Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
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Centering Prayer w/ Mike Smoolca

Sept. 26, 2021

In episode # 114, Dr. Reese sits down with Mike Smoolca, a christian contemplative teacher and workshop facilitator. In this talk, they discuss what centering prayer is and how it can transform someones daily life. They also…

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The Healing Attitude w/ Dr. Bernie Siegel

Sept. 12, 2021

In episode # 112, Dr. Reese sits down with world renounced surgeon, author and speaker, Dr. Bernie Siegel. In this talk, Dr. Bernie tells remarkable stories of people who healed their disease through the right attitude. Find…

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Life After Breath w/ Jake Cooper

Sept. 5, 2021

In episode # 111, Dr. Reese sits down with Jake Cooper, a social worker, past life regression therapist, reiki practitioner and author of the book; Life After Breath. After a near death experience at only 3 years old, Jake's…

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No Self, No Problem w/ Dr. Chris Niebauer

Aug. 15, 2021

In episode # 108, Dr. Reese sits down with Dr. Chris Niebauer, university professor and author of the book, No Self, No Problem. In this talk, they discuss the process of thinking, the root cause of problems, the power of th…

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Just Stop w/ Gangaji

July 11, 2021

In episode # 103, Dr. Reese sits down with world-renowned spiritual teacher, Gangaji. In this conversation, they discuss how to directly experience emotions such as fear. They dive into the constructs of the human mind and g…

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Personal Liberation w/ Mark Pelter

June 20, 2021

In episode # 101, Dr. Reese sits down with Mark Pelter, a 50 year veteran of mindfulness. In this conversation they cover awakening of the heart, dealing with negative thoughts, going through the dark night of the soul and m…

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The Direct Path w/ Rupert Spira

May 16, 2021

In episode # 97, Dr. Reese sits down with Rupert Spira, a world-renowned spiritual teacher and author. In this talk, they get into the practice of self-inquiry as Rupert guides Kevin through the direct path. They also discu…

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The Gene Keys w/ Richard Rudd

April 4, 2021

In episode # 92, Dr. Reese sits down with Richard Rudd, the author of the famous book, The Gene Keys. They talk about the book and the 64 codes of consciousness. They also shine the light on the art of contemplation and how …

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Living Buddha, Living Christ w/ Dr. Brandon Nappi

March 28, 2021

In episode # 91, Dr. Reese talks with Dr. Brandon Nappi, mindfulness instructor and executive director of the Copper Beach Institute. In this talk they dive into the combined greatness of Buddha and Christ and how they can b…

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Psychotherapy vs. Contemplative Practices w/ Dr. Roger Walsh

March 7, 2021

In episode # 88, Dr. Reese sits down to talk with Dr. Roger Walsh, MD, PhD. They shine the light on the differences and similarities of the western science of psychotherapy verses the eastern tradition of contemplative pract…