Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
May 3, 2020

Beyond The Body w/ Dr. Robert Morse

Beyond The Body w/ Dr. Robert Morse

In episode # 49, Dr. Reese catches up with the word-renowned holistic healer, Dr. Morse to explore going beyond the body. They talk about the power of using imagination, having out-of-body travels, foods that help with spirituality, exploring higher worlds, working with Eck masters and much more. Dr. Morse also makes a startling confession about his live seminars. 

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Dr. Reese (00:00:18):
Are you ready to go beyond the body? Hmm. Welcome to episode number 49 today. I'm talking to my old health teacher, Dr. Robert Morse. People adore him all over the world. But what they don't know is that he's beyond his teachings. He's beyond the lymphatic system and the adrenal glands and the thyroid and the pH chart. And, you know, things like this. He's a very spiritual man. And in his early twenties, he went on a journey of health and spirituality. At the end of this podcast, he admitted that this was the deepest he's ever gone on any recording. Will his students be able to handle this? I don't know, but I know I can from having my own experiences, which takes me back to 2011, 2012, when everything started happening to me and Dr. Morris was a part of that. And that's where this conversation begins me telling Dr. Morris what happened in Florida in his class in September, 2012, hold onto your hat. We're going beyond the body.

Dr. Reese (00:02:15):
Eight years ago, I was in your class in Florida. And I had just come off of a retreat from an Ashram, where I met a mystic and it changed my life. This is July, 2012. And in that retreat, I came across a book. It was called in my soul I am free. And it was an autobiography of a gentleman named Paul Twitchel. And that book knocked me on my butt. Like no book has ever knocked me on my butt. That was crazy about it is I had a mystic right there. I was rooming with him. And so I'm asking him questions. I'm like, what's this soul travel thing. What what's this whole thing about? And he kind of brushed it off with a smirk. Cause he knew I was a seeker and he didn't wanna lay too much on me. Then six weeks later, I end up in Florida with you.

Dr. Morse (00:03:15):

Dr. Reese (00:03:16):
And I'm in the back of the classroom. And I'm learning about the lymphatic system and the endocrine gland and all that. And all of a sudden, I hear Paul Twitchel come outta your mouth <laugh> and I said, whoa, where'd that come from? So the next break, I went up to the classroom and I went up to talk to you. And I said, Dr. Morse, what's this all about? What's this stuff. And you put your hand on my shoulder and you said, let me tell you something. I can't wait to die. And I was like, what? Didn't quite understand it. Then I understand it. Now,

Dr. Morse (00:04:00):
You know, you you're seeking the ultimate answers, right? You're seeking the truth of who you are. Yeah. What what's going on with all this crazy apparent chaos around you. And so we began this journey of seeking and, uh, I did the same thing as you did, you know, I began the journey of seeking and I think, I think my first call Twitchell book was, uh, tiger fang.

Dr. Reese (00:04:27):
That's a deep one to jump right in.

Dr. Morse (00:04:28):
Oh brother, let me tell you, yeah. When you can consume the, uh, Eck masters books, you you're you're right there. You just need to wake up because those books are vibrationally. As you know, some people will read them, put 'em down and won't touch 'em again for two or three years.

Dr. Reese (00:04:46):

Dr. Morse (00:04:47):
And then as that energy starts to manifest and unfold them, then they're open enough or they can take a bigger bite.

Dr. Reese (00:04:54):

Dr. Morse (00:04:55):
And that's basically what, what it's going on because it's really simple. It's like health.

Dr. Reese (00:05:01):

Dr. Morse (00:05:02):
Understanding the divine is simple. If you change your perspective.

Dr. Reese (00:05:08):

Dr. Morse (00:05:09):
You know, when you've been up into the higher world where it is beyond duality, beyond creation. So to speaking kind of in that kinda thinking, um, you know what that is, and you know, those have been there here. And uh, so you, you know, their words will ring a certain way. When you have different higher experiences, it changes you just like it changed you

Dr. Reese (00:05:33):
In that conversation that we had eight years ago. You mentioned some of the places that you had traveled to, you said you saw the 10,000

Dr. Morse (00:05:41):
Yeah. Pedal Lotus. Oh yeah. That's beautiful. Anytime you see a beautiful things in scripture of any, any sort, um, you know, they're just mimicking beautiful places that exist because you can't imagine anything that doesn't exist.

Dr. Reese (00:05:56):

Dr. Morse (00:05:58):
It it's, it's difficult for people to understand that, but you're talking about the infinite creation you might dub is the finite of course, but in its finiteness, it's nestled in the infant. Because when you look at the word, I'm the presence, you know, you, I take Christianity as a good example of showing both sides of this issue. The first side is the omnipresence on the potent and Omni shirt of that, which is the creator. Well, we can't even use the word creator. We can't use the word divine being, because what we're doing is we're taking the infinite and making it a finite. So you can't do it. There's no words to define that, which is infinite, the mic follow, or even achieve the, because it is finite nature,

Dr. Reese (00:06:45):

Dr. Morse (00:06:46):
So it's just that it's learning within the infinite, you have creation duality, the illusion of two forces and odds with each other. In reality, they're in harmony with each right office. That's always a trap. And so it, but that is simply creation. That is simply you sitting back in chair, what do I wanna play today? Or this lifetime, what role do I wanna play? Do I wanna travel from one planet to another? Do I wanna galaxy or do wanna sit and planet? Those are the things that is activity within consciousness because within consciousness, there's only one thing the mini is found only in ency,

Dr. Reese (00:07:38):
Right? So knowing this and having experience with this, how is it that you're able to teach so many people, natural health and how to heal the body when you know, that

Dr. Morse (00:07:57):
Doesn't matter.

Dr. Reese (00:07:57):
We're, we're way beyond the body. Say that again. Say

Dr. Morse (00:08:01):
That again. Doesn't matter. Can't in that world. I can't, because is all about action and reaction cause and effect. So we're actually teaching the souls that turn onto our website and then get into the raw. And so we're teaching them how to reverse their karma. They created all this. So now we're teaching you just some of the fighter laws of creation here, prostate this particular planet and stuff in chemistry and physics and stuff like that. But the real essence of that is to get you to wake up. So when you start getting into these higher fruit diets, they quiet. It does. I mean, if you're a meditator out by whatever you see the difference in the radicalness of chemistry and foods in the effect upon your piece and your nervousness.

Dr. Reese (00:08:54):
Yeah. Fruit fasting and meditation. Oh, that's the trio right there. Right? That's

Dr. Morse (00:08:59):
The tree. It's, it's the highest energetic experience you can have in a food source. And then when you're, you're taking away that food source, you don't have any energetic experience in, in digestion and all that. So you have total energy of your consciousness. So whatever you're experiencing is you more you than let's say when you're giving that up in the physical world.

Dr. Reese (00:09:22):
Right. So you're helping people. And so deny I became a practitioner. I, I, I had my own practice for eight years and

Dr. Morse (00:09:31):
Fun helping people.

Dr. Reese (00:09:33):
Yeah. And, but the, the deeper I went in the spirituality, the more <laugh>, the more I wanted out <laugh>

Dr. Morse (00:09:39):
Yeah. Yeah. It's tough because you're right. It's tough being a healer in so many ways, because you're right into their, their karma. That's right. And you've got to be, you can't care. So I love all the people that I work with and the habitants of the world and all that. But at the same time, I don't give to Pete because I can, if I do, I'll bind myself to this world and I've done nothing, but tie myself to a world I'm just here to help and get out of

Dr. Reese (00:10:11):
You're playing. You're playing in creation.

Dr. Morse (00:10:13):
Yeah. So you've got to be, as Buddha said, as the detached state, the, I don't give it a crap state, you know what I mean? It's like

Dr. Reese (00:10:21):

Dr. Morse (00:10:22):
Indifferent, indifferent. It kinda like that thing. You have to love everything because you see the divine is everything, but then you don't have to like everything.

Dr. Reese (00:10:32):
And some people might take that the wrong way, cuz they're not at the, they're not at the level to understand yeah. What you're saying right now. But when you allow me to just shed some light, I like when we detach and we become in indifferent, we transcend a dualistic state so that we drop our opinions. Right. We drop our

Dr. Morse (00:10:53):
Well, think of it

Dr. Reese (00:10:54):
As language to

Dr. Morse (00:10:56):
All these, all these little aspects of life requires an X amount of your attention to make them exist because the power of your world and, and what's going on in your world is all based upon your attention on it and your desire to have it. Mm-hmm <affirmative> no one else runs your everybody who drives their own car. Some people like to get so lost. They don't realize that. So they pick up with a woman or a man become lost in their relationships and stuff like that. And it continue to lose themselves deeper, same thing with video games and all this stuff. Everybody keeps losing themselves into deeper worlds of non-reality. And so that's part of the problem. You know, you get further away from the truth. You get further away from yourself. And in doing that, then breeds the fears, all the anxieties, all the things that are bred outta separation.

Dr. Morse (00:11:50):
And so, uh, the, the thing that we're trying to do is, is when you, when you start hooking up with energy of foods, realizing that we're, we're only eating for the energetic or the consciousness of those foods. I mean, we suck out the energy of vitamin C or say the OIDs and cause, and, and then spit out the rest. I mean, we only use the energy of those components, you know? And so when you look at that from a spiritual viewpoint, life is just consciousness manifesting in individuality or individual forms. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And then those individual forms manifest as duality, you know, in terms of how you get structure.

