what, where gender? None of it. I had no concepts of ring nation or the Cosmo. I had no concepts of anything on this atheist kid.

John Scott (00:19:50):
Who's had this experience, pure epiphany, unbiased. I got no dogma, none. So I can't say, Hey, I saw Jesus. I didn't see Jesus. I didn't see a man with a beard. I didn't see my hammered or whatever. I just saw this pure light. But I knew it was so pervasive knowing. And, and I felt like it, I knew straight out, this is all the knowing part aspect of confronting this, that it knew everything. It was like a baby, but it was like the oldest entity ever. Both of those con it was a conundrum. Both of those paradoxes melded into one. Mm. And so just that alone opened up a whole philosophical treatise in me later to try to explain, you know, this is about, well, who is God? What is God? What started it? Where did this all begin? Is there something outside of this light?

John Scott (00:20:45):
Cause I tried to look through it. No, and there's nothing outside of it. There's nothing beyond it. That is the end result. But it's also the beginning. It's beginning and end it's everything. And it's like, how did this start? I mean, I'm still asking questions 30 years later, how did it start? Where did the first one start? How did it become self-aware how did it manifest into humans and entities? And, and so I thought, okay, I've got something big here. Right? It knows me. So I'm gonna start asking questions. So I became the watcher. Oh, this is really weird, but I'm still in a subjective, John. Okay. I'm still John. And I said to it, I said, well, no, one's gonna believe me. That's what I said. I remember it like yesterday. <laugh> and no one's gonna believe me. I said, and I, and I already asked, where are you? And they said, well, we are here. You know, we are everywhere. They said, we, they used the word we, and I thought, they said we are everywhere. I said, but I don't UN I don't. And they knew, I didn't understand. Like, it was like micro sec is quicker. It's instant. So they hit me with this merge. You instantly it's like, I became the whole everything. And it's like, this is that's the inevitable, I thought this is beyond comprehension. You can only experience it, but you cannot verbalize it. No,

Dr. Reese (00:22:10):
No. It's it's one plus one equals

John Scott (00:22:12):
Three. Yeah. On steroids. <laugh> <laugh> so, you know, so I'm thinking, okay. So I said, look, I, my head started to swell with questions. And I said, am I dead? You know, am I sick? And I got no answer. I said, and so I thought, okay, think quick, John. So the first thing I asked was what would the pyramid use for? And I thought, well, there's a mystery, but what happened is they give me this answer. And they said, well, people use to communicate with entities all throughout the universe. So I thought entities, ETS, I thought, cause they use the word entities mm-hmm <affirmative>. So then I get this, uh, uh, telepathic Vista and it started off slowly at first. And I understood what was going on. They took me to the time when this was all set up, but they took me back further because yes, that was when we had a high civilization and, and a lot of masons are excited about Egypt.

John Scott (00:23:09):
Yeah. A lot of secret societies. I mean, we all know this. Yeah. And you know, a lot of them still practice, you know, the, what I would call the water down death rights and here I am having the death. Right. I thought, oh my God, I've seen instantly, what's gone wrong with the loss of the death rights. We became disconnected from the one, you know? And the one is, you know, back then structurally and hierarchically, religion was set up in, in a pyramid system with a phoh at the top. So that Faroh was all power and no power. They had no power. There were merely a communicative device. So our hollow bone and they were perfectly in tune with nature. And I'm going back, not just 6,000 years, I'm going back 400,000 years. That's how old that great pyramid is. And that's why I originally, that's why I called my book God's mountain because it was the original God's mountain.

John Scott (00:24:04):
So, and we hear stories. I mean, there's still residual stories about thunder and lightning coming from the top of the mountain. Well, even technically, and I've exposed what the great pyramid is in my book. Technically the pirate technics coming off from storms, hitting the capstone of that pyramid whilst it was functioning, would've been phenomenal. You know, like a Laden's jar, you would've had, you know, like a Tesla ball, you would've had these lightning ionizing, the atmosphere above, and then these would come in. And of course the thunder mountain, you know, you're talking about a piece of technology here. So advanced, it told me what it was I asked and it told me, and uh, they mentioned the word particle accelerator. I had no science background thinking what the hell is a particle accelerator. I'm thinking. So, but they let that loose end for me then to go on research.

John Scott (00:24:54):
And of course, you know, 10 years after my experience, uh, I'm looking up particle accelerators and donut, donut, plasma, you know, fields and Adams being blown at the speed of light. And I mean, it was really technical stuff. And then they built sun in Switzerland. So I went right down that path of, of looking at collisions and colliders and fusion fusion. And I had to learn a bit of basic physics off, off my own back. But metaphysics is the same internally as the physicists are looking externally and we've kind of reached this, uh, MPAs where physicists have found the B and HS field. What they've found is the barrier, the light barrier. That's what they've found. Uh, they've actually found the edge of our light barrier. And I don't know if I explained that well enough in my book, but this is incredible because it's like, they know it's there. They've seen it. They've seen the effects of the bow and you know, particles, but it's a field it's much like an electron field that surrounds an atom. It's there and it's got this discern shape, but breaching that field, the only way you can breach that field is through a near death experience in metaphysics or externally, you hop in an and you fly on the speed, external, internal, they merge, they marry. Mm. Does that make sense? Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:26:21):
How long did this experience last clock time,

John Scott (00:26:24):
Would you say millions of years in my head mere days in, in real life. So I wake up dehydrated and I've gone, holy crap, I've spoken with something here. And I didn't still hadn't didn't know what the term near death experience was cause that, that wasn't in my field of interest. So of course I rock back to my local village manly, and I'm saying I've with the I've with this thing called rabbiting on like an idiot mad around you've the plot what's going on. Johnny've lost the plot. Now there's some things I can talk about. And some I can't because they're too personal, but during the experience, something major happened. And of course my consciousness changed then and within seven years, I'd say post NDE. So I'm getting into mid nineties, 95, 96. Um, I started getting hit with visions and my it all started coming flooding back, but it got worse in two 12, for some reason I was working with crop circles and um, some very interesting information.

John Scott (00:27:36):
And I'd been told that there were entities throughout the universe. DT told me this. So personally, yes, we had there's millions of ETS out there. What I hadn't realized, but what had been shown to me in the near death experience, cuz you gotta remember when they're pumping this telepathically directly into your soul and you can't cope with all that information. It's like just getting, you know, like rammed down your throat and you're gagging on it. That's what was happening with me. So there was this slow release. So I was in an altered state for 20 years. I was in an altered state and I'm just getting download after download after download, after download and I was writing them down, but, and I wanted to put it sort of in a book format back then, but I, I'm not an author and I didn't consider myself a writer, but the downloads were coming so fast and strong that, um, I didn't have time to actually call.

John Scott (00:28:33):
I was just writing it like a diary. And these were big realizations. Sometimes there were visions about the future. Sometimes there realizations about interconnection of ology and language. Uh Sumari and Arcadian, I was going back through language groups and just, just getting these amazing downloads. And so I tried to contact, um, especially rabbis, a couple of rabbis cuz I grabbed the Bible by this stage and I'm starting to read that because synchronistic. Right, right. You know, and I was much more logical in that. You know, I, I had a very logical application. I was a businessman. I was, you know, right. So I started reading the Bible and I ended up in the end and I'm pretty fastidious when it comes to study, I had something like eight or nine Bibles and I'm doing translations and already I'm picking up problems with translations in differing, um, books.

