Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese
May 23, 2021

Beyond the Body Part 2 w/ Dr. Robert Morse

Beyond the Body Part 2 w/ Dr. Robert Morse

In episode # 98, Dr. Reese welcomes back, Dr. Morse to go beyond the body again. This time, they discuss living in the now, the alone state, remote viewing, the different levels of incarnation and much more. Plus - find out what it's like to be a plant! 


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Dr. Reese (00:01:06):
So welcome back to the podcast, Dr. Morse.

Dr. Morse (00:01:49):
Yeah, it's good to be here with you.

Dr. Reese (00:01:51):
You know, the last time you were on this podcast, you said that you like to sit in your garden and you like to do viewing that's your term. You said I like do some viewing. Can you shine some light on what you meant

Dr. Morse (00:02:12):
You know, in the day to day world, around my clinic, it's busy and there's a lot of people that are, uh, pulling at one's attention. And so I try to always be in the now with that anyway, because taking me out of that would lower my ability to help you for a lot of reasons. So viewing for me is just like we used in the military years ago, remote viewing, we used psychics or people that could out of body travel, and then we would always go over to the Russians or that they'd come over to us. I mean, it was, there was remote viewing. So I like to view because that's how I look at what's coming energetically. I can, you know, in, and now you see, you can see everything that's coming as much as you're allowed to, um, to, to handle em, all I can say, because as you, as you pull yourself more in this presence of the now of consciousness, it then becomes how conscious can you become? Because there's a lot of realms of consciousness. It's like consciousness. Some people think it's just the defined in all. And in a sense, it is in the, in, in the present moment. But there's degrees of that.

Dr. Morse (00:03:25):
you can only go so far with that and maintain that human body at all. So I like to get as much to that as I can. So I can you, because when you look at the whole thing, think about this. All, all creation is, is consciousness learning to express itself through dual.

Dr. Reese (00:03:48):
Would you say that remote viewing is similar or the same thing as out of body travel?

Dr. Morse (00:03:53):
Oh yeah, definitely.

Dr. Reese (00:03:55):
Definitely. So just two different names,

Dr. Morse (00:03:56):
Two different, you know, really out body travel kind of is an illusionary thing in one sense of the word, because, and I'll give you an example. Cause we were talking about, I think the last time I was so much into traveling, like one beautiful place for another higher lands, higher levels of, of awareness and stuff like this. And you get up to the cosmic consciousness levels and I mean, it's all thrilling and all this sort of stuff. And then I had this voice coming through me saying, well, traveler, who's the traveler. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, I've always been big on who's the who, right. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So then I started realizing, you know, I wasn't being now as much as I thought I was, I was involved in traveling and viewing and things like that. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. And so then I just realized that I had to be more in the now and then I quit traveling as much. Cause you can see so much more in the now traveling's like thought,

Dr. Reese (00:04:48):
How now can you get,

Dr. Morse (00:04:50):
Oh now can you get that's a bottom line to it? And it's intense when you, when you learn the now and then you learn how to keep more and more and more into that. Now the intensity is unreal.

Dr. Reese (00:05:01):
I was gonna ask you that because when you travel astrol or soul travel or what, what have you, that's not the, now it is not. And, and so there's a lot of folks out there that are doing soul travel and whatnot. And they're not, I mean, they can be considered a mystic, but are they technically enlightened? Are they technically self realized?

Dr. Morse (00:05:30):
I love what you just said, because what you just said is basically Twitchel talked a lot about that and you see a lot about that. When you pull yourself into the now, then you start to see where those that are talking about that, or those that are involved in what you're saying is not quite pull themselves into that level, but I'll tell you it's the subtleties of the mind. Oh my God. The subtleties of the mind to come in and make you think you're in the now see there's that side of it too.

Dr. Reese (00:06:00):
Yeah. So I, I mean, I've had a few experiences what they would call in Zen as a ator, just a few. And you know, I've had teachers say, you know, don't get too hung up on that, cuz that's just a glimpse. That's just a glimpse, the glimpse. And you know, sometimes we can see the lights and we can have these amazing feelings and buzzing and vibrational energy, but that's not the end game. Is it? That's just what you see on the path.

Dr. Morse (00:06:32):
Well, that's it, that's what you're viewing, but who's the viewer.