Dr. Reese (00:12:29):
And you just said two important words. You, you mentioned energy and you mentioned attention, you know, in Daoism they say the, she follows the ye. So the cheese is the energy. The ye is the attention. Exactly. We with focus with meditative focus, we can actually put our attention onto something, even imaginary and energetically sort of manifests

Dr. Morse (00:12:53):
That. Right? What if you can't imagine anything that doesn't exist? So you get yourself in places, tell you I've been in places that the fear was all through my beings. There are as beautiful places. A as you can imagine in the God worlds mm-hmm <affirmative> and there is hideous and negative places, as you can imagine, remember duology

Dr. Reese (00:13:19):

Dr. Morse (00:13:20):
You can't have one without the other. And the, and the negative looks to the divine just like positive. So it, it, you have to realize that the negative looks to God as the positive does, it's just in a different perspective.

Dr. Reese (00:13:35):

Dr. Morse (00:13:35):
Right. And it's just our perspective, because really when you look at things, we label positive and negative things just are, things just happen and bump from, uh, cause and effect. We label it bad and good.

Dr. Reese (00:13:49):
That's right. So I'd like to go back and, and clock time here. And I wanna go back to you being a young man. When did you, when did you start your spiritual journey? How did that happen for you?

Dr. Morse (00:14:03):
I was that way from birth. I, uh, I sought the deepness of the alone state. Even as a child going deeper into woods or deeper into places. I was looking for the ultimate alone state. I didn't understand that. I felt it. I was looking for that, that unknown element. I didn't realize I was the unknown element. And so that started, but I was, uh, I was, I moved from Indiana to when I was military for two years, then, um, I wanted to build a, I wanted to build a duplex. I wanted do something in life and I wanted to build houses or something. And I hired this, uh, carpenter working on the beach. We played volleyball on the beach every day and I just was having fun. And I met this guy and he was a carpenter. I'm a carpenter. And we started working together, building these duplexes. And he went, he was eating fruit every day in his lunch box, big fruit and vegetables and all this stuff. And I'm looking at it, you know, I'm man. So he flipped me a book on the, on the natural hygienic. And then one day he went up north and he said, I gotta go to this university and do something. I, he came back and fit me the tigers thing. Right. He said, I don't care for this. He said, maybe you'd like it. And of course,

Dr. Reese (00:15:25):
I mean, that book is it's heavy. It's heavy to jump right into. That is just, it's

Dr. Morse (00:15:30):
Heavy. It's a description of all. And to me, it's important. It's like, it's like in my classes, one thing I try to do is give you the overview. If you have the, overview's like a jigsaw puzzle, if you've got the, you'll eventually get the puzzle, the pieces together, if you don't have the picture, it is really hard to put a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle together without a picture. So that's the problem. Medical people who have pictures and the spiritual people have the pictures because they've stopped their seeking and their, and their, and their journeys. It becomes awake. They're becoming awake. Mm. They can see more. They're not limited with their focus. Cause you can only see what your attention is placed upon unless you don't place your attention.

Dr. Reese (00:16:16):
So you got a natural hygienic book. Do you remember the author?

Dr. Morse (00:16:19):
Oh, I, I think it was, um,

Dr. Reese (00:16:21):
Was it Homa?

Dr. Morse (00:16:24):
Noma came,

Dr. Reese (00:16:25):
Uh, later after

Dr. Morse (00:16:26):
That. Yeah. Homa. I liked ho

Dr. Reese (00:16:29):
T's my favorite.

Dr. Morse (00:16:30):
That's how I got into the oranges.

Dr. Reese (00:16:31):

Dr. Morse (00:16:31):
Professor ho.

Dr. Reese (00:16:32):
And that's in man's higher consciousness. The book man's higher.

Dr. Morse (00:16:36):
George Plymouth. Yeah. That was his name.

Dr. Reese (00:16:39):
The thing that makes TMA a little different than the other natural health authors to me. So he was a mystic

Dr. Morse (00:16:46):
Big type.

Dr. Reese (00:16:47):
He wasn't like Shelton or Erin. No

Dr. Morse (00:16:50):
<laugh> no, no. He was, he was heavy into that. He was into the imaculate conception. And so him and Raymond Bernard, which is another raw food, they were battling back and forth at one time. In terms of macro concept. Yes or no. They were battling about the spirituality of life. Uh, that's a natural move you're gonna make when you hook up the raw food, because you are now plugging yourself into energy. Well, what the hell is energy? Well, go back to quantum physics, right? We talked about that before. Right? They now associate energy with intelligence. So if we wanna assign a word to that, we can go Buddhism or we, and use the word consciousness or awareness because very few words on the human planet define that, which is undefinable. That which is implement mm-hmm <affirmative> that, which is a way experience it. You can't sit there and talk

Dr. Reese (00:17:43):
About it. Yeah. And that's what makes whole Tema different. Is he pieces, he pieces the energetic world together with the food

Dr. Morse (00:17:51):
I got into fruit Arianism by reading. Um, not only, but there was a, I think who was it? Uh, Carrington, I think was a fruitarian thinker too, but I was, I just made total sense to me when, when their perspective is about the same as mine, we we've refined that a lot more because we know more about S and stuff, but still their understanding was pretty good in terms of the biological differences of the, of the vertebrae and stuff.

Dr. Reese (00:18:22):
So your health journey and spiritual journey was about the at right at the same time,

Dr. Morse (00:18:25):
Same time, same time. And matter of fact, when I went totally into the fruit Ataria I was gonna go mono because my goal was breath area. Right. If you're gonna go spiritual, you know, and you're, you're into the health side of this, and you understand that each level like salads will get you so far, fruit will then send you way out there in terms of energy and awareness and health. And people can't believe a food can do that. Right? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. And then what's next? I had so much energy. I couldn't stay in my body. I, it was, it was, it became a nightmare.

Dr. Reese (00:18:59):
So let, let, let's go there. Dr. Marsh, you, you ended up doing six months on oranges, right?

Dr. Morse (00:19:04):
Yep. I started, uh, before that, but, uh, cuz I was trying to have antibody experiences. I was trying to, I started having them, but I would just lay myself down because I tried this old technique of trying to go to sleep awake. Right. Where you was trying to get your body to go down and you go out and someone told me years ago about the Rosa Cruin you know, it's an old group, metaphysical group, old, old, old, but they're about Astro travels. So one of their techniques is when you're laying there at night, just totally relax in bed and shift your attention, take your body or anything. Shift your attention up to the ceiling and look down at yourself.

Dr. Reese (00:19:44):

Dr. Morse (00:19:44):
And keep, keep working from the perspective. Learn that you are simply, uh, in your body because of your perspective, your attention, move your attention, learn how to move your attention away from this body. It will. And you'll be an habit traveler at a certain point in time, you visit these beautiful places. Yeah. And put your rights about 'em but you can visit them in. It becomes, how far do you wanna go in understanding truth? Do you wanna just travel from one place to another? I can travel to China. I can travel Portugal city there or I get into the traveler and go through that doorway. And when you go through the doorway of the traveler and that's you, you get in the little, you becomes the big you and then all of us merge and become the one. You,

Dr. Reese (00:20:33):
We all have a universe inside of us. Don't don't we

Dr. Morse (00:20:36):
On and on and on and on and on and on frequencies. Look at Omni on. Or she was a Tian. She was here years ago, traveling, teaching. And she said, the only reason you guys can't see us from earth is frequency shifts. They, you know, we talk about shifters. I've seen rep unless be in that consciousness or ability or they're themselves known And that's radical this planet right now. People might think this is radical, but its, but this planet is being visited more than ever before. There's so many different species right now, visiting this planet. It's getting scary. And I wonder, that's why Trump went back and kind of took off the old Reagan star wars thing where you gotta protect yourself from other things besides just for sleeping

Dr. Reese (00:21:27):
Space force. Right?

Dr. Morse (00:21:29):
Thank you.

Dr. Reese (00:21:30):
Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Morse (00:21:31):
You know, this is the beginning of that. Trump's setting up the beginning of what you're gonna see at the future of space. Cause trouble isn't with the earth speak.

Dr. Reese (00:21:40):
Right. Right, right. So, okay. So it sounds like you're in your early twenties, you're, you're experimenting with fruit. You're experimenting without a body travel. So what happens next?

Dr. Morse (00:21:52):
I finally, I was like Buddha, you shit under a tree long enough.

Dr. Reese (00:21:55):
It happens.

Dr. Morse (00:21:57):
I'm done. But what was the hardest thing for me is to come back into society cause of humans and the Dolly LA mentioned that at one time and, and uh, I have to concur with him cuz when you get into these alone states, uh, the humans are so judge trees, plants, yeah. Animals. They have a consciousness where they're still in consciousness growth, but humans have the ability to have kind of a self consciousness. Uh, and they're so immature with it that they uh, they're they're radical species.

Dr. Reese (00:22:26):
Well go Toma. The Budha taught us in the eighth fold path. Number one, step number one is right view, which is dropping your opinions and judgments. Thank

Dr. Morse (00:22:34):
You. All these things are saying the same. Jesus said the same thing as the knock and, and they all said the same thing as voodoo

Dr. Reese (00:22:41):

Dr. Morse (00:22:41):
You have to be awake. Yeah. But there are different levels of awareness. Sure. That's why you see this. You have in yoga, you have all the way to the highest yoga system with yoga and sound recognizes sat. I was talking Lang but Lang RO swamp. And so she Twain AWA at least she was. So when you, when you take a look, they also recognize maybe a realm or two above that. Now you're into the formless, more infinite consciousness realm. So you're in the realms of being this right. As opposed to the realms of thought dual. So how do you navigate for you are get higher in consciousness, not in dual saying for Yeah. And meditation. You don't wanna try to, I mean you, if you wanna travel and go, go ahead. But how now can you get in meditation and it'll stop you if you get too far. Cause it is, I mean, you get going, you can't stop. You such a level of joy, ecstasy, bliss, and freedom. That there's no way you wanna turn around and about into the

Dr. Reese (00:23:54):
Worlds of I've I've had people on this podcast who have, you know, they were putting in 16 hour meditative days. Yeah. Because it's so beautiful. Uh, no television can

Dr. Morse (00:24:05):
Compete. The key is be it be the observer of life as opposed to the thinker. And you will always be in the meditative state.