John Scott (00:29:22):
So I said, hang on, I need to get to the root source of, um, papers, you know, original documents, impossible. You don't get, you don't get original scrolls unless you're a dead sea scroll scholar or something like that. Right, right. So this is the technical problem of getting truthful historical information is if that information is held in secure hands, then, you know, and so traditionally I'd learned also that the, that say for example, Moses and Jesus and all the, the, and Mohamed and all of the, the old patriarchs in our old, in our old books, they used to disseminate this kind of information orally. This is what oral speaking tradition master student relationship was so important. And once that got fractured and broken through priesthoods, et cetera, and wars and whatever, all of those severances of were broken and this where you knows, came into play, they would, you know, get these epiphanies and then they would chair and they'd get direct source from light. So I dunno how far I can go with this cuz I mean, it sounds, I've hit a few subjects already and I'm just rabbiting on with so many subjects.

Dr. Reese (00:30:31):
Well, it sounds like you have this amazing experience that puts you into a seekers stage. You start seeking, you start studying, you start connecting tons of dots.

John Scott (00:30:47):

Dr. Reese (00:30:47):
And then you're getting visions and downloads and you you're 20, 25 years of just like this culmination, this, this, yeah.

John Scott (00:30:56):
It was like having a professor, putting you through a PhD, you know, you've got your, what do you call it? Your advisor, your supervisor. And that supervisor's got all the knowledge that you need. Like he's the supervisor of the, of the university. It's like my, my supervisor was the light. And I realized that I wasn't gonna get led Australia here. That it was, you know, upstairs was really giving me the, the bees knees that book, not that one, this, you know, that gonna study that. So I was getting a really solid grounding on, you know, how science works. I mean, I've got friends who are professors of molecular biology and you know, people in other fields. And we talk intimately about how science is structured and of course there's ego involved and the grant system and who funds it, uh, who gets the funding who gets peer reviewed papers, you know, what gets considered, you know, uh, um, you know, peer reviewed and accepted as true science, but it's still not a perfect science.

Dr. Reese (00:31:55):
Do you think that Tim, Tim was the name right?

John Scott (00:31:59):
Tim? Yes. T E M

Dr. Reese (00:32:02):
Tim. Okay. T E M. Do you think that Tim, which is the name they gave you, do you think that was the God or, well,

John Scott (00:32:15):
Okay. That's a good question.

Dr. Reese (00:32:16):

John Scott (00:32:17):
No, no. It was the God, but due to the structure of the universe, um, you have to see where we are in this, in the bigger picture we are primates. We were genetically engineered from et. So we still have half those four circuits,

Dr. Reese (00:32:34):

John Scott (00:32:36):
Uh, AKI, that's a word play it's a, or just an, for short. So the was attributed to the Sumerian, you know, gods. And when I, I tried to talk to Michael, ER, uh, here that's, a lot of people are into the Sumerian, um, history and they talk of the Sumerian kingship going back 230,000 years. I mean, and this is all, you know, this is all standard in the, in the texts of the Sumerian tablets and stuff. A lot of people don't attribute that Egypt also has a mythology of Kings and, uh, it has a massive mythology of timeline here and they, and it goes back hundreds of thousands of years like Samia. So these two cultures are pretty much, you know, you got the Samian basin and they've got Egypt. And I was shown that Egypt back then where the pyramid was, was rain. So the demo was completely different to now it's a now, but back then it was lush and we had salt water.

John Scott (00:33:37):
And I explained this in my book, how the, the water level came up to the doorway of the great pyramid, which is 17.5 meters. So to answer your question, I will come back to an chy. This, this is why I wrote the book because the original schism, the original split at the highest level of the priesthood, which is the still it's the narrative of the fallen arch angel Lucifer. It's still in the Bible today of, you know, the sons of men came into the daughters of women and you've gotta sort of splice together these little anecdotal bits of scripture, but you've gotta splice it into what was actually going on back then. What was the hierarchical structure? What was the social structure of the priesthood who controlled, you know, the world, the known world back then. And it was a very, very high civilization. Trust me.

John Scott (00:34:28):
I mean, as I said, you get a great pyramid, that's a particle accelerator. You're talking about advanced machinery. Yeah. That we've only just built 400,000 years later, who helped us build that? Who mapped it? Who made it? Who, you know, there's a lot of questions. Sure. So, so the an or anarchy, as some people call them, ANU, ANU is an anagram of no, which is Noah. So a, you know, you even get, Enke an hair it's like, you've gotta know your DET. You've gotta go back and break these words down. And Enke Enke and Enlo right. That's right. So you've gotta go back to the original language. And of course it's frustrating if you're not a ologist or you you're not an etymologist. So I was getting this stuff in, in downloads, in, in, um, direct downloads from stress, say, what does that mean? What's, Tomish, what's this what's that.

John Scott (00:35:21):
And of course they'd and they, and I'd get succinct telepathic prompts and they'd say, look up Hebrew, like, or just Hebrew remove the valves. And then I'd search that and say, ah, boom, got it. Okay. So I'd go back to the, the original deities and get it that way. So I, and I've got like loose threads that have remained in religion, but they dunno the origin of it, if that makes sense. So once you get the name of something, you can take it back to the origin of what that deity was. And most of these deities are in your consciousness. They're all aspects of your subconscious mind or, or aspects of your emotional, mental, spiritual bodies. There's nothing outside of you. And this is when we start to get into philosophical rants about, well, we are God, as opposed to a God being external and separate as a dualistic entity.

John Scott (00:36:10):
These, I was looking at God as a dualistic entity. That's why asked it? Where are you separate? And I said, we are everywhere. Incorporative makes me part of it makes you part of it. So you see the dialogue straight away is completely, uh, oxymoronic. When you come from, uh, a dualistic concept. And when we work with linear time, we have linear constructs of knowledge. No, when you get this holographic dump, it's like, how do I put that into a, a mindset that's stuck in linear horizontal when mine was vertical and holographic, it's all of it. That's complex because it, it does things to the chemistry in your mind, you start to think differently. So my biggest problem was actually, as I took down, the notes of my downloads was actually trying to put these into a, a framework, an ecological linguistic framework that people could understand, because we are empirical. We like to Mount information one on top of the other, in a slow stepping process in an augmented way. If that makes sense, this is what PhDs do. They jump off the masters of, you know, get on the shoulders of masters and they move forward. That's how knowledge moves forward.

Dr. Reese (00:37:21):

John Scott (00:37:22):
But when you're dealing with this kind of consciousness, it's like, wow, you're getting stuff. PhDs would die for you. Get the epiphany, you're getting the answer, but then you've gotta reverse engineer the answer.

Dr. Reese (00:37:33):
That's right. What you described standing in front of Tim and God and, and talking, and, and being in this environment where it's just all love and all glowing. This was described, um, by Paul Twitchel

John Scott (00:37:53):
Who's poor TWI. I dunno, Paul, Twitchel sorry.

Dr. Reese (00:37:56):
He has a famous book called the tigers Fang.

John Scott (00:37:59):
Okay. I've never heard of it.

Dr. Reese (00:38:01):
Okay. Oh, you're gonna love it. <laugh> and he basically, he started soul traveling as a kid. Right. And then spirit would come to him and take him on journeys. And so he went through, I wanna say seven, but it could be 12 planes.

John Scott (00:38:24):

Dr. Reese (00:38:25):
And what you describe is similar to one of the chapters in that book when he's talking to

John Scott (00:38:36):

Dr. Reese (00:38:36):
Cause each plane, according to him, has a God, a figurehead, a governor.

John Scott (00:38:43):
That's that's a good point. And, and no, no, you're correct. And I think in ancient, uh, Judaism, for example, which I, I love the esoteric ju Judaic material. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because I think we're the problem is we're so fractured into beliefs with three great religions, right. I I'd really like to see an interfaith dialogue, but on a mystical level, I wanna see Sufi get in with Z and, you know, get in with mystical Christian, you know, scholars or just mystical Christians, not necessarily scholars, but those who do know their scriptures and they can have the, the intellectuals who know the scriptures, they can say what's that scripture. And then boom, because the mystic, uh, can paraphrase his stuff. When you get into these inner circles of mysticism, um, it's, it is an exact science, but it's not as exact as we would like it because the experience, as you said, you mentioned this other author, we've had a similar experience.

