Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
Oct. 18, 2020

Deeper Into the Divine w/ Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Deeper Into the Divine w/ Dr. Gabriel Cousens

In episode # 69, Dr. Reese talks with holistic doctor, author and mystical rabbi, Dr. Gabriel Cousens. They dive into the the topic of the ancient Essenes, who they were and how they influenced Jesus. They talk about Dr. Cousens living in India for 7 years, a message he received from God, how he stays fit at 77 years old, and how to become a super conductor of the Divine. They explore what's more threatening to the system; being a holistic doctor or a mystic? He also tells the chilling story of being visited by Abraham while in a cave looking over the dead sea. 


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Dr. Reese (00:00:18):
Dr. Cousins, welcome to the podcast.

Dr. Cousins (00:01:48):
Well, I'm very happy to be here and I'd love to support spiritual seekers.

Dr. Reese (00:01:53):
Speaking of that, how would you explain to someone who the Essenes were?

Dr. Cousins (00:02:02):
So the, the Essenes were one of the three major groups in those times. Um, and they saw themselves as dos of the Torah. They also the prophetic of the desert And that's something that kind of works more for most people. Now, most people think they're at, they were just at Kuran. Okay. And Kuman is in the desert. It's, uh, actually next to the river Jordan. Um, I go there probably once a year, but the fact is they were all over the middle east.

Dr. Reese (00:02:40):

Dr. Cousins (00:02:41):
They were in, in lake Mars in Egypt. They were in Damascus. They were actually up by the sea gallery. That was actually the big center. Uh, so, you know, sermon on the, all that that's that whole area there. Right. So really all over the middle east and they were more seriously spiritually committed. Um, and their inner core was live food than, than you have the vegan outer core. And you still have in Israel, uh, at least 8.6% of the population is vegan. Mm. So that whole energy is continued. Uh, so they were basically vegans. They were healers and no sense profits of the desert. Uh, a lot of people came through and trained with them. So what people don't understand, they actually were a training center. Mm. Um, and

Dr. Reese (00:03:44):
Like, like a mystery school,

Dr. Cousins (00:03:45):
They were a mystery school and some people felt, oh, they're just men. No, there were women there when they, um, looked at the bones, there were definitely women's bones in there. Um, so, and they became, let's say more active about 180 6 BC.

Dr. Reese (00:04:04):
Is it safe to say that Jesus was in a scene

Dr. Cousins (00:04:10):
When it safe to say, okay. Which in my opinion, cuz there's some controversy. Mm-hmm <affirmative> he studied with the scenes until he was 30, uh, the scenes in the sea Galilee where he was brought up with, including his, you know, his relatives. So his was the see galley kind of, uh, gathering. And I've been there multiple times where Peter's house was I've been there. So yes, it's safe to say it in general, say I'm in a ceiling. He studied with him. And then in the three years, as part of the scene tradition, um, that was like from 30 to 33 is kind of went, um, kind of a final stage, so to speak. Um, and then I think that's probably the most accurate, there's so many things, you know, and I could get real controversial, which are outer things. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but his teachings were the scene teachings.

Dr. Cousins (00:05:19):
He also was a mix between the Pharisees. He was like a bridge. Um, there's a book called, uh, uh, Jesus, the Pharisees Jesus, the Pharis. So he, he, he was broader. Let's say that he was vegan as far as we can tell. He, uh, did not eat meat, fish, chicken, or, or dairy. Uh, his brother James said to have only water and vegetables and, and that's his brother like, do you think the family's gonna be eating meat wise brother is growing up being a vegan? I don't think so. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so we kind of know that he was at least vegan. I can't say he was live food. I think it's fair to say. He was very much trained by the ACEs and had the spiritual vision of that. I've also been in the river Jordan where he took his, they call it the baptism. It's called a <inaudible> in the Jewish tradition. Right. So I've, I've done that without clothes. Right. Where it said where he did that, everybody else wearing clothes, but I kind of hid in a little area there and they able to do it cuz traditionally you don't wear a gown, you

Dr. Reese (00:06:35):
Know? Right.

Dr. Cousins (00:06:36):
You know, so that's kind how my, my connection is so, but I wouldn't say he is strictly in the scene. He, he was bigger than that.

Dr. Reese (00:06:45):
Right, right. But he was ATIC

Dr. Cousins (00:06:50):
Well, I'm say a step further. He was a mystic, but I'm gonna say a liberated mystic of the desert. Okay. I think he was my belief in everything I've read. He was self-realized. Right. Okay. So he, he was the prophetic liberated mystic of the desert. That's a, definitely a scene archetype art type.

Dr. Reese (00:07:12):
Now there's a book that inspired me and many, many, many people over the years. And that's the ASCE gospel of peace.

Dr. Cousins (00:07:22):

Dr. Reese (00:07:22):
This book for those that don't know, it sort of details Jesus with the ASCE. And he's talking about the, a lot of the health practices of the current holistic health scene.

Dr. Cousins (00:07:35):

Dr. Reese (00:07:36):
Is there any verification that this is fact or is this a story to convey a health message?

Dr. Cousins (00:07:47):
Here's how it's I would say so Dr. Sly, um, who I did not know personally, but I've been to his home in Costa Rica and I've followed him. And I also know a lot of people who trained with him. Okay. Uh, I think he overstates it. Um, I, this book is not found anywhere in the Vatican. No one's ever found it. In other words, it wasn't really, I think he created it. This is my best I can do in an understanding. This is not nothing here is definitive, but um, he created to bring forth this teaching of holistic health. Okay. Did Jesus really say those things? I can't tell you that. And I don't think when they really look at that, the way the language is used, whether it even fits with the kind of, uh, syntax that existed then, so there's really four, uh, books, right? Gospel the scene 1, 2, 3, and

Dr. Reese (00:08:51):
Four. Right? Right.

Dr. Cousins (00:08:53):
So this is the most famous one and it turned on millions of people to this way of life. So I, so I wanna say this is great teaching. I think that he, um, used the arch types to reach many, many people and I believe it uplifted many, many people. That's how I would put it. Um, is it authentic? I think it's questionable. Uh, and the, my answer is, does it matter? No, if you uplift millions of people turning them on to a spiritual, real life, I mean, is that really bad thing?