Dr. Reese (00:24:13):

Dr. Morse (00:24:14):
Right. And that's what you wanna be. Cause it's not something you wanna turn on and off it already does that for you. Because as that, as you begin to awaken, now your trip is to get ahold of that thought process. The Jay thing. How, how do I St not stop thinking? Cause the only way you're gonna have consciousness is to stop thinking, then learn the difference between thought and awareness mm-hmm <affirmative>. So, but once you achieve that, then the mind keeps coming in like a little sneaky little thing. It is, it says, but wait a

Dr. Reese (00:24:43):
Minute. The mind is cunning.

Dr. Morse (00:24:46):
The little booky chatterer

Dr. Reese (00:24:47):
Yeah. It, it tricks you makes you scared. Absolutely. I agree. So, okay. You're in your early twenties, Dr. Morrison. Now you applied your discipline through the books.

Dr. Morse (00:24:59):
All you'd have to do is read it. If you've been, if you're soul, even if you're unconscious of your spirituality and you read one of those books and you're inside, you're you just dig a little tap to awaken. They can. They're big tap for you to awaken you to the reality of the massiveness, not only of creation, but of the worlds beyond. And I think, uh, all the people that I've worked with by gurus, gurus, ascended, masters, and stuff, there's masters, there's being there's being way. But these guys are the teachers of them all. I, and they'll, it's like as soon as I, I, I signed up everything in my inner worlds went radical. One day I was lay, I was laid out there to try to, to, to get a little sleeping. They grabbed me outta my body, grabbed me. Some did threw me up through the universe. I'm going through worlds and worlds and worlds and worlds. And then it just threw me against this black draw and I'm going, what the hell? And the next thing I know, all these movies started shining and going on on my past

Dr. Reese (00:26:13):

Dr. Morse (00:26:14):
Oh yeah. Total cash. And then a voice come rolling through me and said, so you wanna know God, huh? And the next thing I know it dropped me and I hit my body and my threw me out bed and landed on the floor and all that could go is yeah. Hell yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:26:37):
<laugh> how old were you when that happened?

Dr. Morse (00:26:39):
Uh, 27 probably.

Dr. Reese (00:26:41):
Wow. So how, how do you move on with life after an experience like that?

Dr. Morse (00:26:46):
Well, you know what? They train you and you, you become that, which is yourself. You know, there's a time where you must realize that you yourself becomes the master. Then you yourself goes on beyond that, you know, and you can get into these higher worlds. You can have whatever fun you want. If you read some of the books, you'll understand that it, it individualizes itself. It develops that individualized self. And then that individualized self becomes the eternal dreamer itself. So it creates a dream and has, and manifests in untold forms and trains each form to become a dreamer and each of those forms. So you can imagine that there is no way you can understand anything with the mind. The mind works in, in the mind is computer. It can only tell you what you program it that's right. But consciousness is the creator of all.

Dr. Reese (00:27:43):
And most times

Dr. Morse (00:27:44):

Dr. Reese (00:27:44):
Of that, most times it's society programming our mind. Yeah,

Dr. Morse (00:27:47):
I know.

Dr. Reese (00:27:48):
I'm kidding. So you put the discipline in Dr. Morrison, you, is it safe to, did you, would you say that you mastered the art of out of body travel?

Dr. Morse (00:28:00):
No, I don't think so. I don't think I've mastered it, you know, because, uh, uh, that's something you could, you know, you could become more conscious of more conscious of and be able to just sit here and just travel

Dr. Reese (00:28:11):
Out. You could, you could keep developing.

Dr. Morse (00:28:12):
Yeah. I, I, I probably spent about three or four years probably at the most with that because my whole gig is consciousness, not the, the effective consciousness. It's just like right now, I'm teaching all you guys the cause of why you have inflammation, the cause of a, the basic pillars of chemistry and physics. And so if you don't know the cause of things, how do you, how do you expect to fix it? And that's a problem with the medical profession. They, they treat the symptom cause they don't understand the cause. And cause treating a symptom is why we have millions of people that die every year. And so when you get a modality that kills that many people every year for the sake of, of mysterious diseases that no one can figure out doesn't exist. These guys are just, just caus unconscious beings, but of the worst kind, because they're now a channel for the negative side.

Dr. Morse (00:29:04):
So you have this, this, this, this acidic toxic, uh, mass called the AMA. And uh, if you're not careful, you have to learn survival that half million people died last year, just walking into the hospital. And I spent years at hospitals, you can triple that easy. And remember, this is just a movie that you're participating in. What, what, what, what you want, if you wanna get out of the movie, you have to quit participating in it and how do quit participating, but still having a life. And that's where some of the questions should be, how do I become in the now where there is no definition? And then how do I still navigate? I had a friend that says, you know what, I'm just gonna fill my closet full of white robes. And then I have to even think about what to wear. I just go, I just pick a, put it on. You have for just that, just the idea of getting up and putting on hoses of thought. So there's a part of you that awareness part of you, which is you, which people call the higher self. You know, people say that all time, a higher self or who the hell are you a self here and yourself here, but not really. Only through embodiment have, have bodies. You can be five different places at the same time.

Dr. Reese (00:30:23):
Sure. Yeah. A lot of people don't realize either that, uh, you, uh, you wear white quite a lot.

Dr. Morse (00:30:30):
One night <laugh> I was taken and I think this is where I, me and some mothers kind of made our home, but this, this level was, uh, white like feathers. I dunno how to define that. And everything was trimmed in gold and the Nirvana experience of that was insane. Insane. And so I guess I like white goat. <laugh> mm-hmm <affirmative> <laugh> yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:31:00):
Well, a lot of enlightened masters wear white too.

Dr. Morse (00:31:02):
Yeah. I, uh, I don't know, you know, it's pure to me. And uh, after some of these experiences, it, like you said earlier, it changes you. Sure. I mean, you were waking up to your divinity and you realize all this beauty and stuff is already in you. Mm-hmm, <affirmative>, you're a part of this and, and, and, and you know, the struggle and all of this, that's just creation. That's, that's your drama that, that's your drama, that that's a life you've created because you didn't understand what desires the effect desire has on it.

Dr. Reese (00:31:30):
Yeah. I, I, I had a, I'll call it a small awakening back, you know, when I was like 32 years old and it's what they call in Zen. And it was, you know, it was during a dark, dark time. Yeah. So sometimes it's the dark time that's going on in your life that throws you into that situation and makes you realize, well, wait a second. This dark time doesn't really mean much. It's just my ego that's hurt right now.

Dr. Morse (00:32:00):
See, go back to a few minutes ago when I said that we label each side of the force, mm-hmm <affirmative> matter. Good, but they're not. They each offer different experiences, opposite experiences. That's all. Its and when, when you're aligning yourself with two forces, you know, I go back to that star wars thing. I dunno if we were talking about one time, but you know, in the movie star wars and, and the master was going trust in the force, Luke trust in the force. And I'm thinking to myself, which one, right? You got two forces in creation. You can line yourself with guys two mm-hmm <affirmative>. Yeah. Just like you have two sides of chemistry. You can align yourself with either one of those, those two that's right. And that's the problem. Yeah. Humans have lined themselves with the side of the force it's acidic. And of course they're enjoying the, the thoughts and the emotional processes of creation. Yeah. Whatever that is.

Dr. Reese (00:32:50):
Well, you got ity.

Dr. Morse (00:32:52):

Dr. Reese (00:32:53):
So yeah. So if it wasn't for that darkness, you know, I would've never yeah. Ended up at Ashra eating a mystic, finding the Paul Twitchel book. It it, so the synchronos of it is just,

Dr. Morse (00:33:05):
Wow. That's expected that because I'll say for those are on a journey of Spiritu and awakening. If you're under the right to, it's gonna rip you. Right. And it's not that they're ripping you it's you're not letting go of the things they're trying to get you to let go. You're you're holding on to the things that are keeping you from this awareness for no reason, emotional support or whatever, either from past lives or whatever. And we tend to, you know, kind of travel with the same souls for many lifetimes. So everybody around you probably had some relationship with it past life. So you're trying to get free from all of this and to wake up into the higher realms of beauty, love, neuro, whatever, whatever. Some people envision that to be of people, just vision heaven, an health type of

Dr. Reese (00:33:53):
Syndrome. We're we're beyond the body. Aren't we,

Dr. Morse (00:33:56):
<laugh> not just one. The human body is just a chemical food processor, just an energy processor. Really it's five senses, very mundane. It can't feel anything except through your, your autonomic. There very limited. Doesn't have emotions to it when you're feeling and you're emotional. You're not feeling with your physical body, come on. That's your Astro, emotional body you're feeling with. Mm. But when you're in your mental body, there's no emotions thought has no emotions to it. Right? So that's why used to say the intellectual had a harder time entering the, the higher worlds of heaven because thought is that magic edge that, that, uh, the great divide, if you will, but it's still simply a Razor's edge between thought and awareness. Mm. That simple way. And once you start and you probably have experienced this, but as you become awaken, you're become, you're awaken. And you're aware the subtleties of that thought. Mm. And how it can take you out of that and seat you and put you back into the drama. Again, you gotta think about doing this, gotta think about that, but you can do it from a distance.

Dr. Reese (00:35:02):
Well, it's important to talk about this. You said going back into the drama and earlier you mentioned the hard part is coming back, you know, in, in the Eastern cultures, it's called the Maya, you know, some sor illusion, the Lela, which is the play Lela mm-hmm, <affirmative>, I've heard many gurus say the challenging part is reaching this self realization, but then coming back into society. Yeah. I mean, you said you opened up a, a, a, a store and eventually you went to naturopathic school and you started your own practice. How, how difficult was it for you? Cause it sounds like you reached your awakenings before all this, you were a carpenter. Yeah. So how were you able to start a business? Come back to creation?