John Scott (00:39:42):
Obviously it would be great to get us sitting together talking about these, these levels and planes. Cause I, I paraphrase them as the seven subtle body system, which connect to the seven chakras, which the seven chakras are really your manure handle stick in the inner inner court of the tabernacle. So all of those symbols, all the symbols that you get in the tabernacle, which is a very good, uh, uh, map of human consciousness, you got the outer court, inner court and hol of Holies. And of course only the high priest could go into the hol of Holies and do the, the, um, the complete Aion of ego or abolition of ego, get rid of the ego. And he would talk to God directly on yo Kipur or the holiest day, you know? Hmm. And this was of course the ultimate blessing to get rain, to come down fertility for crops and for the stability of society and the community and blessings from God.

John Scott (00:40:37):
So this is why rain was always connected with blessings. This goes back to Egypt, too, with the flooding of the Nile and the fertility of the Nile and the crops. And, you know, so it was all connected to crop growth and just balance of, of, uh, natural forces, the natural world, and somewhere there's been a severance. And they've tried to paraphrase that as paganism, that you're worshiping the earth. And, you know, maybe we can go back to the garden of Eden when we fall out. That man's punishment is to till the earth. So anybody who was connected to the earth was in a punished or in a sinful fallen state, hence the Vatican would interpret that as well. They must be saved and lift up, lifted up, get them away, those earth tribes, get them away from swamping around in the dirt and you know, doing all those pagan ceremonies.

John Scott (00:41:26):
No, they weren't really pagan ceremonies cause I've done a bit of research and I've met elders here and I've visited sites, same with native Americans. They're giving gratitude for what the creator gave us in the first creation. The first seven days, it's their gratitude prayers. They're not worshiping it as a dear. The di the difficulty is when you're dealing with dualism or, or what they call iconography, or, you know, idle worship, people need that focal point to get them to that sense of worship. So of course, they're gonna put a, a Jesus on a cross or, you know, a chunk of painting of a dear T and Hinduism or whatever, you know, they, they need that focal point. And once you get beyond needing those focal points and Judaism is correct that God has no form. I think Islam has the same with ALA. They say, God has no form. So there's, we've got these intellectual arguments going on between religions that originated from the same source. That's just one.

Dr. Reese (00:42:32):
I think one of the key things that you just said is that God has no form. And if that's true, then we have no form because we were made in that image. So <laugh> people get,

John Scott (00:42:47):
It's funny, people get it confused about, well, when they talk about, and you'll read in my last chapter, chapter 17, um, when they talk about this made in our image, and I note the term, they use our plural, the, this is where the, uh, knowledge of the sacred sacrament, the Armita mascara, which I found out from John Allegro, I was guided to his work. He was a dead SEARO scholar. He was considered bla as he's book was banned in the seventies. And he ended up, um, you know, um, basically having to write the material outside of intellectual circles, but it, it created a massive fur and a storm because he was a linguist and he wasn't, you know, this crazy, you know, fringe psychopath, you know, psychedelic bio, but this guy was an intellectual. So I got his rear book and I read it. And there was a few things I'm not happy with it from, um, only from my own experience.

John Scott (00:43:40):
But when that passage and you'll note in Genesis one Genesis two, that they there's a conflict because mankind was already made. And I mentioned that in my book, they were already made man and woman. Then in Genesis two, they go into this elaborate Adam and Eve story of how, you know, a rev it's actually reverse creationism where a woman is brought out of a man. And so I thought this doesn't make sense, but of course, I get a vision by this stage. And I realize they're talking about the growth pattern of the Amita. The hour image ends up, uh, as the ground, the intellectual structure to restructure that passage into the mushroom, the mushroom has dual gender. And this, I covered a little bit in my book about this, about the stem with the skirt, um, with the veil, a broken veil on the Armita that specific mushroom was, or is the sacrament.

John Scott (00:44:36):
And, and, and so they've got the female at the bottom and they've got the dome, which is male on top. So then you've got our image. Now God's not a mushroom, of course, God's not a mushroom, but the closest we can come to, uh, as we climb or ascent ascend through our consciousness, we do have these subtle conundrums or archetypes. And once you understand these in terms of passive and active or feminine and masculine, you can then decipher, um, these stories, these allegorical stories on the subtles aspect of consciousness. And I'll explain. So Eve is enticed by the serpent to eat the fruit. It's not an apple cause don't mention an, the fruit are the fruit on the of life. So the serpent is the lower ego. So Eve even the word Eve is not, we assume it's a female. Yes, but Eve or just V is V the feminine, passive aspect in the Tetra Ramon in, in God's name, UD hair, VOR hair.

John Scott (00:45:41):
So the vow yet hair, uh, so the vow, the feminine is seduced. And this is where choice is. You have choice, Hey, you know, do that negative event. No, no, I don't wanna do that because that's the tree. If I touch that negative event, I start to descend down through the spheres of consciousness and I fall into time and I fall below the veil. So they even term these terms, the veil it's on the mushroom stem. So once you fall below the mushroom stem, you are trapped in time, and this is all connected with cabal. You've got, um, you've got the planetary correspondences and you have to understand the role of Saturn and the planets in each role in all of these ancient rituals. And they were well known Kevin, this is, this was a hard science. They were well known. Yeah. And so we don't have an equivalency in modern psychology, and this is what I struggled with. So this is what we struggled with when we try to find the, the, the equivalency in modern science to some of these higher metaphysical states. Right. And I, I really struggle with that. You know, delivery, I'll be honest. And so this is why we can only go by oral and talking and telling people they do exist, but they may not exist for you the same ways they will for me, if that makes sense.

Dr. Reese (00:46:59):
Right. Have you gotten, you said you've had visions through the years, but have you ever gotten back to Tim? The, the light, God,

John Scott (00:47:13):
I'll, I'll give you a secret here. And something that I've realized I can only speak from my own subjective opinion. Um, once you make that connection on that vibration, it's never severed you. You're not permanently talking to, but you know, you get this residual echo, you know, you get these feed, oh, what's the word. It's like a leader and I get anxious. And then I get hit with, it might be a voice vision. And I go, oh, and I think here it comes and I get very anxious and then boom. And so I write it down and I know it's not gonna be the only one. Cause my mind is still quite fragile and rest, it's still quite fragile in receiving this information. I might get four visions over a period of two months and they all overlap again, like a holograph regarding events that are gonna happen on the planet.

John Scott (00:47:58):
So yes, I still get these. It doesn't say I am Tim, like it did in the initial contact. Um, but I know it's, I know it is that energy because I'm permanently connected to that vibration. Once you attain a vibration, you can't not disconnect. You recognize that it's like a law of recognition. If that makes sense, it's like your mother, you know, your mom's on the phone, you don't see a face, but you recognize other attributes of, you know, her voice. And even if her voice has got a cold, you still recognize something deeper, like an energy underneath that. That's my, I know it's my mom, even though it doesn't sound like mom and I can't see her. Does that make sense?

Dr. Reese (00:48:37):
Yes. Yes. And I, I had a gentleman on this podcast named Ken frisky, maybe 20 episodes ago. And he also had an experience and these visions and voice visions that he got. Yeah. Yes. Actually he ended up writing his book through that.

John Scott (00:48:57):

Dr. Reese (00:48:58):
So his book isn't even his words.