Dr. Reese (00:09:28):

Dr. Cousins (00:09:29):
Um, and into that diet, into, to the whole health thing type, uh, code. So, and, and I, and I would say based on all my studies of the, as seems being there on site multiple times, um, and walking through Coran, their focus is more about, a little bit more about clean loneliliness. They had, like, I think it's at least three Milos right there on site, besides walking distance to the Jordan, you know, and where, and, and, and so they were very clean. You didn't go to the bathroom there, you went literally 2000 feet away

Dr. Cousins (00:10:11):
And you had dig a hole, you know, it was like out, right. So their focus was kind of a holistic way of like dividing it up into four hours, four hour, four hours of service, four hours of prayer for four hours of kind of human work. So I think it that's the way I would put it that I think he, uh, Dr. Saki did a great job. I mean, I know his, uh, second wife and I got kind of like an impression of the whole thing. Yeah. I can't say that's an original document, but I can say it's a great document.

Dr. Reese (00:10:43):
What about the dead sea scrolls?

Dr. Cousins (00:10:45):
Those are, uh, real documents.

Dr. Reese (00:10:48):
Yeah. Right. Okay. Now you, you founded the ASCE order of light.

Dr. Cousins (00:10:55):

Dr. Reese (00:10:56):
Are you, um, trying to keep the ASCE lifestyle alive? Is that the purpose behind that?

Dr. Cousins (00:11:03):
The way I look at it, cuz I I've kind of steady it from a different angle, literally going to his home in Costa Rica, knowing his wife that, that, that you know, who lives in Canada. Um, it, it's a way of life that is basically I kind of go emphasis a little bit more in the live food. Um, I don't think we can absolutely show that there were, except the very, very inner core that were, they were life floaters. They were vegan. I can say that for sure. So we're pushing how to become a superconductor of the divine. Uh, we talk about meditation that clearly you can see meditation was, was part of their lifestyle. So it's a whole lot, our typical lifestyle that I support and support people in doing. And I do train a scene of a priest and priest. I have a whole core of that.

Dr. Cousins (00:11:57):
Um, I'm actually moving to Israel. Mm, okay. Um, in about a month or two. So it's a whole kind of, again, a lifestyle that I share there. I share here, you know, obviously here we on a podcast, but everything's kind of worldwide, right. There are, there are seeing groups in, in, in Europe as well. So I'm in contact with all those, um, the thing that I've added, which was already there, but with the regular scene movement with DRS Kay and so forth is they never had what we call. Haha. What's haha. It's the transmission of the spiritual energy. Okay. Now I know Jesus did that because I know that he did his prayer and then there were flames of fire above his disciples heads. Do you know what you're talking about? That that's okay. That is, uh, what has been missing. And I do that on a regular basis when we have a scene gather, I actually do it in regular basis every day for people because what's needed today is people need a spiritual wake up.

Dr. Cousins (00:13:15):
Right. So, um, even though I'm, I'm moving there, but I do it, uh, um, at nine o'clock Monday through uh, uh, Friday mornings, I'm doing uh, 10 minutes of what we call, uh, this, another term ism and Hebrew and um, an Eastern tradition's called Shaktipat it's the awake of the spiritual energy or Quin. So I've been empowered by my, I really have three traditions. It's kind of interesting. So you'll get the weave in just a second. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So we have the yo tradition SHA back goes back 8,000 years and we have the time of a Abraham, you know, uh, four, 3,800 years and I've done the, the word is <inaudible>, which it's called the rising up. And so I, I stayed in a, uh, a little cave, half cave where I could overlook the sea. It was desert, didn't have food or water for three days.

Dr. Cousins (00:14:15):
Actually Abraham came materialized and I got that blessing from, and then, um, we, we have the native American way. So several of the native American tribes were actually some of the lost tribes. The CHTA and Cherokee were actually some of the lost tribes. So there's this other connection. Um, and many native Americans know this, but basically I talked to one Cherokee grandmother and she remembers her par her grandparents speaking Hebrew. Mm. So we're looking at a convergence of energy. Now here's another little tidbit to understand how far this is going. So king Salman sent down, um, a thousand of each 12 tribe to Ethiopia. Okay. Queen Ashi that stuff. Okay. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so I'm in Nigeria and I'm seeing stars at beaver all over the place. So what's going on. And um, it turns out that they know that they were one of the tribes or some of the tribes had migrated down from Ethiopia, which is pretty trippy.

Dr. Cousins (00:15:27):
Okay. So they knew their foundation, although they were Christian, they had been converted was, was really from, from, um, one of the lost tribes. So I did a as a rabbi, I also did a, a shamanic Shabbat for them and initiated 13 different sub tribes. I I'm friendly with the king who who's there. Um, so they all got reconnected to their, their Jewish roots to the tribes. So the tribes are all over. I mean, it's pretty fascinating. It is. Yeah. Big picture. So I've kind of stumbled over. I had no idea. Okay. That, that was there. So I'm taking that a scene energy, I'm taking the, do the Torah, you know, the, the, um, to what we call the, the, to energy around the world, the Torah prophetic energy. Mm. So in that sense, we continue the, a scene that isn't as formal, particularly with me moving.

Dr. Cousins (00:16:33):
Uh, but that's what we did. And, and the tree of life, we, we have, uh, chapters around the world, the main places I'm working now. I mean, right now everything's the internet, you know, we'll be like, we're doing spiritual fasting retreats over the internet. We're doing a kind of a, a, a yoga, the mind. Mm-hmm, <affirmative> doing meditation retreats once a month. So Brazil and Israel are the two kind of places, but it I'm transmitting at this point like tomorrow, you know, like tomorrow, every Thursday, um, I'm transmitting to Israel, Europe, and, uh, us, and then also Brazil. And then also all the Spanish people countries at different times because we, so we're the energy worldwide. So the, of the shut, so to speak, mm-hmm, <affirmative> not the shut up, but the, you know, use it. So, um, so the outreach hasn't increased, but, um, it is the, in essence, it's the prophetic ASCE. And I'm gonna add again, the, uh, haha, the spiritual awakening energy. See that, that without that nothing really gets, it becomes more academic, right? Virtual activated the spiritual energy, which again is the initiation, which you can do by lo and by touch. And obviously over the internet, we do it by look really lots and lots of people are, are having Kini or what we call Hebrew.