Dr. Morse (00:36:00):
Okay. So that was my experience. Like your dark side. It was my experience that, how do you, once you realize the difference between thought and observation, right? Observation pulls you in the now thought puts you in time. Now it's kinda like when they finally signed the constitution, what was it? Thomas said, now have a Republic. If, and that's exactly what now you're awake. If you can keep it. And that keeping, it feels only in thought and all those around you, which will use that to pull you off your game because that's what begins to happen. Others are used around you to then get you off your game. They do. It's just, it's just the way it is. And so the other thing is having relationships with others that are not at your level of understanding or your level of diet. Mm that's. Even more of a challenge. So there's a lot of challenges that you face. I went the realm of, with someone that couldn't follow the level of food that I wanted. So I had to compromise in my

Dr. Reese (00:37:12):
Life. You're talking about it

Dr. Morse (00:37:13):
To be the fruitarian I

Dr. Reese (00:37:14):
Wanted. You're talking about a relationship.

Dr. Morse (00:37:16):
Yeah, exactly. Okay. Okay. Well, I've been married three times divorced three times. Well, I think the last one, I was married, divorced to her twice, but <laugh>, but uh, I've been in a 40 year, uh, this physical relationship, you know, of not married, but same, same way. Right? So 40 years and you reach a point where, you know, I don't know everybody in their relationships reaches different points, but I'll say this. You wanna always try to find someone that's halfway compatible with yourself or it'll be a big struggle. That's right. In health. And in spirituality, mm-hmm, <affirmative> you, it will send you into the state, however, like your experience. They're if you want experience, the, you literally must go of everything in your world, including yourself, because you can't take yourself into the infinite. No. And as soon as you let go of yourself, guess what you have yourself. You have only yourself because only the alone exists. Only the one exists.

Dr. Reese (00:38:27):
That's why the term is self realization. Self realization. Instead of enlightenment, enlightenment gets screwed up.

Dr. Morse (00:38:33):
Self realization is much better understanding. But then from there then you could say, God, whatever. But that separates the, the entity from the experience, because from, from self realization, let's use that word. Everything else is in the now mm-hmm <affirmative>. So it goes from awakening to the self, understanding that the self is part of that oneness of everything else. And when I let go of everything that separates me from that oneness, I enter the oneness because I'm from there. Right? And, and here's another, my little sneaky one for you. All of you have never left there. Anyway. You're not here. Come on, gimme a break. What's here, your attention and your body. Mm-hmm <affirmative> that? You're not here. Sure. You couldn't be here. Why do you have the body here on earth? Because you can't be here and consciousness you, this world couldn't even handle you.

Dr. Reese (00:39:28):

Dr. Morse (00:39:28):
This is you have to be step down so low in vibration that you can handle the course frequencies of chemistry. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So that gives you some example. If you ever see it, the Nirvana experience is overwhelming. No question, but it shows the intensity of the energy coming down from the Godhead. If I can use the word coming down, that's just figured basically, because everything is within.

Dr. Reese (00:39:52):

Dr. Morse (00:39:52):
It's magic. You're not free until you have nobody.

Dr. Reese (00:39:56):
That's right. That's right. I'm in training to become nobody.

Dr. Morse (00:40:01):
Yeah, exactly.

Dr. Reese (00:40:01):
That's exactly what

Dr. Morse (00:40:03):
Exactly. We label people that are spiritual. I look at these masters and I need had even labeled them, you know, because they're so awesome. So to speak, but mm-hmm <affirmative> to come to understand there's masters and then there's masters, masters. I happen to be one of the guys that love the masters masters. So here's an example, uh, room roomy, great master, great being, you know, we still buy his poetry, uh, part of the SU sect, you know, God absorption. Everything's good there, but his master

Dr. Reese (00:40:36):
Shams. Yeah.

Dr. Morse (00:40:37):

Dr. Reese (00:40:38):
I know about shams. I know about shams. Yeah. You go, let me tell you something. And this is synchronicity again, Dr. Mo the mystic that I met in 2012, six weeks before I met you, he mentored me for seven years. And towards the end of that seven years, when I was studying Aldine roomy, and I was asking him questions about roomy and Shas and he goes, first of all, you ready for this? I have to preface my response by telling you that Jalaine is my master. And I said, what? How could he be your master? He is dead.

Dr. Morse (00:41:13):

Dr. Reese (00:41:13):
No. And that's when I was like, the bell went off in my head.

Dr. Morse (00:41:16):
There you go.

Dr. Reese (00:41:17):
Yeah. If I could show you this email, it's unbelievable.

Dr. Morse (00:41:21):
And that I got, I got this on the back of my head when you're talking about that.

Dr. Reese (00:41:24):
Yeah. Got,

Dr. Morse (00:41:25):
Huh. They're so powerful.

Dr. Reese (00:41:27):
Shas left roomy. He, he showed up and he disappeared. And this is what the mystic did to me. He left. He said, if you ever wanna talk to me, talk to me in silence,

Dr. Morse (00:41:41):
Because in reality, there is no time. That's right. And space.

Dr. Reese (00:41:45):
That's right.

Dr. Morse (00:41:46):
See. So in that state of oneness, we're all here. Yeah. So I'll always be with you. And I'll always be with all of our people in the year because I'm in that one state, but in, in, in the illusion of creation. Oh, Hey man, it's good to see you. <laugh> but right. The beauty of that, the beauty of that is the one gets to have some fun, because if you're just the one, you're just the one. So when you get into these deeper alone states, and that's the trick, these states are an insane level of not loneliness and it's ha amazing stuff.

Dr. Reese (00:42:32):
It really is

Dr. Morse (00:42:34):
Love it. I don't talk about it much. Matter of fact, it's probably the most I've talk about on any.

Dr. Reese (00:42:39):
Yeah. Well, I'm, I'm pull, we're just, we're just cooking here, you know?

Dr. Morse (00:42:42):
Yeah. Cause I love, this is my favorite subject, which is what I'm trying to move me through and get the health more. You guys are good. Good. Look at, he became a practitioner. I got Housewives out there so busy helping people and curing people. They can't be Housewives anymore. And it's like, I love that. Yeah. Because it's showing it's empowering the individual to become awake and to take charge and to drive their own cars.

Dr. Reese (00:43:09):
Well, let's, let's talk about your career let's cuz we're, we're sort of journeying through your life. Let's let's advance to, to Robert Robert Morris's thirties.

Dr. Morse (00:43:18):
Holy crap. I went to school, I had health food stores. I went bankrupt in the health food stores. I couldn't make it. I tried, um, back then it was tough. Um, and then I started of course eating outta healthy food stores. Mm I would, I, they had, you know, tigers, milk bars. I had to try and see what that was like. And then they had, of course my favorite was car covered, uh, pineapples and bananas. And I sold raw milk, yogurt, raw milk, ice cream.

Dr. Reese (00:43:46):
I would imagine

Dr. Morse (00:43:47):
You could have raw milk

Dr. Reese (00:43:48):
Nutritional yeast. I would imagine

Dr. Morse (00:43:50):
Nutritional yeast brand, brand. Yeah. You know, and uh, you nuts of every variety. I had very nice outfits. Yeah. And, uh, I'm a carpenter. So I fixed it up with wood inside, like an old country town. Hm. It was pretty net, but uh, that's where I got into the botanicals because I was into supplements. I had a line of supplements made after me and stuff, but it didn't ring. It didn't ring. It was treatment without understanding positive factors and botanicals are holistic in there. They have a consciousness with them. If I start ripping them apart and going to their, their, their structural individual structural components, I've reduced the power of that botanical down to nothing compared to the hole. Right. Kinda like the difference between you and the hole itself.

Dr. Reese (00:44:39):
Right? So you, you start your practice. I imagine that it's very difficult. It is difficult for all of

Dr. Morse (00:44:46):
Us. I lived in my office and, uh, it would be weeks before I would ever get anybody. So I, I couldn't. So I had to move back into, uh, I think it was some camper. I think it was a 13 foot Scotty. It was a little bitty thing. I was married. I, I stole a, a manager of a GNC and back there GNC was like a huge health food store. They weren't just like a protein pumping crap store. They were a, a, a health food store with everything, even at ho ANDAs terabytes cream. And it is like, oh man. And the manager of that store in the mall was so nice. I hired her to be my store. And then she became my wife. Oh wow. So where we were living in a 13 foot Scottie, you're just trying to survive. So I couldn't, so I had to go work. I had to go out and work. I worked at the telephone company. I learned how to climb telephone poles and phones. And I did all kinds of frigging things, built houses flipped before it was popular to flip and just tried to make a living. Every, I tried to open up my practice and I did going not enough business to sustain me. So, but every night, every night in my life, I either taught an guard class or a health class trying to build my business, but also trying to people. So that was years of that.

Dr. Reese (00:46:00):
So you experienced quite a bit of failure and challenges.

Dr. Morse (00:46:03):
Oh, big day. Oh yeah. Because I mean, they threatened to put me in jail a couple times. Mm. Uh, they, they graded me a couple times. I mean, you know, that classic story. Yeah. And it's like, I don't roll over.

Dr. Reese (00:46:16):

Dr. Morse (00:46:17):
You know, I'm here to do this and we're gonna do this. And so, you know, this is full of these, these humans that think they're sold somebody,

Dr. Reese (00:46:25):
They don't like natural healers.

Dr. Morse (00:46:26):
They don't like natural healers because it obviously is a threat to the negative forces. Sure. Because even if you were looking at it in the sense of it's

Dr. Reese (00:46:37):
Money out, the establishment pocket

Dr. Morse (00:46:41):
Exposes an illusion that is so massive that it has a whole planet captured by it.

Dr. Reese (00:46:48):
Yeah. So when does your practice start to gain traction?