Dr. Reese (00:06:36):

Dr. Morse (00:06:37):
See, and when I get on in my zone, so to speak, I try to become the viewer and let the view happen.

Dr. Reese (00:06:46):

Dr. Morse (00:06:47):
Mm-hmm <affirmative> the intensity of that, you know, their alone state, a lot of people run from that cuz the intensity of that is unreal.

Dr. Reese (00:06:56):
Sure. And you know, I just, a few episodes ago I had a notorious mindfulness teacher named shinon young on and we went in the depth on the detox process of enlightenment, forget the body, what Goma deto was talking about when he was under the tree and all the visions and all the craziness. And perhaps Jesus talked about it in the desert too. And you know, seeing the devil and sometimes when we do long term determined sitting, We can go through a detox process, which is very similar to the physical body, which you teach. So you can have a healing event with your body if you go on all fruit or fasting, but you can also have an event when you're alone for a long period of time. Right.

Dr. Morse (00:07:53):
Oh, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Depends what you got stored. You know, when you start going raw and you start izing and going raw, you're going raw, you're going energetic. You're going energy. You know you're going chemistry, but yeah, yeah, yeah. You're going energetically. And you're also going consciousness because when you look at foods, you can talk about the chemistry of it. But that's man and his, his lower levels, you talk about the energy of, but there's also the consciousness of that and all that that goes in and, and specific to certain cells of the human body. So we want everybody that starts this journey because we're not talking to the human body here. We're talking to the individual consciousness that has that body and that yeah, you're gonna detoxify your body, but guess what's coming, you're gonna move right up the shock chain.

Dr. Morse (00:08:45):
You're gonna see the emotional detox coming. That's your next, next level? Cause that's your adrenals. And that of course hits hikes the kidneys. So stress, uh, uh, emotions, anxiety, things like that. When you have weakened adrenals or whatever, shuts down your ability to release, you know, and release the toxins of the human body, but release the toxins of the emotional bodies too. But all these bodies are dualistic bodies. If you spend time playing in that and working on detoxing, your emotional body and your middle body, you might be here a long time. You'd be better off to get yourself in the now and let all that work itself out. Because this is a time where there's a word I'm telling people just watch become the watcher, the observer, right? Yeah. Because you're gonna see the divine come in and start changing all this stuff that is corrupt.

Dr. Reese (00:09:41):
Yeah. I, I practice like self inquiry. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, self noting, contemplation. It could be called different things. F pasta watching, watching it happen because the mind is gonna go here and there and

Dr. Morse (00:09:58):
Here and there, you're not watching. You're part of the drama. Well that means you're less awake.

Dr. Reese (00:10:04):
Yeah. And so it's, it's so simple in theory on paper, it's so simple. I get on this podcast and I tell people, you just gotta

Dr. Morse (00:10:14):
Stop thinking.

Dr. Reese (00:10:15):
Yeah, you gotta get your mind to surrender. And then you can use it as a tool. Right?

Dr. Morse (00:10:22):
But you, you it's it. And the only way you can get the mind to surrenders, quit playing with it. Quit being your mind, quit being your thoughts. Cause everybody lives in their thoughts. You live from one thought to another thought to another thought to another thought. And if you keep working in that position of observation of the now, and you're not focusing, and I keep saying that the best way to, to understand that is when you get these paintings that have all the dots on them and you're looking at the dots and there's nothing but dots. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. But as soon as you do the Buddha thing and don't give a hoot and look back like looking at an aura, you'll then see the picture behind the ducks.

Dr. Reese (00:11:07):
Mm. On the last episode, beyond the body part one, I'm gonna call this beyond the body. Part two, you talked about that experience where they took you right. Outta your bed, they took you up. Okay. I think you were in your early twenties, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>, you're just, you're just on the fruit. You're you're you're reading the tigers Fang. It's all happening at the same time. You know, this is, this is 50 years ago. What did you see from those AKA records

Dr. Morse (00:11:41):
Too much?

Dr. Reese (00:11:43):
Hmm. That's a good answer.

Dr. Morse (00:11:46):
It's intense.