Dr. Cousins (00:18:19):
I wrote a book to, as a guy to enlightenment mm-hmm <affirmative> Now this is not the main line teaching. Okay. People don't think about enlightenment, but at the inner core. Absolutely. If you get what I'm saying, I teach you can't know God and live well, what does that mean? It means you have to dis disappear as a separate ego. Yeah. And so this is moving worldwide. That's my intention just to be doing it more for Israel, uh, than other places. And we're just gonna keep the energies going now that the internet thing is open up in that way.

Dr. Reese (00:19:03):
Do you feel more of a need to be teaching the spiritual side instead of the dietary side?

Dr. Cousins (00:19:12):
Yes or

Dr. Reese (00:19:13):

Dr. Cousins (00:19:14):
But you can't separate it. Right? So the six foundations in seven four piece, let me explain. Okay. The six foundations is at least an 80%, a hundred percent vegan diet to help you become a super conductor in the divine mm-hmm <affirmative>. Then second foundation is either yoga or Tai Chi Chi, whatever, sacred dance to help open the energies. That way. Third is service and charity. It was a big part of the ACE. I mean, a third of their day four hours is set aside for service and charity. The fourth is working with the spiritual teacher and they all had mentors. There was layers in the ACE, spiritual mentors. Right. Um, and so, uh, without using certain titles like Dr. SK did the whole idea of spiritual mentorship is extremely important.

Dr. Reese (00:20:11):
It is,

Dr. Cousins (00:20:12):
Uh, meditation and prayer. And finally the, uh, waking of the spiritual energy, Which we call ATRAC pot in the east, but just make a mache or haha, which is what Jesus did. And then it it's kinda lost and I'm bringing that back.

Dr. Reese (00:20:32):
What about she?

Dr. Cousins (00:20:35):
Uh, but the energy is the dance of the sacred, divine, feminine in all creation.

Dr. Cousins (00:20:44):
And it is more general than just Kini in, in a sense, the way I'm talking about it. So women with honey, you is awaken, then you begin to see the dance of the sacred, feminine in all of creation. So the sacred, feminine is, you know, absolutely part of that dance at dance. If, if that makes sense. Yeah. So that's kinda what we're doing now. The sevenfold piece was taken from Dr. S work, which he took actually from earlier works, where they had actually 16. Okay. And, and that's peace with the body. Like we said, peace with the mind meditation peace with the family sacred relationship. Right. So in the to way, uh, sacred relationship is seen as a spiritual path to liberation. Okay. You're not even considered a teacher until you're 40 and you know, are married and have children and so forth. Okay. Fundamental.

Dr. Cousins (00:21:49):
That's a little different than the Eastern tradition. Okay. But that's hardcore as part of it. That's, I'm also making a point that many of the scenes were married. Kumar was a training place where basically people were bro cherry or celibate for that training time. But obviously how did Jesus happen? How did you back to seven? Right. They were, people were aware. Right. So, so people took a little bit what they see at Koran. This is the way history doesn't work. And so that's oh yeah. They were also, well, no, you're going to school. I understand what we have in school today, but you're going to school. You need to be focused on meditating in your studies, but the majority of the scenes were, were married and, and were at least vegan peace with all cultures. This is an important thing. Um, because it means peace with the living plant peace with the plant people, uh, the flying ones and, you know, walking ones and peace with all human cultures, peace, I call it sacred ecology and peace with the divine.

Dr. Cousins (00:22:59):
So I'd redefine that seven full piece as he took it from the 16th Sumerian to his seven full piece. But I then took it not buying angels cuz that's not really the real teaching thought angels, even about a God. Right. As simple. Okay. So he kind of went a certain way with it. So do, do you see what I'm saying? So that that's kind of the core teachings, bottom line, it's simple. Learn to live in a, uh, natural way that brings you deliberation. That's what one sentence is the whole story. Yeah. That's what my book is about into the nothing. And that's really what these seen teachings are in a, in a one sentence, let, let's go back

Dr. Reese (00:23:45):
40 something years ago, back when you were 30, I read that you went off to India for seven years.

Dr. Cousins (00:23:54):

Dr. Reese (00:23:55):
And you studied with a guru. Right?

Dr. Cousins (00:23:58):
Right. First of all, I was with my whole family.

Dr. Reese (00:24:01):

Dr. Cousins (00:24:02):
Uh, and it, it's not like you learn, okay. It's about being transformed. So in those key years, uh, you really begin to experience like I'm meditating six hours a day, I'm spending four and a half hour hours in service. Then I'm spending two hours with him with a big group. You see what I mean? And so there's a transformation of consciousness. So that's probably more what I can say. Yeah. We had courses. Yes. I have a background in, in, in the BEIC scriptures and CISM. That is incidental. Okay. What you learned as God dwells within you is you and uh, to live as the truth of, of the divine, seeing God dancing in all creation and that's what you learn, but you don't learn it. You at perceive it, it becomes your, your awareness. You see what I'm trying to say here? Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So in the, in the liberation process, which I was acknowledge is that you see the dance of the divine and all creation, including yourself and into the nothing. If you go into nothing, nothing in meditation, you actually get that's the truth.

Dr. Reese (00:25:27):

Dr. Cousins (00:25:28):
So when you're meditating hours a day and that's what you're experiencing, you give up your identification with the ego. So 1:00 AM I teaching? Is personalities a case of mistake in identity?

Dr. Reese (00:25:40):
Yeah. Right

Dr. Cousins (00:25:42):
Now, is that a learning or is that a direct experience? It's a knowing. So the shift was more about knowing and that was the, you know, we're not a one word again, right? The truth.

Dr. Reese (00:25:58):
So I mean, back when you were 30, I mean, you were fresh off of getting your doctorate just a few years earlier. Right? And here you are off to India and you said you, you went with your whole family

Dr. Cousins (00:26:11):
Because one of the things that looked another, he really supported kids. Okay. If I'm giving what we call, uh, shocked tip at our honey hat and pregnant woman, I give Shaima to the baby, to the, in the room and the baby starts getting activated and moves around. So his message is at any age, the kids really are ready to, to understand the spirituality.