Dr. Morse (00:46:54):
Well, I would say basically more in the nineties as opposed to the eighties and seventies. Mm. Because I tried to make it in the eighties for a while. And then I went into hospitals and started working mm-hmm <affirmative> and then it was a medical doctor that said, listen, I'm Korean. And I hear you're a nature pass. And I said, well, yeah, you know what that is? <laugh>. And he said, I sure do. And I, he said, why aren't you in practice? And I said, I keep trying. He said, I'll go in with you. And so, uh, he had a lot of buildings around town and he, we started to go that way. And then he backed out. I kept on going, next thing you know, I've got, I'm just off. I've got TW leopard. I've got, I've got Weezy from the Jefferson. I've got all kinds of people coming in, seeing me from, and Jensen came in

Dr. Reese (00:47:53):
The word of mouth

Dr. Morse (00:47:54):
Just, oh, I started curing like crazy. Yeah. Well then the, the newspaper started seeing this and they go, what the hell? So they started running stories on me. Well then Fox news picked up stories on me. Then ABC news started picking up stories on me. I mean, you know, quad and paraplegics getting their, their nerve folks back and all kinds of, you know, tumors coming out of people and stuff. And they're just freaking out regeneration of the human body and quad that no one can even understand today. And they were putting up the x-rays on TV and everything. Yeah. And then everything just started taking off.

Dr. Reese (00:48:30):
And then,

Dr. Morse (00:48:31):
Then to YouTube, <laugh>,

Dr. Reese (00:48:33):
That's what I was gonna say. And you, you know, I remember I started watching you probably around 2011 and I started watching you because of Dan McDonald.

Dr. Morse (00:48:45):
Well, Dan, you know, Dan, Dan was a client first. Yeah. And he knew I had something, you know, and then he wanted to go out and promote my classes. My videos were my classes. Yeah. And make money that way. And so he took off and, uh, uh, he kept trying to get me to do YouTube I'm

Dr. Reese (00:49:18):
And you've doing a lot of YouTube ever,

Dr. Morse (00:49:20):
A lot of YouTubes because it's fun to teach people the truth and then have them take it and their lives change. And they come back, they save their children because right now what's going on in child services, a lot of the world don't know. And so we just released a video to show you these one parents avenue and this child doesn't even have cancer, but they arrested the parents if trying to get em healthy. I mean, just the nightmare stories that are out there.

Dr. Reese (00:49:45):
Yeah. And you, your YouTube is powerful. You have thousands of lists, uh, uh, viewers and you actually promoted my children's book on there. I really appreciate it. Sunlight, sunny.

Dr. Morse (00:49:54):
I love that. I really that good. I love that.

Dr. Reese (00:49:58):
Appreciate it. I really appreciate it. It's interesting. Because again, like I said, I was in practice for about eight years taking clients, detoxing people.

Dr. Morse (00:50:07):
It's tough.

Dr. Reese (00:50:07):
It's very tough and not everyone's built for it. I just wanna put that out there right now. Your students are gonna hear this.

Dr. Morse (00:50:14):
Well, we cry a lot here.

Dr. Reese (00:50:17):
Yeah. And

Dr. Morse (00:50:18):
That's not good, man. You, you just, you can't help it.

Dr. Reese (00:50:20):
So what I did, Dr. Morris was I, uh, I became done with the practitioner side because I I've always been a creative. I came up in the, you were a carpenter. I was in the radio business. So I decided to create a superhero <laugh>. So I created sunlight, sunny, and then the, the villain Mr. Junk.

Dr. Morse (00:50:39):
Oh, I love that.

Dr. Reese (00:50:41):
And there's music and they sing and they dance. So I said, you know what, we're gonna create the health version of Sesame street. And I decided to put my energy to that instead of taking on clients, cuz there's plenty of practitioners there. I created a nonprofit organization around sunlight, sunny. Oh

Dr. Morse (00:51:01):

Dr. Reese (00:51:01):
Cool. Because I found out that Mr. Rogers was nonprofit. I had no idea it was nonprofit, you know? So in Sesame street as well.

Dr. Morse (00:51:10):

Dr. Reese (00:51:11):
Donations and grants.

Dr. Morse (00:51:14):

Dr. Reese (00:51:14):
For me anyway, instead of trying to reverse people's diseases, fake diseases, I, uh, I decided we're just gonna motivate children to eat fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Morse (00:51:26):
<laugh> that's it? You know what simplicity trumps right now. If you, you, you, everything in your world, if you realize it is very simplistic. Yeah. And that the mind wants to take that and complex it.

Dr. Reese (00:51:42):

Dr. Morse (00:51:42):
And once you learn to, to be awake above thought, then you can keep it simple, you know? And then you, the mind can bring in whatever you want and that's your journey is to learn how to let the mind bring you yeah. What you want. Yeah. You can look at it except it or not. And go on, you don't have to enter the mind. And that's what I've been practicing for years is to be outside of the mind, not the mind, give me, you know, and the master trained, trained you for that. I think I told you that I used to have you talk about

Dr. Reese (00:52:15):
Qu yeah.

Dr. Morse (00:52:16):
Talk about it being, you love him all, but fool be my freaking God. <laugh>, he's unreal. Unreal, but I'd be given the lecturer. And he popped right here. Right beside, right here in front of me and start talking to me and I'm, I talked in front 5,000 people and he pops right here and starts talking to him and I'm going my, you know, cause I I'm, I'm awake a little bit. And so I'm going, what are you doing? And I'm chill trying to talk.

Dr. Reese (00:52:48):

Dr. Morse (00:52:50):
And they were training me to, when I talk, don't be in the way don't get in the way, Get yourself out of the way.

Dr. Reese (00:52:57):
So how does, um, a great master like that decide we're gonna, we're gonna choose this guy to, to help him develop.

Dr. Morse (00:53:09):
I think it's, I think it's the other way. Well, I think that, uh, uh, so many people do not understand who they really are. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and uh, some of their, the developments going on in their, in, in themselves that they're not aware of until some golden moment, somebody either gives you a kiss or uh, gives you a little pack or just gives you one or two words and a BA You know, I've always said that truth is like this. You could grow up down the streets of New York city and see this beautiful chapel, beautiful stain glass windows, huge, beautiful piece. You walk up the beautiful steps up in there. And you go in and have some moments with that. And you come out of the church and you're walking down the street, you see this little alley and you go down the alley. There's a little herb shop and little humble man in there says three words to you and you go into ecstasy.

Dr. Reese (00:54:09):

Dr. Morse (00:54:10):
And yet you are in the most beautiful church representative what? God man, in his, uh, superficial entities, they don't teach that. The reality is the individual. Jesus said it, you are the living. Well, what does that mean? That mean my uncle

Dr. Reese (00:54:28):
What's Robert's life. Like right now in

Dr. Morse (00:54:31):
These days, I live in the now much as I can. All the time I have gardens and things at my house. And I, my house old house was full of tur. So I had to tear it down and one's small little house, but I love it. I've got gardens and crystals. And so a of sitting and there's so many things going on at so levels say that way

Dr. Reese (00:55:00):
And to say it that way and you, you, the clinic is still operating and you you're not, oh, you're not in there every day. Like you used to be.

Dr. Morse (00:55:05):
No, I, I come in to do videos and, and talk to some people that need a little. And then there's some VIPs, you know, that you just gotta do. And, but, uh, we have three practitioners looking for another one and you know, they do well. It's so simple to get, well, I'm focusing on the spiritual side, we're going into seminars now, quitting classes they're for, and I seminars where we can, this is the conversation,

Dr. Reese (00:55:37):

Dr. Morse (00:55:38):
It, it, it, how many times you have to tell you how there's only two sides to chemistry. <laugh>, there's only two, you know, you could go down that same around all day long

Dr. Reese (00:55:49):
Health health is very simple. It's just caught. We're caught in the programming. That's all

Dr. Morse (00:55:53):
Very simple. Just getting yourself back and getting yourself back is retracing. How you got there, right? You remember I said earlier, you're not really here, but yet you are. Your attention is the only thing here. You couldn't be here in your beingness and this planet still exists. I mean, this is why you're stepped out. Look at the vibrational frequency of a human body. Versus I said that of just a mental body to blow it outta the water. So you have a couple steps in the middle worlds embodiments, cuz you have member homes wrote volumes about the universal mind. Well that's pure mind, but then you have causal mind, which is really where you see the time track and what you said earlier, the records, and then you start moving back down into true duality from the causal. Physical makes the journey more complete. Maybe, you know, with thought memory feelings. <laugh> but it's still just the frigging journey. Who's the one going on the journey here. And how do you find out who that is? Can you read about it in a book? Mm-hmm <affirmative> can you talk to a, I guru to help you? You're the only one that can enter into that journey. You're the only one that can awaken the master can go, well I wouldn't step there. It might be a little, uh, pit ball there. I wouldn't open that door either. Yeah, yeah. But you gotta open it.

Dr. Reese (00:57:18):
That's right. Guides guide guidance guides. But we have to, we have to do the work

Dr. Morse (00:57:24):
That if you don't you're the only one can, can let go of all that separates you, your bodies. That is your thoughts, your emotions and the physical three different levels. Basically that separate you from that.

Dr. Reese (00:57:38):
If you don't let go, you get dragged.

Dr. Morse (00:57:40):
You go, oh, I love that one. <laugh> I never heard of that one. That one's good. That is so true. If you don't let go, you'll get dragged. Mm. Because remember I said, you have to lose yourself. Yeah. You can have any, oh, what the word I'm looking for? You just can't have any sense of separation of the self. Right? You cannot exist separate than who you really are. You can play the game separation, but you can never be separated from it. It's like trying to go hide. Where can you hide from yourself? Nowhere. And that's more so when you're traveling the spiritual road, where you gonna hide, what body are I gonna travel in? What beautiful city or, or temple you're gonna go experience or the opposite. Um, or are you gonna just awaken from the whole mess of the journey and become that, which is again, that which created all these journeys, that, which you are,

Dr. Reese (00:58:44):
Let's talk about being beyond the body again and also plan and creation because you you're a figure, okay? You, you have a following and anytime you become a public figure and have a following, there's always gonna be people that turn

Dr. Morse (00:59:03):

Dr. Reese (00:59:03):
It happens with anybody.