John Scott (00:49:01):
Correct. And this, this is a really good point. And I I'd stress that, that it's not about me as John, John really doesn't exist on an absolute level. Kevin doesn't exist,

Dr. Reese (00:49:11):

John Scott (00:49:12):
This is just this, uh, envelope that we've chosen the color of our skin, uh, where we've chosen to be born New York, Sydney. I mean, all of that, all of those factors. Uh, and it's just, that's just a few small ones, but the variables you've got karma, you've got gender, you've got race, beliefs, conditions, all of these things come in and you can't your mind, or my mind could not fathom the variables to same, to make, to make an active choice. I, I wanna choose that incarnation cause we'd all wanna be rich and S swung around on a yacht with a couple of lovely girls and have D and swim a or water for the rest of our life and not have to work another day. Right. You know, the fact that you got, you know, you became a doctor, you know, for me, I was military. And then I just surfed and did my thing and it was an artist. So we must have pre we pre choose it, but we're not always cognitive of those, of those pre choices.

Dr. Reese (00:50:10):
There's a famous book called a course in miracles.

John Scott (00:50:16):
Yeah. I've heard of it. Yeah. I have heard

Dr. Reese (00:50:18):
Of it. And that book was supposedly written the same way the woman was receiving yes. Place messages from who she claims was Jesus Christ himself. So,

John Scott (00:50:27):
Correct. Yeah. So look, I, what, just to, do you have any beliefs, like religious beliefs yourself? I mean, I know that's a personal question.

Dr. Reese (00:50:36):
No, I got rid of my beliefs.

John Scott (00:50:39):
Oh, okay. So were you brought up religious?

Dr. Reese (00:50:42):
Was that I was, I was brought up half Jewish, half Christian, if that makes sense. Like split

John Scott (00:50:48):
Family. Yes. It does. You have to get back to the metaphysical structure of who we are and this body was called a guff that's that's. Right, right. And so you, you were actually born into a hollow vessel and I've read the book of, um, Zohar and the book of spheres and you know, all of that and they explain it brilliantly. So here you've got a perfect book discussing about the very thing I've experienced, right?

Dr. Reese (00:51:09):
Yeah. The Zohar is fantastic. The

John Scott (00:51:11):
Zohar is fantastic. It is. It's a great book. I've got three, the three volume version and I'd suggest to any reader, my God, if you wanna know about near death experiences, go and check the Zohar out. So, so I'm, I was struggling with big concepts, like zoom, zoom, and things like this. And, you know, zoom is the contraction and, and, you know, they've got these certain rabbis, you know, 600, maybe 1600 years ago who used to debate this stuff. And, you know, there's a few guys like the goer and a few, a few big names. I would really love to talk to some of these rabbis who are really out there. Oh yeah. If we could, you know, just take, got some brilliant bloody insights,

Dr. Reese (00:51:47):
You know? No, I, I, I hear you. I just, I was just studying the Kabbala just a few weeks ago. I mean, it's just right. It's just amazing stuff. And it, it, for me, obviously my heritage, some of my heritage goes in that direction, so yes. Yes. It's pretty cool. But I, I'm more of a, I'm more into, uh, the Buddhist side, but I,

John Scott (00:52:07):
Well, you'll find the Cabala and Buddhism are very similar.

Dr. Reese (00:52:11):
Oh yeah. The Shaka.

John Scott (00:52:13):

Dr. Reese (00:52:14):

John Scott (00:52:14):
The, the feminine. Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:52:17):
And, and, and, you know, emptiness the, the, yes. The concept of emptiness.

John Scott (00:52:22):

Dr. Reese (00:52:23):
And, uh, also another, I, another that I've studied that I love is Meister Eckhart on the Christian side.

John Scott (00:52:29):
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Dr. Reese (00:52:31):
So for me, for me, John, you know, I grew up, like I said, in a forced religious structure.

John Scott (00:52:38):

Dr. Reese (00:52:39):
Um, but by the time I was 18, I got rid of it IOU. I denounced it. I went full agnostic and I was studying ANU Nachi and I was into the, all the I was into, I was into the aliens, created us stuff. And then, you know, in 2011 I had an experience I had, I guess, what you would call a ator in Zen.

John Scott (00:53:06):

Dr. Reese (00:53:06):
Yep. It wasn't as deep as yours. It was just a, just a feeling of, I am not my body. I am not my right. Right. And a deep inner peace came over me for hours. Then it went away

John Scott (00:53:22):
And that that's the thing is they're not permanent. And this cause we, we can't retain that permanency, but

Dr. Reese (00:53:27):
Right. Right. Just like you it's that experience that turned me into a seeker.

John Scott (00:53:33):
Yes. Yes. So I believe that that, yeah, that's divine intervention. It doesn't matter what level it is. Cause it's really not a competition. Right. Cause we're only given what we can handle and my God, I, I wasn't ready for this. So, but obviously I was so it's like, and I thought, why me, you know, far out why, why I dunno anything. Oh my God. You

Dr. Reese (00:53:54):
Know? And then, and then six months, maybe six months after my ator, I met a mystic.

John Scott (00:53:59):
Oh wow. So the synchronicity there, you guided, you see there comes the guidance. Yeah. So that, that affirms your experience as being valid.

Dr. Reese (00:54:07):
And the interesting thing is, you know, you mentioned mystics earlier in our conversation. Yes. My, the mystic I met became my mentor for seven years.

John Scott (00:54:15):
This is very common. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:54:17):
He did not give detail. He could have had the same experience as you for all I know, but he did not divulge anything. He was,

John Scott (00:54:28):
I know the purpose. I think, I think it's only in my opinion, but I think, and I, yesterday someone mentioned a very close friend of mine who had a stroke recently and I spoke to a young LA in England and he said the same thing. He said, oh, look, you know this John, his name's John. He said, John won't John, won't give you the answer. I said, exactly. He said, because your mind is in a passive state. What he's trying to do is he's trying to put your mind into an active state by using rhetorical questions on your deposit. So if you ask a question to the mystic, the mystic will come back with a rhetorical to force you to think for yourself. Right. But you're on the ascent to the, I am, this is the classic, uh, Moses more share, you know, who sent you?

John Scott (00:55:12):
I am. So if we can expand on that, that concept of what the IM is, you know, and you here need a lot of metaphysical background here on the structure of mind. So it wasn't just, anybody can be, I am I'm. He could have been saying, I am human, right. Or I am, uh, have reached the, I am of who I really am the divine nature of, of, you know, my structure of my soul. So these are very deep conversations that I think all mystics get to that point of I am. But you know, of course, marsh share in his particular role, much like ES um, they have a particular role where, I mean, Moses was a reluctant Messiah. Jesus, I don't know if he was reluctant. He knew who he was. So, but so you've gotta link. Well, who are these? And I, and I found out that most of these are titles. They're, they're just titles for people who can wake up. So anyone can be Aho. Anyone can be a Mo

Dr. Reese (00:56:12):
Anyone can be a Buddha. And

John Scott (00:56:14):

Dr. Reese (00:56:15):
That was, that was one of the things that attracted me to yes. Goam the Buddha is that yes, his teaching was, you can be me.

John Scott (00:56:26):
Correct. So he actually, what he's doing is he actualizing your potential through the body SAR of the path, right? Yep. With the, with the fruition of body SAR for actions, you know, eventually if he can reach that, that expanded full bud nature, you know, whether or not he's had, um, Nirvana or para Niana, you know, whatever you get into these really, you know, out there levels of enlightenment mm-hmm <affirmative>, which are fascinating. And they do like a ator, there are equivalencies equivalent, Japan. It actually is a Buddhist NA was a Buddhist nation. Yeah. I saw one of my past lives. I was a Shinto priest, but I was killed bringing Buddhism into Japan around 1200 ad. So, and then I had another lifetime there where I actually fulfilled my Shinto priest role. So I'm thinking, okay, you know, I loved Japan and I liked the, they had a lot of connected to it and a lot of earth, you know, energies and, you know, everything was very nature oriented. Japan's a mystery. They've got a, but they've got a lot of Buddhist philosophy. And when you look at the structure of their symbolism, it's all there.