Dr. Reese (00:26:38):
Mm. So

Dr. Cousins (00:26:39):
Part of the whole spiritual path, there was a school for them. Uh, we had, for example, what we'll call meditation intensives or two days intensives, kinda like what I'm doing now over the internet, both my kids, my daughter, when she was five. And my son, when he was eight, took this, they sat for two days meditating, you know, in a, in talks and different things. So it's a, it's a total family thing. So what I'm saying is, uh, which is very much toward teach it, isn't it it's like no separation is, uh, spiritual life is not separated from your everyday life. There is no separation here. Mm-hmm, <affirmative>, it's simply a way of life. We're not learning techniques that, oh, I'm gonna meditate. I'm gonna do this technique. It's not about that. It is actually about becoming that way of life. The natural way of living that leads to liberation is the key. And that's what our whole family had the opportunity to experience.

Dr. Reese (00:27:45):
And when you came back from India, is that when you jumped into the cabal and the,

Dr. Cousins (00:27:52):
Yes, I, I kind of had studied that a little bit and I didn't really have anyone that knew that much about these things. I mean, people said they're cabal teacher or this or that, but it wasn't until I came back and I already, from another perspective had a, uh, I was steady in the truth of that self realization. Then I could understand what the tour was about. I couldn't understand before, because there weren't teachers, well, no, you know, see the tour, you have the new Testament. People don't know these things. They, because they hadn't had the direct experience. It was only then that I could really make it, uh, make it work, um, for, uh, in my wor world.

Dr. Reese (00:28:39):
And, and that's when you, you became a rabbi, right?

Dr. Cousins (00:28:43):
Yes. 2008, right?

Dr. Reese (00:28:46):
Wow. So you're in India for seven years. You come home to be a rabbi.

Dr. Cousins (00:28:50):
I came back in 1983. Okay. And I did a 40 day fast mm-hmm

Dr. Reese (00:28:56):

Dr. Cousins (00:28:57):
Without again, food or water for the last three days. And I was leaving my body. I was really pretty intense. A voice rang out. We call called the mama, the God, the voice of God, the whisper of God and said, no, return your body. And now you have to go to your roots. So I had a direct transmission that that's what I had to do.

Dr. Reese (00:29:18):
Ah, you said the last three days was dry, dry fasting.

Dr. Cousins (00:29:23):
Yeah. Of the 40 day of,

Dr. Reese (00:29:25):
Wow. Yeah. You don't hear of too many people doing 40 days.

Dr. Cousins (00:29:31):
Right. So, and again, when I took Elliot, it was in, in, in the desert where I'm talking about above a rod, you could see, I was like in a little mountain cave, uh, where I think a Christian mystic had been like, no water, no food for three days. Well, in the desert, you can die in a day. Right. Honestly. Okay. You can dehydrate. Desert's a little different, but because of all that I've been through, I'm fine. I, I could do it. You see what I mean? So your body has to kind of transform is what I'm trying to say here. Mm. And then not so hard.

Dr. Reese (00:30:11):
So here we are 40, about 40 years later. Yeah. And you're, you're uh, what you're about 77.

Dr. Cousins (00:30:17):

Dr. Reese (00:30:19):
So, um, being a, a, a senior and a veteran of all this, what would you say is the keys to living a long prosperous life?

Dr. Cousins (00:30:31):
The, the answer is living in a natural way that keeps you awake and maintains the liberated awareness is the key, whatever happens after that's not my problem.

Dr. Reese (00:30:44):

Dr. Cousins (00:30:45):
Okay. Now, is it working well at 77? I do a thousand pushups three times a week. I guess we call that working or eight 80 pullups. So I maintain a certain amount of physical, you know, and I'm on, I, I don't eat much. I just have one lunch, vegan, I mean, live food, lunch, like a salad, Uh, and a little gold bees in the morning. That's it? You know, it's like your body keeps transferring is what I'm trying to say here. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so I don't know what comes next, but I know that, um, I'm able to eat less maintain a obviously how many people, you know, do a thousand pushups three times a week. Not too many, right.

Dr. Reese (00:31:32):
Not, not me. <laugh>.

Dr. Cousins (00:31:33):
Yeah. So here I am at 77 doing that when I was a captain of, of an undefeated football team, ambers college, I could do 70 pushups. So how is it that, um, 57 years? Like,

Dr. Reese (00:31:48):

Dr. Cousins (00:31:49):
10 days, one how's that happen? Well, it's lifestyle. So what, my, my message here is, uh, longevity is not my problem. That's up to God, right? I live in a lifestyle that maintains optimum health, Optum, spiritual awareness, and, uh, going deeper and deeper. So I'm gonna put that into context. One of my GU uncles, uh, he, he, he and <inaudible>, you know, acknowledged me as being liberated, but he also made a caveat point. You at the beginning, it self realization is more before you go to what we call Shire, God merging. OK. And so as, and I'm gonna now go back to rabbi Naman who was kind of liberated 1800th, um, 1802 type person, um, who said every time I'm starting over every time you're on certain level, I'm starting over. So I, I see life as continually starting over. Okay. So it's a natural way of living that leads Liber, you know, maintains or leads to Liber.

Dr. Cousins (00:33:00):
Liberation keeps you in nothing. Yeah. You know, it's a whole lifestyle, but it's also an attitude of, you're always starting over you. You don't ever think you've attained anything. Right. You get, so those are the way I look at it. Now I could live a long time, but that's not my problem. That's Scott's problem. Right. I have a mission. That's fine. So I don't have a goal that way. Does that make sense? Yeah. If I have to be, I call the eternal presence. What does that mean? I'm experiencing the past, the present, what people call now kind of thing. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so the future simultaneously fine. So in a sense, we, we have choices. Uh, I, I kind of see that we're given the movie theater, but we get to choose the movie. So we have a destiny, but we have choices within that destiny and what Okta you're gonna live at.