Dr. Morse (00:59:05):

Dr. Reese (00:59:05):
Know anybody, any, any guru, any priest, any, uh, self-help author, it just happens. People get divided into this duality,

Dr. Morse (00:59:15):
Duality yank.

Dr. Reese (00:59:16):
And so you've had some drama over the last five, six years naturally because Dr. Morris, let's be honest. Some people are extremists and they latch onto you. They're getting attached to the finger pointing at the moon.

Dr. Morse (00:59:30):
Yeah, I know. I

Dr. Reese (00:59:31):
Know. You're just the finger pointing at the moon.

Dr. Morse (00:59:33):
I know. And I'm trying to get 'em exactly.

Dr. Reese (00:59:36):
And they're vacant, attached to you and then maybe 2, 3, 4 years later, for some reason they say, screw him, screw fruit, you know, cook me a steak.

Dr. Morse (00:59:46):
I do that all the time. Yeah, it does. You know, and that doesn't work for me and it goes on and on and on down that road, you

Dr. Reese (00:59:52):
Know? Yeah.

Dr. Morse (00:59:53):
It's tough. I mean, when, when you're talking about going from having security around you with another person or, uh, a house or a vehicle or all the above, even the little things that you have you're forward to, or your emotional gigs or foods, everything in your life that you hold onto that define you. You have to let go. Yeah. You have to totally let go of every single thing, including your thoughts, your desires, the whole nine yards and just become the observer. Yeah. I always like it like that. Go ahead.

Dr. Reese (01:00:29):
And, and you, you have to handle these criticisms. People attack, people, attack your character.

Dr. Morse (01:00:36):
You know, I've done a few videos. Yeah addressing them. And then I just

Dr. Reese (01:00:41):
Drop it

Dr. Morse (01:00:43):
Water off my back. I don't care. I'm gonna tell you when you, when you enter these worlds, man, you're, you don't look to any human or anything come on. Right? I mean, what, what, what, these are humans, man. Yeah. Giving their, their, their, their radical experiences. And like you're coming from worlds that they have very little clue of that they're even a part of. They have very little clue and what do I care? I'm so happy with what I found, what I fucking and I, nobody can shake. I don't care one way or another. If you wanna follow the teachings, just like anyone else I'll help you. And I work with the master. We all work together. But if not, yeah. Or do I care if, if I care, then you have the ability to pull me into your world and pull me outta my God consciousness. And it's like, I don't think so. I work too hard to let go, oh, this myself, it's your turn.

Dr. Reese (01:01:39):
Especially at your, what are you? 70,

Dr. Morse (01:01:41):

Dr. Reese (01:01:43):
So you're, you're enter you're in your senior hood. You're just relaxing. <laugh>

Dr. Morse (01:01:47):
Yeah, I know some guy, damn, some guys asked me about the color of my hair was gray. And I said, whoa, he, he said white. And, uh, it's getting a little gray maybe now, but it was white. If you look at my, my photographs from 96 or 97. So we, I shot a cancer video and my hair had color and everything. Well, a couple of weeks after I shot that video, I poisoned myself with my name. I was experimenting with an herb that, that, uh, Christopher talked about, which should never be in a book. And it's where we get our Quine from. And nine is an extreme neurotoxin. So I consumed too much of it. And, uh, I felt when it hit my, I felt an electrical shock go straight down and straight Upal shock, straight down, straight up. And I, I couldn't breathe anymore. My brain went numb.

Dr. Reese (01:02:41):

Dr. Morse (01:02:42):
And I cut my autonomic, shut my autonomic down. I had to consciously breathe the hospital. Uh, we could, I didn't know it was doing it. My hair turned white as snow. Wow. From that eye. Wow. I started to get it back, but I'm, I'm struggling to be all, all myself.

Dr. Reese (01:03:01):

Dr. Morse (01:03:01):
I've been living with someone for all these years that are not. And just out outta your love of your, you, you know, you're not gonna be able to be with that. Someone that is not, if you're sharing space. Yeah. You share space, you share energy, you share consciousness. And that's why single people have more energy. They take care of themselves better than married.

Dr. Reese (01:03:23):
And the, the tongue is always craving salt. It's always craving. Yeah.

Dr. Morse (01:03:28):
Cooked, adrenal, crave,

Dr. Reese (01:03:30):
Cooked food, you know, and that's another thing that happens. Dr. Morris is people, you know, they're, they sort of, they sort of stereotype everything as, uh, Uh, you know, Dr. Morris teaches the fruitarian lifestyle and this, that, and the other, but you're not really teaching a lifestyle. You're teaching reversing dis ease. Exactly.

Dr. Morse (01:03:49):
You know, I'm not so presumptuous that I could say that you need to be a food Arian or you need to be that. Yeah. Somebody, you know, I've seen people once in a while make a claim that I said that it's like, really? I mean, that's what people half listen. So they come up with things that I said that I really never said. So the girls are going back on the videos, trying to find it. I never said it. But then they, you know, they tried to say that said that it's like, well, you wanna hear what? You wanna hear that old saying,

Dr. Reese (01:04:19):
I love cook food. I like making cook food. And for me many, many years ago, I found the balance. Cuz I still eat my fruit on the, on the weekends.

Dr. Morse (01:04:29):
You gotta have some balance. Yeah. And you notice that that's what I teach. And the reason I get, I get, I was so star, total Naval oranges. You could, I, that was it. I was so strict. I wanted to go breath area. You couldn't shake me off of that. Yeah, you couldn't. But it could. Right? Because then I came out giving lectures and I would start going outta body, giving a lecture. I was so scared and nervous giving a talk in front of people. Cause I'm living alone in the woods coming out. And suddenly here's all these people wanting to know about outta body travel. And I'm shaking there trying to talk about it. Mm. And, and I get done and my body's cramping, cramping, and it just, now I can do it without that. But he didn't used to, for years it would cramp. I would pour so much energy into it. Like you're taking, they would cramp with that energy coming through it. Now I'd have to, I'd have to get, I'd have to eat to come down. I'd have to come. I couldn't explain it to people. I have to ground. Cause if it don't ground, I'm not gonna stay in my body. I'm gonna outta here.

Dr. Reese (01:05:31):
Yeah. This is, this.

Dr. Morse (01:05:33):
Don't understand how powerful this thing is. We're talking

Dr. Reese (01:05:35):
About. Right. And one of the things that comes up on this podcast very often is one plus one equals three and not everyone understands one plus one equals three. And a lot of what we talk about is one plus one equals three,

Dr. Morse (01:05:51):
Sorry, you got a lot go of all these things that bind you to this world. Yeah. Look around.

Dr. Reese (01:05:58):
Yeah. They think it equals two. But

Dr. Morse (01:06:01):

Dr. Reese (01:06:02):
You know, one of the things that I discovered on my journey from masters and yogis and gurus, mystics is they usually need something earthly to keep them grounded. Yeah. Which is interesting. You just mentioned that sort of. So if you notice a lot of the yogis and masters are a little chubby, cuz they're grasping into food to keep them earthly. Mm-hmm <affirmative> otherwise they're gonna leave. Right.

Dr. Morse (01:06:28):
That's the point and people make a judgment over them, but you can't because you, you, when you're getting into the spiritual site, it's a, I mean, not that it's not that you can separate all this stuff out, but I mean, when you're hooking to the current and you're awakening to this current, to, to who you are, you're awakening to energy, this realm can't handle. And that's why you're in a physical form. If this world could handle you at that high level, it would. But it can't mm-hmm <affirmative>. And at that high level, you lose more and more of the, the, uh, the, the compounded isolated individual and becoming more of the divine. One of all, you start to see the oneness. When I first experienced cosmic consciousness, that was the universal mind. I, I, I went into pure ecstasy. It, everything was one. I saw all life coming from the, it was all one. It was nerve. But I knew because I'd been Tre, I knew there was one more step and that step was to let go of that small eye.

Dr. Reese (01:07:31):

Dr. Morse (01:07:32):
And that's when they're gonna rip you, you've gotta be willing not to care about nothing, including yourself. If you wanna find yourself, how crazy is that?

Dr. Reese (01:07:41):
Yeah, that's right. So I have a question here for you from someone else. Actually, this is from my good friend, uh, Kev, ke number two, I guess you call. And he says, uh, these days more people are taking their own lives. Thinking they're better off gone from this world. Dr. Morris, can you speak to the difference between these suicides and what we hear of ancient masters deciding when it was their time to leave the physical plane and what golden nugget would you send to anyone who feels they're better off, not

Dr. Morse (01:08:15):
Existing here. Okay. So remember that the driver, uh, obviously is your desires and stuff, but the true driving force of everything, including chemistry and physics is duality, right? Is the two forces and theism of that. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so everything is Carme driven and you create, when you put out an energy, it comes back, right? It's it's at old physics for, for every, uh, energy. There's an opportunity for, you know, that whole understanding of physics for every energy there's offset energy, all that. So when, when you take your life, you're only taking the life of the human body. You have done nothing to get rid of why you're experiencing the things you're experiencing. You just think if you get rid of the human body, which is nothing but a sensory cellular body, that you're gonna be free from that huge mistake. And a lot of the masters claim that it's a, it's an automatic Rebi into reincarnation.