Dr. Reese (00:57:29):
It's a Zen capital of the world,

John Scott (00:57:31):
Zen capital of the world. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:57:34):
Is it safe to say that you're absolutely not scared of death because you know the cycle

John Scott (00:57:43):
It's, it's like, it doesn't even enter my mind. And when you don't have that fear of death, the illness can't creep in because a lot of illness is triggered by stress and fear and wherever that fear and stress goes in your body as a form of energy and all of a sudden it goes to the weakest point. So if you've got a weakness in your lungs or your liver on internal organ, you, I don't know, you're a doctor right. By trade

Dr. Reese (00:58:07):
PhD in nutrition,

John Scott (00:58:08):
Nutrition. Okay. So you know exactly what I'm talking about. So what we're talking about is the, uh, the interface between plant medicine. Yeah. Which is all plants and our, uh, massive evolutionary biology. And so this is where I have good conversations with this molecular biologist. This professor of molecular biology, uh, BARR. I mentioned him in my dedication, Barrack was working on cancer. I mean, he was a, at Cambridge, he had an Institute, he put many PhDs through he's well known. I won't talk about him whilst he's not here. But, uh, in context, Barrack's got a wealth of knowledge about, you know, the minuscule structure of our biology and, and it's wow. I mean, it's over my head. It is so damned complex. It's a whole universe in there. So, you know, when he starts talking about the movement of proteins, you know, moving in and out of cell structures and, you know, they'd have to formulate experiments to do this.

John Scott (00:59:04):
This is a world that's so far removed from the average populace mm-hmm <affirmative> to me, hats off. I mean, you know, and, and molecular biology is a very new field. My muscle is what's 20 years old, 25, 30 years old. Right. And it's really exploded in the last three decades, but even nutrition. I mean, this is interesting because once you start to get into Kabala comes into this in some, they've got a treat us on macrocosm microcosm. They talk about the tree of life on an individual level, studying your own tree of life. Right. You've got the, the macro PO macros or whatever they call it. Uh, then they see the tree of lives in the guest style or the archetype. So you try to see where all the tree of lives are going. This is like the bigger picture. These envelopes happen in biology as well.

John Scott (00:59:56):
Like, and even physics, a Adam, you've got your threefold principle of neutron, electron proton, but then it repeats in a bigger, in a bigger format. And once you start to recognize that repeat in bigger cycles and smaller cycles, you think, hang on, these are these pat. These are very, very in, uh, informative patterns. Now why I'm talking about that is food. We, we are made of food, our biology through billions of years, we are made of rocks. We are made of plant material. All of these things are solidified. So this is all just, you know, on a dense scale,

Dr. Reese (01:00:35):

John Scott (01:00:37):
Cosmos dust, you know, you name it. You think my God, I mean, and you know, as you know, with biology, the complexity of the systems in our body is phenomenal.

Dr. Reese (01:00:46):
Oh yeah. I mean, your, your liver alone does over 400 functions.

John Scott (01:00:52):
Isn't that phenomenal. And yet even that's known in Cabala, they mentioned the liver it's actually mentioned as one of the organs. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and 400 is a sacred number as well. You've got 400 worlds in Cabala. So whether or not there's a link then numerologically, I don't know. I mean, a lot of mystics might know more about this than I, you know.

Dr. Reese (01:01:09):
Yeah. It's all, it's all linked. It's all, you know, like, like Santos calls it, you know, secretism

John Scott (01:01:15):
Yeah. TISM. So with Santo's work, you know, he talks about, I think he focuses quite heavily. I don't think it was his original work, but he focuses heavily on, uh, the epox, um, involved with the NCE. Like you've got the Abramic covenant, uh, you've got the, um, uh, the covenant that come after, which was, well, that was in the Abraham was in the Ram. I think it was, uh, then you got TAs, which was the cha horn with the Jewish. They have the cha horn. So there's a lot of, um, bull symbolism. Yeah. Christian, you got a lot of fish symbolism. So you get into the Zodiac of pies. Uh, you know, and then we move into Aquarius. So with procession, you're moving backwards through the eon. So in each book in the Bible, you've got these epox or seven major cycles, even themic original AMIC, which this is where you start to get into who the Tim was going scrolling right back to who this name TA. And I found out it was our TA, it was an Egyptian God, I didn't know that at the time during my experience, but I was shown a lot of Egyptian stuff. Mm. So I'm thinking, well, who's this R Tim, so I look it up and, you know, it's all connected with an Egyptian DET.

Dr. Reese (01:02:27):

John Scott (01:02:27):
So, you know what I'm saying? So it's like, we've got millions of dets, but I'm getting off track. I'm, I'm ranting a bit.

Dr. Reese (01:02:34):
I feel like sometimes I feel like I know too much. And you know, you know, a lot Santos knows a lot, a lot of people know a lot, but isn't it safe to say that really, you know, we probably should just be quiet and calm and go inside of ourselves.

John Scott (01:02:57):
Well, ultimately, yes, ultimately. Yes. But you know, what happens is there seems to be, uh, we're not in control. I mean, this gets into choice versus predestine. Okay. That's a big one. Philosophical, do we have choice or is it all predestined through prophecy and it's all seen well, yes and no. Um, well, I get these visions sometimes what's the point of getting them if I can't affect any change to prevent a negative, for example. So we have a choice to act on the information that we get. So my choice was to write a book and get it out into the public. Whereas before I wasn't interested in writing a book, so yes, we have a choice. And that choice ultimately is to share this information in there that might be beyond my comprehension, where other people pick up and say, oh, that guy's hit a really interesting chunk or jigsaw piece here. And other people can expand on that. And that's the whole idea of sharing.

Dr. Reese (01:04:01):

John Scott (01:04:02):
Is other people can, we can bounce off other people I'm not charging, you know, the world, or it's not, you know what I'm saying?

Dr. Reese (01:04:07):
Right. No share is a, it's a very important,

John Scott (01:04:11):
It's extremely important.

Dr. Reese (01:04:13):
Yeah. Sharing

John Scott (01:04:13):
His podcast. I mean, I was talking last night about the oral tradition that whilst we're all stuck in this, you know, digital age and we're all, you know, talking through internet and YouTube and these hubs that are slowly being centralized and, you know, algorithms are pushing certain information to the bottom, bringing other information to the top, having a podcast, talking like this, ultimately is the Jesus covenant, any two people in my name. Well, let's forget about the name aspect, but once you start sharing orally communicating wisdom stories that I've experienced, I'm just offering you my experience. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. You offered me your stor experience. You're not stating it's right or wrong, but I find a commonality, right. So there's, there's a, a double positive there. If that makes sense. Absolutely listeners will listen to that and go, Hey, I've had something like that.

John Scott (01:05:06):
Triple Quadro. So it's an expanding experience. You're expanding your oral tradition through open communication. I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. Mm. I cannot fear death because there is no death. So therefore my role is to share as much insight as possible whilst I'm in the, the Gulf in the vessel. And that frees me up from the prison of time, because if this information transcends time and it goes beyond my mortality, it is, it is performed the function that it was meant to do. That's what classics are about. This is why people like Plato like Aristotle. I mean, this is what great minds do they travel through time. So we use them as a, as a benchmark. You know, this is how we grow empirical data. This is how we grow. Yes. We're in a difficult time because there might be ideologies that conflict, no little iron out, God will sort that out. As you said, we go quiet. Sometimes we have to go quiet.

Dr. Reese (01:06:09):
I think we have free. Will. I think that, yes. I think the Adam and Eve story is very, very, very powerful. I think it's absolutely. It is metaphorically on point. Yes. That reptile, that snake could be looked at as society, socially engineering us and trying to get us to go left when we really need to go. Right.