Dr. Cousins (00:34:01):
So I'm, I'm choosing the Okta that I'm talking about, you know? So that's how I look at it. I'm not going anywhere, but it's, I'm aligned with the divine. My role is aligned with the divine will, that's it? Don't worry about it. And I really, one more thing, um, you asked about your prosperity. Yeah. And I, don't more abundant, but that's the point that, you know, that's secondarily to, you have to do your Dharma, which is right. Which includes right. Livelihood, but highest DMA is to, you know, keep going deeper into the divine else, has to come after that. So prosperity not is, is not a, a goal or, well, the real prosperity of spiritual wealth. Right. So that's how I'm I kind of look at we're fine. But, um, you, you get what I'm saying? Yeah. Is that, that, that isn't that even an interest I have to support my family and I don't one other caveat here.

Dr. Cousins (00:35:07):
I don't depend on my spiritual, uh, work to make money. I'm a, I'm a holistic physician. Why? Well that I can't be deprived. This is a very, very important concept. I'll tell a short story. Real short. So these two people, no, Israel, there's a huge flood. And there's an older man, a younger man. And the younger man helps the other guy get across the river. He needed help. It was just too much. And they said, where are you going? Well, I I'm the judge. And I have to judge I'm this case. Well, the guy says, well, I'm one of the people in the case. So the judge says, Hey, well then I have to disqualify myself because you did something nice for me, it's gonna affect my opinion. So in the ancient time, it's not like what we see today. Right. <laugh>, you know, you can't be BI. So I don't depend on my E uh, economics from students. It's very, very important principle. Mm. Because then I can just stay in the truth, cuz I don't really care what happens. I mean, I care what happens, but not on that level. You know? You, you, you, you got it. Can't be Bri as a spiritual teacher.

Dr. Reese (00:36:24):
Right. Understood. Yeah. You know, arguably the greatest teacher, you know, gold Toma, the Budha once said that there's four levels to enlightenment mm-hmm <affirmative> the first one being entering the stream or as you called self realization. Right. So you sort of touched on, this is like once you kind of enter there's more And the more you discover, the more you realize that you don't know much. Right. Cause it's just, it's it's the universe is too vast. Right.

Dr. Cousins (00:37:02):
There's another, that's why you always have to be a beginner. That's the safest way.

Dr. Reese (00:37:05):
Right? The Zenway the always a beginner,

Dr. Cousins (00:37:10):
But it's also the, to way got of us with the tour away. Got all that in rabbi Acklin that was his big teacher meditate the field, but you're always starting over.

Dr. Reese (00:37:20):
Why do you think Kabala was created? Because Kabbala came after long decades after. Right. And it was a way to translate the Torah a way or the way to decode the Torah with the Zohar and whatnot.

Dr. Cousins (00:37:37):
So the way I, I look at it is ator and then, uh, the Kabak um, is, is uh, a mystical interpretation of the Torah. Now that's probably the easiest way. Okay. And, and there's two there's levels of understanding. Uh, one is Scott, which is direct later. Okay. And that's a lot of people wasn't in, in that level, you just look around the world, we'd see how people are different. The second is metaphorical. Okay. Third, I'm not using the hub term. So third is, uh, just a deeper interpretation in the fourth of what we call. So is mystical.

Dr. Cousins (00:38:28):
So the cabal is the lower mystical. What I'm teaching is the higher mystical dissolving into the nothing. They don't teach that in GABA. Okay. So it's more, much more metaphysical or what I call Risso, which is spiritual, but it's the, the metaphysical interpretation of the Torah. So, uh, which is very important, but that's how it came about a few hundred years later. Well, not few, you know, about 200, um, ad, but then what I'm teaching and sharing is the direct app perception, which I call. So, so we're not doing, we're not metaphysics. We just know there's only that God dwells within you as you, God is everywhere done. Uh, the Shama, you know, God is the mini and the one. So, you know, one, but really God is everywhere. So it's, it's, it's beyond the metaphysical. Does that make sense? Yeah. Metaphysical. So that's kind of what, we're the way of looking. So there's four levels and then there's upper. The so metaphysical, AAL, and then direct knowing, uh, I'm Zillow. Uh, well, um, just direct knowing I don't wanna start using terms. That's good.

Dr. Reese (00:39:49):
Why are so many people put off by the term? Mystic?

Dr. Cousins (00:39:54):
It's a very interesting question. Um, no one has ever asked that question before, so, uh, good for you. So, uh, I think that people who are operating out of the box generally are perceived as a threat. And so you, what happened to Socrates? Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> Socrates. Okay. What happened to Cassandra? Are you familiar with Cassandra? She was a liberated person. The crowds killed her. Okay. She was another Greek. The point is, is, is that people are threatened if you're out of the box.

Dr. Reese (00:40:35):

Dr. Cousins (00:40:36):
Okay. And, and uh, you know, if you take your mask off so to speak and so I think that's why the word mystic is, is, um, to some is, is, is threatening that, and that's been kind of throughout history. I don't, I don't think that's a new type of, of situation, but I think it's, uh, human nature. Wow. That's they know more in me. There's something beyond that scares me and they represent the unknown. Okay. Unknown is key. I talk about is fear of the unknown. Yeah. It's a big deal. So suddenly you got a mystic, they represent the unknown. It's like, whoa. One thing I teach based on my own experience is, uh, we need to confront our own fear of the unknown as part of our spiritual path. It's like, it's okay. It's okay to be afraid. Okay. It's okay to go into sacred relationships. Cuz love helps you overcome your fear of intimacy. Mm. And then spiritual life level of God, David Coote helps you overcome your fear of going into the unknown. So it's just, it's kind of repeated at multiple levels. So I think that's why the word mystic, thank you for bringing it up. That's why the weird mystic, you know, mystic scare people and, and you have to be kind of clever on how you work with it. So

Dr. Reese (00:42:01):
Well, mystic is the reason why this podcast exists because I met one in 2012 and it changed my life.

Dr. Cousins (00:42:09):

Dr. Reese (00:42:10):
So if it wasn't for that then just,

Dr. Cousins (00:42:12):
But we're ready to see you were ready. Not everybody as you probably have noticed is ready.

Dr. Reese (00:42:19):
Right. So when you're ready, it, it appears <laugh>,

Dr. Cousins (00:42:23):
It appears. But part of being ready is to know there is a certain amount of fear that comes up at a certain point, fear of the unknown. And once you're forwar, it's a whole lot easier to deal with it. Right. But I teach that my book into the nothing, same thing. It's a, it's a real thing. I go through my experience when I hit that piece, you know, it's like, okay, Don't get discouraged. Don't freak out. Just know it's part of it. And then you have to deal with your fear and overcome it

Dr. Reese (00:42:55):
Behind you in your office. I see a book that says, may the force be with you? I believe that's what it says.