Dr. Morse (01:09:19):
You come right back into another body because you're still on your journey. You have to awaken consciously. You can't just kill yourself and say, now I'm awake. I'm go to heaven. I don't work that way. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you're you're you are the divine in personalized individualized form. You can't kill yourself. There's nowhere. You're gonna be able to hide from yourself or kill yourself. You might experience a higher level, but you'll be put right back into a lower body. Cause you haven't finished your journey. So this is why the masters teach you how to let go, quit creating, quit creating karma, because you're only gonna re-experience it. And if you have created a lot of, of ex of karma, you're gonna have to come back and do it and experience it. Now the masters, do they claim try to run some of this off in the inner worlds.

Dr. Morse (01:10:04):
They do. Some of your dreams can be radical as hell and they can help you work some of this off in that dream state. But there's a lot, lot of people are heavy with this, but ultimately you have to get a hold of awareness and, and quit and enter the desireless state. You want something? Yeah. Oh yeah. I'll take this. I'll take this new car. Oh, you know, here you want it. You, anything you have, you must be willing to let go at any given moment. You don't have it because you know, its pretty there that the divine like it'd be pretty there. You don't want anything. You wanna get rid of that self desire. That means you can't have anything, but you can't have 'em because you want 'em. Now that's weird to, to say, but uh, you're, you're everything you own has a power from you on it.

Dr. Morse (01:10:55):
This is why you see Jesus portrayed, uh, in the poverty consciousness, bud, uh, portrayed in the poverty consciousness. A lot of the masters portrayed in the poverty consci state. You don't have to be in the poverty consciousness state. You can be wealthy. I knew a lot of wealthy, but you can't care for the wealthy state or the impoverished state. See another flip to this is if you are using it impoverished state, that can be define you and lock you into that. You can't do anything with a goal in mind or you just set yourself up on a journey of Gar consciousness is ever present it. You only go back to the roomy. What is the roomy take? The, the, the whirling ish take on this God absorption. Hmm. So what does God absorption mean? You and it must merge. Well, it is already all that it is.

Dr. Morse (01:11:53):
And you're an individualized. So guess who has to merge guess who has to let go and become themselves? Well, how could I little old me become the mm-hmm <affirmative> that's where the problem is. You seeing yourself as an individual form, as a meek. I know power little me. So as you start opening up and letting go, you start getting your power back and you get your adrenals help. You get your emotions strong, you start getting your thyroid healthy and parathyroid. You start getting self strong. And then as you enter these experiences and you shift your viewpoint from being the little old human looking to have a God experience, uh, looking from God, having a human experience, you have made a drastic shift in your, in your life. What's going happen to you in the next. But it's so simple because you have to just simply just like you asked me about social media stuff. I don't care. Say whatever you want. It doesn't bother me. I'm gonna it. If you get radical or I'm gonna send my attorney off to down, then I for

Dr. Reese (01:13:02):
You are a business.

Dr. Morse (01:13:04):

Dr. Reese (01:13:05):
That business needs to stay afloat in order to help people.

Dr. Morse (01:13:08):
So some of these kids gotta understand that they're slandering. I'm pretty loving guy. So I let it go off my back. But a medical doctor, our medical doctor came after me slander. So I learned a lot about slander. So you have to be real careful about, uh, tearing someone down to saying untruths and stuff. Yeah. I mean, if you don't like somebody, you don't like them. Get off the site, go somewhere else. Okay. You tried it. You did it. Maybe you don't like it. Whatever happened, maybe you burned. Maybe it's time another bite. Maybe you couldn't make it where you needed to. Right. Okay. Then go on. But like you said, a lot of trolls, but there's pharmaceutical controls, you know? Right. They, they come up with all kinds of nasty things. They say about you pharmaceutical tools. So it's a world like that, but the individual must become strong because it's whole world is propaganda. It's all a lie. Anyway. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and if you're looking to this world for your answers, you're gonna be here a long time.

Dr. Reese (01:14:03):
Mm well said mm-hmm <affirmative> so what a conversation. This has been two, two doctors, 30 years apart.

Dr. Morse (01:14:10):
Fun stuff

Dr. Reese (01:14:11):
Talking, uh, one plus one equals three.

Dr. Morse (01:14:14):
Yep. Absolutely. I love the of spirituality. It's just, oh my one time I think that the ship is getting is supposedly of the golden. The C if you look at Hinduism, but you've got a lot of beings right now focused in this area, you've got the ascended masters, Saint Jermaine, you got all these people. People are hanging onto these guys like crazy. And you got all your gurus, your bike, you got all these. Then you got your, you got your masters. Then you got your ex masters. And then you've got beings that are, let's just say a little beyond them.

Dr. Reese (01:14:56):

Dr. Morse (01:14:56):
<laugh> you, you've got some Frid powerful beings.

Dr. Reese (01:15:00):

Dr. Morse (01:15:01):
Yeah. I brought two of them with me. So sometime when you're you're ever around my seminars, take a look a different way and you'll see 'em there's two of 'em and you can't miss em. Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, uh, we have a serious thing going on here. Fun stuff, but uh, a lot going on because this planet is just like, and look at all this karma created of the negative side, you know, it has to have some place to play out. Now there are, there are places that are real bad. I think I told you last time they put me in this prison. I have to think it was on the Astro plane. But the fear, um, was through my hope beingness, it felt like all life would be gone from my essence. It was so scary that I, I, I just, I just totally freaked. And then something pulled me right outta there. Why did you show me the fear was overwhelming? Why did you show me that? And it's obvious, you know, you can do whatever you want, but cause and effect rule.

Dr. Reese (01:16:08):
Yeah. I've had people on this podcast who talk of experiences where they're stuck in a black void, you know, and it's scary. But you know, as I heard one guru say it's, it's like the, the black holes in space and that's what we go through. We have to get to the other side.

Dr. Morse (01:16:27):
If, if you're put in there and you're in a sky of darkness, mm-hmm <affirmative>, who's the light.

Dr. Reese (01:16:34):
You're the light.

Dr. Morse (01:16:36):
You're the light. Yeah. And that's what they're trying to teach. You don't look for the light outside of yourself. You're the light, light that up. And that's where

Dr. Reese (01:16:45):
We're at go Tom. And the Buddha said that on his deathbed, his disciple came up to him and said, master, what do we do now? He said, be a light unto yourself. You don't need me.

Dr. Morse (01:16:55):
Thank you. You go back, you see that rep is in of everywhere. We're just teaching. Everything has a little different levels to it. But basically we're rolling this boat similarly, you know?

Dr. Reese (01:17:07):
Well, row, row RO your boats, the most important song of all time. Isn't it

Dr. Morse (01:17:12):
The saying <laugh>

Dr. Reese (01:17:15):
Jesus to Christ told us that the kingdom of heaven is inside of us. Yeah.

Dr. Morse (01:17:21):
You're the living truth. But Enoch before him mm-hmm <affirmative> and then you just, I mean, you

Dr. Reese (01:17:27):
It's all there. It

Dr. Morse (01:17:28):
Always, it always, I've always called it the buddy system because there, it always has some way to awaken itself. Mm-hmm <affirmative> it can take itself pretty deep into unconsciousness, but it always finds a way to awaken itself. Mm. So that's what we all do here. We help awaken itself because one time we were lost in that journey, you know, it's that whole thing again. It's that? It's that? Uh, circle of iron.

Dr. Reese (01:17:51):
Yeah. How do, how does your staff handle you? <laugh>

Dr. Morse (01:17:57):

Dr. Reese (01:17:57):
You're supposed to be the, he, the, the natural healing guy, but obviously you're more than that. So, so that's,

Dr. Morse (01:18:03):
I mean, it's crazy. I mean, we're pretty busy around here when I come in, it does definitely, uh, shake things. I'm a shaker man. I'm type of individual. I'm Time. I don't have any time. I'm so busy that when I go in a door, I see myself coming at it. I'm so busy. My body cannot go fast enough to what I have to do here. And it's just, I, I get frustrated sometimes. Cause I just, I can't, I just, I just don't have enough time. I don't have enough space. I don't have, so I do my best.

Dr. Reese (01:18:44):
All right. As we wrap this up, here's here's I think my last question <laugh> you're 70 years old. What, where, where do you see your existence in this creation going over the next few years? What's what's next for Dr. Moore?

Dr. Morse (01:18:58):
Well, I want, I wanna, I wanna get the God power. I said, you're gonna understand this one. I wanna give this plant the biggest Dar shot that's ever had.

Dr. Reese (01:19:08):

Dr. Morse (01:19:10):
This planet needs a major Dar shot.

Dr. Reese (01:19:12):
Are people ready for a Dar?

Dr. Morse (01:19:14):
No, I don't think so. But remember you gotta remember who you are and who you Chan, what you can channel. Sometimes you don't realize things that you are until you get in a situation and it requires higher parts of yourself to come and go. What was that? Some entity was, uh, this restaurant once and some entity was bothering someone. Uh, maybe it was a follower, something, and it came right into me. And I saw this entity attacking. And the next thing you know, this, this light came outta my consciousness, blew that thing right apart. And, and I'm sitting there eating, going hell was that <laugh> you don't know.

Dr. Reese (01:20:00):
There are some dark entities out there. Aren't there.

Dr. Morse (01:20:02):
Massive, massive. And that's why if you wanna learn to protect yourself, psychically in every other way, you've gotta become the self. Whenever you're away from your house, it can be visited.

Dr. Reese (01:20:15):

Dr. Morse (01:20:16):
That's. Right. You know what I mean? That's right. Become the owner of your house. Become awake, become the driver of your car from consciousness, not from thought. Get the book on Jay Christian and Murray. Get any of these books and learn how to break thought with observation. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I've always said it's so simple. All right. Cause they have all these games here for us to play, to wake up with. Right? So here's all these paintings. Now with all these dots, remember there was a time when that was really popular at the same time, subliminal was teaching everybody how to look at these subliminal picture. You see the picture behind the dots. Mm. And that's the point. As soon as you quit looking so intensely at creation and you let go of that thought emotions and desires, that's all that these guys taught us.