John Scott (01:06:33):
Are we active participants in it though? How are we inputting into, and I, and I would urge you to watch June Messiah coming up by Denville nerve, which is a classic rewrite of, of, um, uh, the book by Frank Herbert. I mean, the original was done by, um, Ridley Scott.

Dr. Reese (01:06:51):

John Scott (01:06:52):
That's a shamanic film, the worm, the giant worst sand worms on Aus or a, um, they, they're your Kini. That's Jill Lathan. You see, Lathan's mention in cabal, this giant serpent and it weaves and takes your whole generation to swerve and left. Right. That's mentioning this is, this is in Malkuth, you know, in, in your lowest sphere in Cabala, this is where the most of majority of consciousness is. He's stuck in the beta Maloo consciousness of lava. And so when you have, you know, Paul, who's the messianic figure. He has to ride that wound. They're saying he's like the Charman who has to come up on the front of that wave for the next generation, but each generation has their worm rider, you know, and, and you might have a couple of them and they're out in the wilderness, you know, classic John, the Baptist.

John Scott (01:07:43):
Yeah. Classic Moses classic. Yes. Sure. All went out into the wilderness and that mythology, as you said, coming through Adam and E is part of our mythology of choice versus predestine. And this is where the doctrine of Gil it's capitalistic doctrine of reincarnation through Quin, the rest of the rectification, uh, can only come through multiple Rebus, multiple reincarnations. It's taught in Judaism and esoteric Judaism, by the way. And I mentioned this in my book that Gil somehow separated from Christianity. And they don't have reincarnation in Christianity when it should, because Judaism has it. I'm not saying all Judaism has it

Dr. Reese (01:08:22):
Just Cabala,

John Scott (01:08:24):
Cabala. That's right. There's esoteric. And I like the esoteric stuff because esoteric was oral tradition. You only got those insights by master student relationship mm-hmm <affirmative> so we need more people talking. So have you got any Jewish rabbis out there? Um, Hey guys, get in there and start to share this stuff, get up on podcasts and talk with Kevin here. Cause this is important stuff that Christians need to know to see where the roots of their religion came from, you know?

Dr. Reese (01:08:50):
Yeah. And that they could, they could learn a few things from like Meister, Eck, Meister, Eckhart, but a lot of the saints too. Uh, yes.

John Scott (01:08:58):

Dr. Reese (01:08:59):
Augustine and Paul. Yes,

John Scott (01:09:01):
They, yes. They all made these realizations. Right. They made these realizations,

Dr. Reese (01:09:05):
The kingdom of heaven is in us.

John Scott (01:09:08):
It's in us all the time.

Dr. Reese (01:09:10):
And how about this is my FA this might be the thing that stood out to me the most in the sermon, on the Mount. Yeah. Yes. Says the secret place. He's talking about it in the context of prayer.

John Scott (01:09:23):

Dr. Reese (01:09:25):
He's go to the secret place. The secret place, the secret place is what your places, what you are talking about. This is, this is being able to go inside and, and see, yes.

John Scott (01:09:35):
See all those mansions are inside you. They're not external. They're not. And, and the other thing too, is that the Vatican 1600 years ago through the council of nice the twin council, the two councils, they externalized everything into a post death state. Now, if you study Kabala, you know, that there's, uh, two main deaths, there's a lower death of the male ego. Then there's a higher death of the female intuitive and not much is known. It's called the second death. Um, I dunno what they call it in Judaism. Um, they would have a specific name for it, but once you understand that part, we understand that the second death and both those deaths mind you, the first death is by baptism. You take a path, uh, you know, to study whether it be my to Eckhart <inaudible> or whatever, you're taking a spiritual path. So these, this primary death is the death of your ego, right?

John Scott (01:10:23):
To get into that active principle of choice, to search for your own light and see what most of the church system is stuck in a passive role of being told what to think, rather than question and debate, Buddhism, they question and debate. They fight it out. You know, they slap at each other and they slap their hands and they have really vociferous debates, right? And they tear down arguments. This has to be done for any sort of, uh, you know, cognitive logic and narrative to actually come and get the essence. You gotta make the mind work. It's a muscle and you gotta make that thing work. Mm it's very important. And just when you get to an epiphany, don't think that's it. And so this is why when you reach that really these great states of ator or insights, if you want to springboard and grow, you gotta go back.

John Scott (01:11:12):
And quantum physics is real. Here you go. Back to that point event, you feel it in your meditation, you go back to it, you expand on it and you take yourself back to that time because there is no time. So what you're doing is you are linking up to your own experience of that, that epiphany. So Kevin here and Kevin back there 10 years later, or 10 years before you link back to the experience and it empowers your energetic field or your subtle body system again. And that way you can lift by recreating the experiment. It's an experiment in science. Yeah. And if you get the same similar epiphany, then you're on the road to enlightenment the haha. Aha. Aha. Here's your aha moment. So there's no time. And this is the illusion is we're stuck in time. This is what happened from the fall.

John Scott (01:12:05):
When we ate from the fruit Eve, the feminine, passive receptive on Chama. I think they call it on the, on the pillar of mildness she's up there in absolute kether Chama, Chama, famine, and passive masculine active. So here she gets the serpent, toasting her and says, Hey, eat the, eat the fruit down here. It's plenty of fruit on the lower branches. No, no, no. But God says, don't eat that fruit. No, no, come on. Your eyes will be opened and you'll see like the gods, you know? And so of course she does. She eats the fruit. The very next thing is she offers it to Adam. So what they've done is the scribes of, of, um, genderized it as a male and a female. Now these are archetypes in everyone's mind. It's not a male female thing. It's because people don't understand the archetype of attributes of, of the highest spheres and the, and the twin pillars.

John Scott (01:13:01):
And so when Adam and E both fall out of the Al TRID, which is the three upper fruit on the, on the tree of life, they fall down past the veil and they fall into time below Saturn. Saturn is attributed to barrier the second world, you know, so we fall into time. That's what happened. We fell into time. I mentioned that in my book cabinet that the punishment or the original term of hell hair L is hair, the God of endlessness and infinity, Egyptian God and L is Saturn. So you fell into time. So all of the brutal rights of, of, um, uh, circumcision and, uh, all of these brutal rights were designed to push your consciousness up out of time to get into this expansive mansion, you know, of, of the, uh, of absolute, that's a great term. That's where the garden of Eden is. That's where the garden of Eden is

Dr. Reese (01:13:58):
Expansion mansion. I love that term

John Scott (01:14:01):
That's expansion mansion. And so it's like, once you have the expansion mansion, I mean, you can patent that if you like, I like it too. So once you have that expansion mansion, you, you are, you're opening up and you are getting out of time. You are actually levitating and transcending. You are ascending and we've heard the new age, oh, we're gonna be raptured by the church or ascend. It's all the same language you're lifting up. You being lifted, lifted up. And that fulfills scripture to a T through the marriage theology, you know, where the Messiah Maia comes back and there's this merging and this merging, or this marriage, you know, of virginal consciousness, marriages with, you know, with concepts of archetype, it's all the same in Buddhism.

Dr. Reese (01:14:46):
Yeah. It really is

John Scott (01:14:47):
Hinduism Judaism, Christianity. It's all there. But the problem is we're fighting over the semantic.

Dr. Reese (01:14:54):
I want your, I want your short answer on this.

John Scott (01:14:56):

Dr. Reese (01:14:58):
Do you think there will be a re emergence of extraterrestrials? Will they come back around?

John Scott (01:15:03):
There has to be. Yeah, absolutely. Because we haven't fully evolved. We're just now coming out of the teenage violent teenage state, we're running rampant, destroying each other. We're in lockdown, right. We dunno how to treat each other. We've been given divine laws from very advanced species. These divine laws work with us on a metaphysical level that we've had for eon since the beginning. That's what we're trying to do is we're trying to find our, our grown up self and wisdom moment.