Dr. Cousins (00:43:01):
Yes it does.

Dr. Reese (00:43:02):
Yes. And, okay, so that's a famous line from star wars. Right. And that's an interesting topic. I bring it up on this podcast often because it's pretty obvious that George Lucas took the concept of the Jedi from mystics.

Dr. Cousins (00:43:19):

Dr. Reese (00:43:20):
Or Zen masters or Sufi masters or, you know, whatever,

Dr. Cousins (00:43:26):
Like mystic, mystic warriors.

Dr. Reese (00:43:29):

Dr. Cousins (00:43:31):
Yeah. And so the force is happening. We can also call the there's two levels of Kini, the inner Kini and the cosmic Kini or Sheina energy. And that's the force. And the whole idea is to align yourself with that. That's why I have it there. I have it right behind me. So people interviewing me can see it. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (00:43:56):
Do you think George Lucas knew what he was doing or was it just a happy accident?

Dr. Cousins (00:44:01):
I think he knew, but I, I, I don't wanna comment too much. I think he knew to a certain extent

Dr. Reese (00:44:10):
He was going with fiction and just,

Dr. Cousins (00:44:13):
No, he had to have some insight. I mean, he lived in the Marin county where nearby, where I used to live and I kind of heard rumors who was, I think he had spiritual understandings That, you know, I don't know him that I don't know him. I never met him. But you follow what I'm saying? I don't think it was an accident.

Dr. Reese (00:44:35):
Yeah. And it it's, the movies are just, I only watch him for the Jedi scenes, you know? <laugh>

Dr. Cousins (00:44:42):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But it's just this bigger picture in life that he was pointing out and to me what's needed is spiritual warriorship.

Dr. Reese (00:44:54):

Dr. Cousins (00:44:55):
And what, in yoga, we talked about Yuga areas of time. So we're moving from the businessman into the spiritual warrior Yuga, which is about uplifting all of humanity spiritually. Some people feel begin, you know, and these are a thousand, 2000 year cycles. Some people say more, uh, but some people feel it began in 2010 moving into the spiritual warrior yoga. And so the J eyes and all that were spiritual warriors. Just a comment on that, you

Dr. Reese (00:45:30):
Know, earlier you said at the end of your big 40 day Fest that you were leaving the body and you came back, have you had other experiences where you've left the body, little astrol type stuff or soul travel, anything of that nature?

Dr. Cousins (00:45:49):
Well, yeah, but I wasn't exactly talking about that. I mean, um, yes, I was that you leave in your soul energy, you know, and there's an Astro form that you're leaving in. Yeah. That happens all the time. But when I say into the nothing, I want to clarify, there's no form, right? There's no trouble. You you're gone, you don't exist anymore. So I'm talking about, you know, uh, the can't know, God and live is, is you actually into the nothing means you're going, there is no separation, which is very different than an Astrom where there's still a you right. Floating around, but there's still you. I make a big distinction that way, but then I meant it. Then I didn't go into the nothing. And I disappeared. There's no me there's no anything there's just existence. Right. So go ahead.

Dr. Reese (00:46:47):
Could you tell me more about the experience you had with Abraham?

Dr. Cousins (00:46:52):
So here I am kinda in this cliff, um, in a half cave. So it's a little hot during the day, um, over <affirmative>, um, overlooking the dead sea and, um, start to hear bells and sheep, you know, like some days sheep herding, uh, there are no sheep in that area. Okay. Um, there are these mini lion, uh, mini tiger type things that are there, but there's no sheep. So suddenly I'm hearing the bells, I'm hearing the sheep, you know, the noises. And then, uh, and it's at night, I have a little fire going just to keep a little warmth at night and he appears now, um, one of the things you, you do, cuz you can see apparitions, is it real? Is it a demon while there are certain ways you, you have to determine that, you know, simple, you have to see that they're human feet. You also have to repeat the name of God demons. Can't be in the presence of the name of God. So once we did that, okay. Once we clarified at that level with him, then it was just the presence of his divine love. And his message was to walk before God and be a blessing to the world.

Dr. Reese (00:48:17):

Dr. Cousins (00:48:18):
And the NLC be a love blessing. Cuz his tent was open on all four directions. He could receive people from all the directions, big metaphor. So what happened is he didn't say anything me, particularly, he just transmitted this idea of love, cuz he's known as love. Okay. That's his. Okay. And not just love, but to be a blessing, to walk before God, as a blessing to the world. So he transmitted that energy to me.

Dr. Reese (00:48:52):

Dr. Cousins (00:48:55):
And he was there for 30, maybe a minute max.

Dr. Reese (00:49:00):
Wow. So how, how do you do the, in the presence of, of God in the name of God? Is it, is it like a, a prayer or?

Dr. Cousins (00:49:12):
Well, like we started with a meditation emerging heart and mind, but it's a way of living that brings holiness into every action. So if we go back a little bit, so, uh, traditionally both in Eastern and Western traditions, um, we don't start with thoughts. We start with an energy. Okay. So if the energy's starting with love, which is what I got from Abraham comes into a thought, then it comes into words, then it comes into sentences. Then it comes into action.

Dr. Reese (00:49:47):

Dr. Cousins (00:49:48):
But the key is to start all that with love, you know, the universal love, the oneness love non causal, key to relationship, same thing. Uh, you know, your partner stimulates it, but you have to be in your own state of non calls of love coming from within. Then it gets amplified without if you see where I'm going with. So if you're starting every, every action, every thought, every word with love as your non causal and in the scene, peace also love and peace. Then that's what guides all communications. Does that, does that make sense? What I'm curious.

Dr. Reese (00:50:33):
Yes. Yes. Yes. So, so you you've been a holistic doctor for so long and then behind the scenes, you're a mystic, right? Who's more dangerous to the person that doesn't understand the mystic or the holistic doctor. <laugh>

Dr. Cousins (00:50:54):
We ask very interesting questions.

Dr. Reese (00:50:56):

Dr. Cousins (00:50:58):
As you probably know, many holistic doctors actually have been assassinated in this country.