Dr. Reese (01:21:17):
Is that tree that you see really a tree or is it

Dr. Morse (01:21:21):

Dr. Reese (01:21:22):
Is it electricity? Yeah.

Dr. Morse (01:21:23):
A tree. And if it's an idea of a tree who created the original thought of that,

Dr. Reese (01:21:29):

Dr. Morse (01:21:29):
Right. I mean, you just go right on down just because we're in a very, uh, a, a mundane world of chemistry. It is hard for those that have solidified their attention and consciousness into this world to see it in any, see life in any other altered way. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. But when you understand a little more about physics and I had a physicist in here the other day, and we had so much fun talking about frequencies of electromagnetic energies and how it manifests down into chemistry, into the sub levels of building itself up in the sub atomic particles, and then into the atoms, the atomic particles, and then into elements tructure well, then you have digestion to break, start back right back. What are we looking? Well, what the hell's energy consciousness? What do we don't know about pure consciousness? That's the thing so much. We don't know what I'm teaching easy stuff. Right? I've got questions that are a lot more intense,

Dr. Reese (01:22:27):
Right? Well, do you, do you have these two beings with you to ask

Dr. Morse (01:22:32):
If you have ice to see, you will see him <laugh> I first met him. I was on the beach and, uh, I was trying, trying to have an out body experience. I turned a, a Dodge van into a, my bed, my living quarters. So I had a bed in it. So I was living out wherever I could park, you know? So I was just laying there and I, I was trying, I felt myself lift up and go back down and I truly let go. I thought I was letting go. But soon as I just said to hell, I, I really let go. I popped up. And one was on each side of me and we were going down the beach as three beings of light. And then, uh, a few years ago, a seminar, this one psychic said, who's those two 18 foot beings you've got with you.

Dr. Reese (01:23:23):

Dr. Morse (01:23:24):
Bits of friends.

Dr. Reese (01:23:26):

Dr. Morse (01:23:27):
So it doesn't matter, man. We all have our friends mm-hmm and it's just that we've got something big going on here and I'm hoping people will understand it. This is the fun time to awaken to get your health back of your physical body, which leads to more awakening. Because what I mean, the only reason for health is so you have a great experience, like having a nice car. But if that becomes your hundred percent focus, you'll get lost with it. And then you get just what you said, you'll get a stare. Now, maybe you need that. You know, I was, I went right. I was so strict. You couldn't me? No. Put some Indian food in front of me, vegetable, karma. I might go, oh, I got some of that damn white flour. And <laugh>, you know, I mean, yeah. I mean, you know what I'm saying? <laugh>

Dr. Reese (01:24:12):
Yeah. You, you love some Indian food, don't you?

Dr. Morse (01:24:15):
I love the Indian people.

Dr. Reese (01:24:16):
Yeah, me too, man.

Dr. Morse (01:24:18):
Me too. The Indians are amazing. The most amazing country in the world, in my opinion, in its color. And its beauty, it a true master is only going to teach you the, the tools you need. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and you must use those tools. They're gonna tell you, cause growing up in spirituality, you always hear masters take on your karma and stuff. Really? Not anyone I know.

Dr. Reese (01:24:41):
No, the master's beyond master beyond karma.

Dr. Morse (01:24:45):
Let me tell you <laugh> that was the most acid thing. And then you have the, uh, soul made syndromes and you have all kinds of things yeah. That people cling to creation for, even from a higher self perspective. Yeah. In reality, they're the living truth. They're whole, they're one. You're not gendered past the causal world. There is no gender to you. You're not male or female. You've lost all of that stuff. Yeah. It's becomes an interesting journey.

Dr. Reese (01:25:13):
Well, one of the things that, you know, came to me when I was studying Kaba was, you know, in the Bible, there's a lot of knowledge in that Bible. A lot of profoundness in that Bible,

Dr. Morse (01:25:25):
There's nothing, all of it. Mm-hmm <affirmative>.

Dr. Reese (01:25:27):
And so it's, you know, it says that God created us and his likeness. But the thing that people miss that goes over their head is that the likeness is formless.

Dr. Morse (01:25:38):
Thank you. And it tells you that, cause it says that God is on the, on the, and on this. Yes. All present, all powerful and all know. Okay. So when you have something like that, yeah. There can't be something outside of that. That is a total complete state. So there's nothing that you can have outta that. You can't have God. And, and um, under present infinite, I don't wanna use the being because that would be then reducing it and then, you know, pay those games to that. You can't do that, but that's that's that's

Dr. Reese (01:26:11):
We are formless. We are genderless.

Dr. Morse (01:26:14):
No kidding. This is the game. Genders are the games. That's how people feel. Good. Get a nice woman. Get a nice man. Have fun. Okay. Who care? I mean romance. Okay. That's fun. That's you know, you have some good romance that takes you to the higher realms. Uh, you can have, uh, someone that's spiritually involved and you too can take yourselves deep into the gun worlds with romance and stuff. Sure. Turn everything around at some higher experience.

Dr. Reese (01:26:38):
Little Tatra, little tan.

Dr. Morse (01:26:39):
Oh my God. Maybe it's in a higher level awareness. You can journey into these worlds and allow each other the freedom to be themselves. And, and the relationship will last forever. The relationships dying. When you start owning it controlling,

Dr. Reese (01:26:58):
Can't possess another human being

Dr. Morse (01:26:59):
Can't or anything,

Dr. Reese (01:27:01):
Anything like

Dr. Morse (01:27:02):
Even your own self

Dr. Reese (01:27:03):

Dr. Morse (01:27:04):
Right. Or you're gonna spin. You're gonna be going through these lifetimes. Yeah. So you finally learned to let go and it could be what you said, a dark side. Lifetime. Yeah. Ripping you. Right. And lip because you simply just didn't let go,

Dr. Reese (01:27:18):
Let, go or get dragged.

Dr. Morse (01:27:20):

Dr. Reese (01:27:21):
Let go. And yeah.

Dr. Morse (01:27:22):
If you, if you wanna go out and tear it up, I, you know, my role, I talk to a lot of being from levels and their soul's always coming into this souls, but that never, ever been to this level. Yeah. And boy, they can get rowdy as hell. I'm telling you.

Dr. Reese (01:27:37):
Yeah. So this conversation, Dr. Morris, are your students ready for this conversation that we just recorded?

Dr. Morse (01:27:44):
No. See, that's the thing, I don't know. I thought about this with you before, because you know, we're right into the heat of the subject. But uh, I don't know. I don't care either.

Dr. Reese (01:27:56):
Is this a <laugh>

Dr. Morse (01:27:58):
You know,

Dr. Reese (01:27:58):
I, and let's preface this. You're not meaning to offend them. You just transcended above opinion.

Dr. Morse (01:28:04):
Exactly. I, I told all my YouTubers, I I'm always with you. I am, I'm help. A lot of them. I'll come to you at night. I'll work with you in your dream states. I'll help you in all that. But, uh, my job is to awaken you, if you are willing, uh, the health is just my doorway. Some guy said, I see your <laugh> because I tried going phase four. You know, I've put on lectures from Indiana to Texas, to, uh, Florida all through the states, uh, putting on talks and on echo car and God consciousness and how the body travel once a while on health. But it's worth about health. You don't know which is worth. Cause you're talking about of years. People didn't wanna hear about health and they didn't wanna hear about these higher things. Mm-hmm <affirmative> I mean, you did find one once in a while, you know, but for years I couldn't find anybody in my area, anywhere for that was into raw eating.

Dr. Morse (01:29:05):
Mm. How rare that was now it's picking up, picking up, picking up, picking up and more people are getting into it. But then you have that pool of the, of the paleo people still. Then you have the pool of the, the lipid people. Uh, it is just, it's just so unconscious out there. People are grabbing at anything in straws and everything and say that that crap all goes, I'll take the base thinking people are not getting cured because no one stopped pulling back and looking at the cause of everything. You're in a world to keep you here. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and you have to know that. And that the mind is the main instrument, keeping you in your journey of creation, not just in this physical realm, but in your emotional journeys and your journeys. And when you learn to simply switch your attention from thought to being aware and letting your awareness drive you, uh, that's your savior. You've made it. You made it.

Dr. Reese (01:29:59):
If Aldine roomy did it, we can do it.

Dr. Morse (01:30:03):
I love all those guys. Yeah. I love all those

Dr. Reese (01:30:05):
Guys. Me too.

Dr. Morse (01:30:07):
I just love, but I do love the master's master. Like these guys they're like me. They're little rowdy, always one. They say, I always wonder they sit me down saying, you know, I'm a little rowdy <laugh> but I love it. Anyway. It's been a pleasure.

Dr. Reese (01:30:24):
Thank you for the time Dr. Morrison.

Dr. Morse (01:30:26):
Yes. Fun stuff. Take care of yourself. You

Dr. Reese (01:30:29):

Dr. Morse (01:30:30):
All right. Hope

Dr. Reese (01:30:30):
To talk soon. Take care.

Dr. Morse (01:30:31):
Love you, man.

Dr. Reese (01:30:33):
What a joy to have that conversation. And if you are a long time student of Dr. Robert Mo and this conversation may have just knocked you on your booty. <laugh> maybe kind of like I was knocked on my butt back in 2011 and 2012. It's what we're doing here with this podcast. We're just trying to wake people up. If you're looking for more from me, my podcasts, my webinars, my seminars, my books, go to doctor That's doctor spelled out and I'll talk to you on the next episode.

New Speaker (01:31:13):
They thanks for listening to inner peace with Dr. Reese. If this episode opened your heart, feel free to share on social media and tell your loved ones. Also be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode until next time may peace be with you.