Dr. Reese (01:15:35):
We, us and the ETS were all under the same, still under the same source, same

John Scott (01:15:42):
Guy. We, we are, we are under the same source. So I have no doubt. They're here to help us. There's stories of ETS, trying to trap us and destroy us. They look, listen, these things, they can travel with freaking light years in an instant, they have powers, you know, uh, that could destroy this planet in seconds if they need be I'm sure, but they're still under the law, the cosmological law of the one. So they might be able to have, there might be a million years advanced technologically, but spiritually. Um, you know, they're, they're there and they're trying to help us. They're trying to help us get ourselves outta this mess. And we are like naughty kids with an atomic bombs and we're doing stupid stuff. And we're trashing the very nest that we need for survival. They've come to help. And they intervene. We've had a 30 year soft intervention that's in my opinion, only that's what my book is partially about.

John Scott (01:16:39):
I mentioned that we were created by them. So they've got a vest of interest to unblock, unblock this blockage that we've got down here on so many levels, this toxicity. So they, they don't want to in, they don't want to usurp our choice, Kevin. And this is a really interesting thing we have to want to choose to evolve. Now, if we choose to evolve on a personal level, we'll die. And we'll reincarnate when the greater evolution, the collective evolution reaches that point where we can reincarnate again and keep moving forward. Right? That's what the rectification or tick on through Gil is all about getting back to it. And it won't be the same Eden that we left. It can't possibly be the same. Eden will be a very aged ATO and a very old Eve sitting in a rocking chair, going damn, did we stuff that up?

John Scott (01:17:30):
It only took us like, you know, 400,000 years to stuff it, and then, you know what I mean? That's when we'll do nothing or we can sit back on the rocking chair and say, well, let's not touch it for a while and just let God do its work. Right? Let the plants grow. Let everything go back to organic structures. Again, no pesticides, all of that. Right. It's important. And I think the ETS were helping us the best way they could without causing a panic. Cause if they, you imagine if they had have intervened physically with ships, everywhere, people would've committed suicide, negative comic IM there. Yeah. I'll sit. I'll just do what I'm always doing. I've just been me and I live in the moment. Uh, I paint. I'm an artist. Uh, sales are crap. It'd be nice if I sold a bit more. Um, but we'll see. I trust in the spirit that I trust that much in spirit, that I'm right where I'm meant to be at any given time. It's all the power is right here. Now in this podcast, it's like, nothing else exists, but this podcast, you and me talking and just rapping about Mike Tyson on his bloody <laugh> toed poison, and you know,

Dr. Reese (01:18:36):
<laugh> that's

John Scott (01:18:36):
Right. I mean, that's just, if just, I hope Mike listens to this podcast. I think this is hilarious, but, but man, I mean, you know, it's like to me, anybody, yourself, anybody has these amazing, amazing epiphanies. Yes. They're worth talking about, because this is about becoming naked again. So we are in the garden of Eden metaphorically right now.

Dr. Reese (01:18:58):

John Scott (01:18:59):
There in there's no, you're not Jewish Christian, whatever. I'm Jewish Christian. I'm just John. And I'm just this dude who's had this experience and I'm happy I've had it. Yeah. This is when I had it. It really screwed my relationships up in friendships. It did it ever mad, Johnny, you know, he's, he's seen extraterrestrials. It just went on. I mean, I, I had a, I had contact as well and that's, that'd be good for another podcast I go into great in depth about those contacts physically being on a ship. Yeah. Yeah. So listeners are listening.

Dr. Reese (01:19:30):
You're a 10 hour podcast. John

John Scott (01:19:32):
<laugh> damn. I mean <laugh> but it's important because it's a humbling experience. It's like I'm exposing myself and becoming naked to being powerless. You know, I don't have any power. These events it's it's powerless

Dr. Reese (01:19:48):

John Scott (01:19:49):
Correct. That's it's a surrender.

Dr. Reese (01:19:52):
Yeah. That's the term right there. Surrender.

John Scott (01:19:54):
And there's this, there's this bigger river going on and you've gotta surrender to that river. Cause if you don't, you feel like you get smashed

Dr. Reese (01:20:01):
The most important song of all time, row, row, your boat gently down the stream. <laugh> it's Mely, Mely, Mely, Mely life is bud

John Scott (01:20:13):

Dr. Reese (01:20:13):
There its right

John Scott (01:20:14):
There. So the natives seen about a canoe in that respect canoe, but it's like, it's true. Yeah. The true canoe. I mean we collectively have the answer because collectively we are connected to dear T so yeah,

Dr. Reese (01:20:29):
We're all, we're all the same. We're all part of all.

John Scott (01:20:32):
As it all it'll unfold, whether it's by a choice or whether it's predestined, we choose to either love God and love each other now or later, that's the only choice I that's the conclusion I came up to in the end, I can choose to love one another now or later. And there's your two missing mitzvas to any rabbis who are actually listening to this. They have 113 mitzvas there's originally 111, but they've pinched two of the mitzvahs from the mosaic law. Well, which two do you pick? Number one and two or two and five or three and nine or no, the two mitzvahs are in Matthew, 22, 37 39. And they famous Jewish rabbi called yes. Came up and said, love, God, love your neighbor. They're the two missing mitzvas. So it merges the old new Testament. This is gonna be hard to handle. It's gonna be hard to handle because it's a covenant shift. It's a covenant merge and shift level.

Dr. Reese (01:21:26):
And for the listeners that don't know Yesha is Jesus the Christs.

John Scott (01:21:31):
Yes. But even the term yet O or sh is the God of wind in ancient Egypt. The why or the letter? Y is Y Yeshu R is R is moon. God S you get back to shear again. So all of these broken syllables are ancient Egyptian syllables, and there's a good I'll promote one book here. One ALS her name's Leonard or elite PhD. I'd recommend getting some of her work. I'm I'm playing through her books. They're very heavy. She links all the ancient, uh, AATE texts and Hindu Hindu, um, Hindu language to Judaism. So there's, she's linking common words in a lot of the de tears like ish, you know, ishk, you know, and pushed him when it pushed him was Sumerian God. So this ish goes back to oosh, which is a, um, an Egyptian God. So this is another, a completely other tangent. That's a very long, um, theological etymological link. This is the stuff I've been digging into. Right. So, but you know,

Dr. Reese (01:22:35):
Well, I don't think I've ever met anyone that would enjoy the tigers Fang as much as you

John Scott (01:22:41):
John, I'll gonna write that down. The tigers Fang.

Dr. Reese (01:22:45):
Yeah. It's a it's special book.

John Scott (01:22:47):
Amazing. I mean, I will look it up and um, like I said, I I've for any of the listeners, my book gods mountain. Um,

Dr. Reese (01:22:55):

John Scott (01:22:56):
Which, uh, is an interesting, took me eight years to put together. I didn't, as I said, I'm not an author, but it was 30 years experience or 27 years of reclusive experience. And it wasn't until 2012 that I decided to write the book because I'd done some interviews with Dr. Richardson on Caribbean radio, which is still out there on the net. He still search. So I thought it was just gonna be an 18 month task with I so wrong. I ended up spending eight years on that thing. I felt hard out. Oh, so hats off to anyone who can write a book. It's hard work. Yeah. Um, getting threads together. It's a really, it's a different, it was a real challenge for

Dr. Reese (01:23:33):
Me. I've written five <laugh>.

John Scott (01:23:36):
Wow. Okay.

Dr. Reese (01:23:38):
And, and uh, more to come.