Dr. Reese (00:51:03):
Oh yeah.

Dr. Cousins (00:51:04):
Okay. I don't know what the number is, you know, could be 80, something like that. Uh, it's a, a lot, I feel somewhat protected cuz my real teaching is the spiritual and it's less of a, a, a threat in a way because the holistic physicians are a threat to the pharmaceuticals. If you get what I'm saying here. Yeah. And there's a threat that way. So mine is much more of a holistic everything. And so I'm not like dealing with the pharmaceuticals and so forth. We're talking about a way of life. We're talking about spiritual awakening. I believe that's less of a threat. Um, I, uh, I have a friend still alive in, uh, Switzerland, but the pharmacies and he's very more aggressive holistic. And they just said, if you keep this up, we're gonna kill you. That's what for, so he kind of backed down and actually left, um, Switzerland for, into France and began teaching in different ways. But you get what I'm trying to say. So he was attacking the pharmacies. So I never do that. I never do that. If you see what I'm saying. Yeah. I mean, take a look around all the media pretty much is not allowing any kind of serious discussion about anything out there. Right. Um, you know, that's holistic, it's all taken up. I take a note, but if we kind of focus on the spiritual, it is less threatening. That's the way I would look at it.

Dr. Reese (00:52:47):

Dr. Cousins (00:52:48):
I do both. I mean, I, I, you know, the, with the COVID this then, but we, the fundamental is if, if, if you're just looking at your physical body, you really aren't who it doesn't matter. Right? Yeah. So my, my focus is more spiritual. It's gonna get more and more spiritual. Right. You know? Uh, cause that's the only thing that in my world, the only thing that really matters is waking up spiritually, supporting people, waking up spiritually. And a lot of people feel a little bit isolated, right. So if I can support people waking up spiritually, and then I, I say we, my books come down, it's gonna be a, a real strong, uh, kind of teaching, but simple all life experiences. If you get, if you understand it with the right angle are to help you evolve spiritually. Okay. It's just real simple. And then living your life in the context of bringing, um, ho to all that you do.

Dr. Reese (00:53:52):
I asked that question because it's so fascinating to me and interesting because I know another holistic doctor who was also a mystic behind the scenes, the Dr. Robert Morse.

Dr. Cousins (00:54:04):

Dr. Reese (00:54:05):
I had him on this podcast. I asked him a question. I said, if none of this matters, if we're all particles and energy, what are you teaching health for? <laugh> and he is like, well, yeah, we just gotta kind of reverse people's karma, kind of, some people are sick and we gotta, we gotta help them on their way.

Dr. Cousins (00:54:26):
Yeah. I think it's a bigger picture. You know, when you're fully healthy, it's much easier to become a superconductor of the divine.

Dr. Reese (00:54:35):

Dr. Cousins (00:54:36):
Okay. And, and, and the another level is you need to be healthy enough to maintain your, to let your spiritual awareness evolve.

Dr. Reese (00:54:47):

Dr. Cousins (00:54:48):
So you need both of those things happening. So it isn't, it isn't a contradiction. You want to be able to able to hold that full energy. So, and it's just part of the whole thing. You know, when we look at holistic it's physical emotion, mental and spiritual,

Dr. Reese (00:55:09):
I'd love to get you and Robert on the line at the same time. That would be fascinating.

Dr. Cousins (00:55:14):
Can you that in the future? That's good.

Dr. Reese (00:55:16):
I, I have seen in my experience that many gurus self-realized people, teachers awaken teachers mm-hmm <affirmative>, um, sometimes they're chubby and I've heard that sometimes a self-realized person needs to do something earthly to stay in their body. For some, it might be sex for some, it might be food for some, it might be, uh, you know, sat guru, who is a known teacher. Now in this era, he, he rides a motorcycle. He plays golf <laugh> so, you know, what's your earthly thing that keeps you here and grounded.

Dr. Cousins (00:55:57):
As I say, when I was leaving my body, God said, you need to go back to your roots and you're not done yet, basically. So I had a direct transmission to say, matter what you want. This is your job. So, uh, what keeps me, uh, is Dharma. Okay. Uh, which is to help as many people wake up as PO Possible's a very earthly thing. Put it that way. But I, you know, as a holistic physician, you know, you, you do physical activity. I mentioned a thousand pushups three times a week, and then you do that's earthly. Okay. Um, good point. I'm not putting a garden so much at this moment, but we are doing, you know, the garden work, I'm in a relationship, sacred relationship for, you know, uh, that's earthly. I have my grandchildren, I'm speaking to, I'm doing so there's a lot of earthly things happening in a natural way. Um,

Dr. Reese (00:57:00):
You, you enjoying your life experience.

Dr. Cousins (00:57:04):
Yes. You know, the whole way is to be fully alive with everything happening. Yeah. So I hope create a separation for me, all of creation is the play of the divine. So that makes, keeps me in the earth. I don't have a separation. If that makes sense.

Dr. Reese (00:57:25):
How would you compare the Torah to the vadas since you have experience with both

Dr. Cousins (00:57:34):
In the end of the story, they're both about merging with God.

Dr. Reese (00:57:41):

Dr. Cousins (00:57:41):
Yeah. The EV Eva down, Ty, nothing is real. Okay. But then you have what we call. It's not Vaus but CISM, which is yes, yes. Everything is real or think's the, so that's the Indian thing. So you got both sides of the story there. The Torah is the same thing, you know, there's only God, that's it in a sense, you, as a, as I say, can't know God and live, that's the same message. What's the difference? Well, there is a difference. There's much more emphasis on daily life, on family life, the power of relationship as a spiritual path, much more emphasis on that in the Western tradition. But that overall picture is still the same. You know, the goal of life is to merge with God, to know God. So we call in the Hebrew, David COO Haru. What is that mean? David COO mean God merging. Okay. Haru means in a sense enlightenment. So from guy merging, get the enlightenment and that's pretty much what is taught in the other, you know, in, in the BES as well. So at the deeper level, they're similar at the audio level, much more emphasis on relationship and worldly life as a way to wake up in the west. You don't really emphasize cave dwellers. Okay. As you would in the east,

Dr. Reese (00:59:19):
You know, Dr. Cousins, I've, I've been so fortunate. I've, you know, like I mentioned earlier, I met a mystic in 2012. He mentored me for seven years and, and then I found a living awakened teacher. Who's helping me now. And I get to talk to great people like you on this podcast. Can you let the listeners know how important it is to have an awaken teacher?