John Scott (01:23:40):

Dr. Reese (01:23:41):
It, it, it comes easy to me for some reason, but you know, I don't last, I

John Scott (01:23:46):
Think some people are gifted. Some people are gifted writers. They really are. It's not.

Dr. Reese (01:23:50):
Yeah. Yeah. It it's. If I was able to get that PhD, I mean, you could do anything. <laugh>

John Scott (01:23:56):
Well, I've heard any PhD, hats off to them. It's hard. I mean, you've got to really, yeah. Really do the hard yards. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (01:24:04):
There's there's there's moments where you wanna slam your head against the wall,

John Scott (01:24:09):
You know, I bet. I bet. I bet. Cause I know a few PhDs and I'll tell you what, they're very quiet and I dunno if they're burnt out <laugh> I dunno if they're burnt out from so much intellectual ramming and, and you know, churning it

Dr. Reese (01:24:23):
Out. Cause it's memorization. Yeah. It's it's, it's not, it's not wisdom.

John Scott (01:24:29):
That's interesting.

Dr. Reese (01:24:30):
Now the, the story you said about your stories and, and, and that's wisdom because it's your experience.

John Scott (01:24:38):
Correct. And I think that's kind of interesting that I was put into that experience. So I'm not talking through my hat from and quoting someone else. I've read other people. In fact, I haven't read any NDAs except E and Alexanders. And I've seen a couple on YouTube. I'm not interested in them because I know mine was the most powerful, but then excuse me. But then when I see the commonalities, ultimately it's love ultimately there's no barriers or boundaries. And ultimately they're saying similar things, you know, when you look for the commonality or the structure, the commonality of the experience, any experience that's trying to split us up or divide us is not really. That's the only one I shy away from. I don't judge it. I just shy away from it because it's, it's exclusive, not inclusive. Right? And it's not about losing your identity to someone else's religion. No. It's about actually accepting that their religion might actually be right. It's just written in a semantic structure for a basic primate. You know, we are primates. We communicate with oral, you know, vocal, these entities communicate direct mind to mind, which is gonna be a more advanced approach for communication telepathy. In my view, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you know, it's, it's much more open

Dr. Reese (01:25:50):
It's speaking of the speaking of the religions, I mean, look, Lazu called it the way Buddha called it the way. Yes. Jesus called it the way.

John Scott (01:25:59):

Dr. Reese (01:26:00):
It's just the way,

John Scott (01:26:02):
It's the way it's pathway. Yeah. In Buddhism, they call it a Yana. You know, it's a Yana, it's a river. I mean, native Americans, they have their Waka and Tola, that is their way connecting through the grandfathers. Yeah. Indigenous aboriginals here. Same thing. They have family lineage, right? So it's like, this is Maori Maori in New Zealand. Same again. So I'm looking for the disconnect. Where have we disconnected from the spirit world? That's what I'm looking at. And how do we reconnect to our own experience as the reconnect, anybody who tries to disconnect you from your own spiritual Noy experience, get rid of them outta your life. You've got to connect to your own dreams, your own synchronicities, your own sari, your own out of body, your own NDE. It's yours. You came in alone, you're gonna die alone. And anything that happens in between is for you. The fear of fear is the, you know, the only thing to worry about you get beyond that's. I think it's fantastic when it's dark. Cause that's where the real potential is.

Dr. Reese (01:27:06):
Well, that's when we really see, right. Because we can't, we can't see the stars during the day.

John Scott (01:27:11):
That's right, exactly. <laugh> that's right. Where have they gone? Where have they gone?

Dr. Reese (01:27:15):
And Santos brought this up on our podcast. He said, black lack. Take the be away. It's lack

John Scott (01:27:23):
Black. There you go. Yeah. Lack of

Dr. Reese (01:27:24):
Light. It's it's lack. So it's the black light you wanna go towards. And you said it in your story that you went into the black void.

John Scott (01:27:31):
That was that void. That was the scariest part. But once you get past it now for any listeners out there, people are worried about, you know, I haven't had an NDA and I'll never, don't worry. We're all going through one now. What, what happens to the individual mystic or whatever. And I don't call myself a mystic by any means, but what happened to me? I can see it unfolding out there. Now we're heading into darkness. We're going into the void as a collective, right? Yeah. So internal, external, upper lower it's all of these planes of existence will all coalesce into singularity. And this is what this event is or this thing we're all worried about. Don't be worried, be like a child and just open your heart up. You won't be hurt if you're being honest and you keep it real, you

Dr. Reese (01:28:17):
Know, the guru that, that I that's my advisor, if you will. My, what was the word you used? Um, guidance counselor. If we're using the school analogy. Yeah.

John Scott (01:28:27):
Supervisor. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (01:28:29):
He says that enlightenment is essentially a black hole. Just like in space, just like the scientist discovered in space.

John Scott (01:28:38):

Dr. Reese (01:28:39):
It's going through a black hole. Yes. And you, you are imploding, you're imploding.

John Scott (01:28:44):
You're losing all your mass and you're losing the sense of self, which is classic Newtonian physics. Mm. Now you have to dump the mass until eventually what are you left with a photon, which is your soul and a photon's meant to be massless. And that's the only thing that can pass through a hole. Right? Well, supposedly this is the big question. What happens to photons when they enter black holes? We don't know because they go past the singularity, past the point event of being able to observe it so they can only see peripheral activity. I mean, just recently. And I mentioned this in my book, uh, the, the, the, um, black hole that they took a photo of NASA, M 87 in constellation of Virgo. Um, it was a big fiery ring. It was a portal to another world. And I show how aura Mazda, you know, was in the, the little portal.

John Scott (01:29:33):
And the rings is all in my book visually. So here we are, you know, we, we are a light body and we're all gonna have to go through a black hole. And of course, this is a bit scary because people wants to hit fear. People's animal nature reacts in a way that is, you know, they get scared. They lash out, they get violent, they do stupid things. So it's the one who can step back, watch the watcher and not just, just be a connect with your intuition. Cause that's all you're gonna have because we're gonna, once we hit that void, there's gonna be a lot of like, what happens next? No, you know, we always look to gurus to move generations forward when we run out of those gurus and it's completely black. And I think from memory, this is one of the plagues in the Bible is the days of darkness, you know?

John Scott (01:30:22):
Um, and they're talking about spiritual darkness. When you have spiritual darkness look out, that's more scary than any bloody coronavirus in China. Spiritual darkness is frightening because you are, you are Rudd you ankle. You don't know where you are. And when that that's really, and you only have you as your point of reference, I'm talking about you as in 7 billion people out there, people, that's all they have. They have their beliefs, they have their point of reference of I or me. But when that gets destroyed through this burning off of passing through these portals, we'll see how you feel. Then it's not a, not a, I'm not sort of getting all, you know, lightning bolts here. But if you don't have a sense of who you are, uh, spiritually, then it can be quite problematic. And it doesn't matter how intellectual or how well educated or what status we have. We all have the same deep innate need to be loved. Yeah. That's what ultimately what we want. So we are searching for that. Absolute everybody on an unconscious level is looking for it. That's what I realized when it came out of my ND, I thought I was looking for it all my life. I was looking for that and it happened. I was lost dark. And finally the light came and dragged me out and showed me, I think that's, uh, we've wrapped it up.

Dr. Reese (01:31:47):
Yeah, that's it, John, this is one. This might be my longest. I'll definitely have some editing to do, but it's all worth it.

John Scott (01:31:55):

Dr. Reese (01:31:56):
<laugh> John, it's been an absolute pleasure. I hope I haven't disappointed. No, not at all. For all the listeners. Be sure to go on Amazon and get John Scott's book called God's mountain and find them on Facebook and go say hi. If you're looking for my work, you can go to Dr. That's Dr. Spelled out. And I'll talk to you on the next episode.

Speaker 1 (01:32:23):
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