Dr. Cousins (00:59:52):
You have to wake up. And so what I teach is the teacher is a very important mile post along the way. But in the end of the story, you have to walk into the promising lane yourself. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And, and so in that sense, Moses', uh, message. Cuz he couldn't go into the promised lane with the people cuz they had to walk in by themselves to do the final awakening. Mm I think it's um, so I don't emphasize about a, a, a teacher so much as teacher, as a spiritual support, a teacher who can see behind you where you're missing the mark, so to speak mm-hmm <affirmative> teacher also who can awaken you energetically and support you, energetically there's different levels. And the teachers going before you and uh, has already fallen in most of the holes, right? So you get that kind of guidance as well.

Dr. Cousins (01:00:50):
Um, what is important in a teacher is certainty that there's only God and certainly in the spiritual path of my world as a web natural living to, to wake up to that truth. And so I'm gonna emphasize teachers who are not separate from the world, you know, and since Buddha was not, he was brought up as a prince. He wasn't separate there. Moses, he's got all these people around him and he is got a sister saying, why aren't you really with your wife? And you know, it's a very interesting scene in general, but it's all about living in a context that inspires people to wake up.

Dr. Reese (01:01:35):
Why do you think so many people take the Torah? Um, so literal and don't decode it like Kabbala does

Dr. Cousins (01:01:46):
Well, it's the same thing, what you have in Christianity, right? That people take it, literal people take it more mystically. And same thing when you're looking at the BEIC thing, you have, you have the, the priests who take it extremely literal extremely literally. And then you have the mystics who really aren't all that in. So I'm looking at human nature and I'm looking at the way God lies, lays out and all the, the traditions that some people need to be concrete because where they are in their consciousness and other people have a bigger view. So I kind of see it that way. When you kind of look at across all the different ways, you're always gonna have that Orthodox, right? Uh, you're always gonna enter bombing priests and there are all these rules and all these things you have to follow or you're you, you get what I'm trying to say, but that works cuz you have to have a fun. Some people just need that to get started. They need that rigidity. But as you wake up, then of course it's uh, uh, a binding. So what I teach is all religions are holy lies.

Dr. Reese (01:02:57):

Dr. Cousins (01:02:58):
Okay. Cause we have to transcend them, but also people need them as a foundation. So you can transcend them, you need morals, you need ethics. You know, you need a certain amount of order, but you have to transcend that

Dr. Reese (01:03:11):
And language.

Dr. Cousins (01:03:13):
Yeah. You need language and you, so that's how, kind of how I see it. And everybody's at different levels. So, but it's the same mentalities at different layer layers in, in, uh, all the different traditions.

Dr. Reese (01:03:27):
So your new book is coming it's is it your 10th book?

Dr. Cousins (01:03:32):

Dr. Reese (01:03:33):
13th. Wow. Okay.

Dr. Cousins (01:03:37):
And it's it's into the nothing and I it's really a spiritual autobiography. It is. And each chapter is all these literally teachings and it's like seeing the progression here, we got this football player. It's kind of, all I ever learned from life was from meditation, playing football and sacred relations, you know, and it's taking all of life as a way to help you wake up and stay awake and keep progressing spiritually. So it's, it is coming on October 2nd, um, as the book, but also as, um, an audio.

Dr. Reese (01:04:19):

Dr. Cousins (01:04:21):
And, and that's kind of fun. I've never done audio before. So it's,

Dr. Reese (01:04:25):
It's a, it's a new era. Isn't it? <laugh>

Dr. Cousins (01:04:27):
Yeah. So a lot of energy can come through that and then internationally that's October 2nd of a very special internationally on the 16th. It'll be worldwide.

Dr. Reese (01:04:39):
That's funny because I was working on something with the word, nothing too

Dr. Cousins (01:04:44):

Dr. Reese (01:04:44):
It's a very important word. <laugh>

Dr. Cousins (01:04:47):
Oh yeah. Into the nothing. There's no, you

Dr. Reese (01:04:49):
No thing. No thing.

Dr. Cousins (01:04:51):
Right. Nice. Very good.

Dr. Reese (01:04:55):
What do we have to do to create more mystics and how would the world be if there were more,

Dr. Cousins (01:05:01):
Oh, for me, it'd be a whole lot more fun. I think, um, that we're gonna go into more of that because people are gonna see the material world. It's not exactly working for them. And so to me, the more we can get out these, you know, more the mystical teachings, uh, the more people are gonna say, well, I need something because what is happening, isn't working. So I think it's gonna happen for itself, but we have to be there to, to, to be the groundwork, to support that. So our work is like what we're doing, sharing the teachings, bringing the whole idea of mysticism into the, the bigger picture as a valid way of, uh, living your life, understanding your life and living your life. Uh, and then the rest happens because of all those societal conditions and so forth.

Dr. Reese (01:05:58):
And that's a great place to end right there.

Dr. Cousins (01:06:01):
Yeah. Well, I appreciate the interview and really may all the listeners be blessed that we really wake up to the, of who we continue to keep up.

Dr. Reese (01:06:14):
Dr. Cousins, truly a pleasure.

Dr. Cousins (01:06:17):
Okay. Very good.

Dr. Reese (01:06:19):
<laugh> what a convo. Right? Interestingly enough, I just said a few episodes ago that I was working on an autobiography called chasing nothing. <laugh> it sounds like we were on the same vibe, Dr. Cousins. And I, you know, this episode is just packed. And if you've been listening since episode one, this episode almost feels like a cherry on top of everything that's been discussed. Be sure to check out my meditations on Spotify and apple and my Patreon page is launching soon. It might even be up right now where you can support this podcast. And then in turn I can support you. Next episode is number 70. It's a milestone. I'll talk to you then.

Speaker 1 (01:07:23):
Thanks for listening to inner peace with Dr. Reese. If this episode opened your heart, feel free to share on social media and tell your loved ones. Also be sure to subscribe. So you never episode.