Dr. Morse (00:11:48):
So this is why I keep saying, pull yourself back to the pressive moment because there's too much creation is so packed. And so leveled humans on this planet have no idea. All the beings that are here with them, some are enjoying the same bodies. They are, some are bodied themselves. So this planet right now, I, I thought got mentioned it the last time. It's like a star wars bar to me. Where are you from? I married someone a couple years ago at one of my seminars. And I looked at her and I said, walk in, huh? She looks at me and go how'd you know, I said, I see you. And she said, no one knows. I said just here shortly. So you there's a lot of this going on here. And all I can say is that we have to awaken the human state has to awaken them. It's about to get his butt kicked.

Dr. Reese (00:12:42):

Dr. Morse (00:12:43):
Yeah. But you know, I guess that's how things rock. I, I don't pretend to care or no, because it's too intense because there's a part of me that wants to pull a warrior thing right now because of what's going on, you know? Right. And I told you, when I came down in here, that was, there was multitudes of beings with me. So, and they were all light beings and I'm going, what is going on? And we were all coming down in here. So who knows?

Dr. Reese (00:13:08):
I had an enlightened teacher once tell me that he only saw his AKA records once. And that was enough. And you know, you don't wanna get trapped in the, you know, going, going to look at it and looking at your PA. Cause again, it's taking you out of the now.

Dr. Morse (00:13:26):
Well, it's, let's focus on that. What part of you moves? You moves you around

Dr. Reese (00:13:35):
The awareness,

Dr. Morse (00:13:36):
Your awareness, your attention. So if you put your attention back on past experiences, guess what you light up, you're going into a dead room, turning on the light switch and you're gonna relive it. You know, I had a, a good, uh, soul that I've had past lives with. And she went back in a past life and she was raped as a native American. And she relived the experience. Mm. And she said, holy crap. I said, you went in a dark room and turned on the light switch, honey. Your attention is your power is the power that makes things happen or not happen. If you don't want something to happen, remove your attention from it. Or like budh said, don't give tots. You know? So I mean, it it's that sort of thing. So your attention is the driver of the mind of emotions of everything. And it's like, where do you have it? And if you have it placed on things or have it placed in using your mind that that's where you, you take yourself from this unlimited being into this small little paradigm of cycles and CaRMS and all kinds of things. Mm-hmm <affirmative> okay. I guess. But for those that have been around a while, there's a lot of 'em one out,

Dr. Reese (00:14:42):
Wow. You know, Goam the Buddha himself again, mm-hmm <affirmative> in the diamond suture. One of my favorite ancient scriptures. He talks about his past life being chopped. The pieces.

Dr. Morse (00:14:57):
Yeah. That's why I'm saying, be careful what you want because you're right now, you're the best you've ever been. And just realize that whatever you're involved in is your car, uh, move. In other words, if you have different problems, tumors, sickness, whatever, whatever work through it, work through it, work, work through it. That's your karma. You created this somewhere in past lives, whatever work through it, no matter what work through it, keep pulling yourself in the now, now all these things work itself out and they'll work themselves out. If you get too involved, you keep, keep yourself here, rotating and rotating around and around that will of 80, you know, and you just gotta pull back no matter how you're suffering or who you see suffering and realize and had to set it up this way, Carme, you never know what you see as soul and their journey has been, or anyone they've hurt in these, in, in creation.

Dr. Reese (00:15:48):
I have that in my, my little notes here, the wheel of 84, the Zodiac, where does that come into play? That's on my notes right here.

Dr. Morse (00:15:56):
Is that funny? Yeah. The will of the 84, whatever they wanna call the cycles of, uh, birth life and death, you know, and reincarnation, but

Dr. Reese (00:16:06):

Dr. Morse (00:16:07):
Yeah, but it, it just, and it doesn't matter what body you're in going through it, obviously. So it's you as, as an individualized expression, taking responsibility for your actions. And that's what I said earlier. If you understand that you are pure consciousness learning to manifest in duality and that this is why you see the different levels and some are working themselves up a little bit. Mm. Got some, uh, pretty low levels on this planet. And um,

Dr. Reese (00:16:39):
What about past lives as animals or plants

Dr. Morse (00:16:45):
Been there?

Dr. Reese (00:16:47):

Dr. Morse (00:16:48):
And you don't wanna go past the animal. Yeah. Cause you found that most incredible sense of phobia you've ever had. Matter of fact, I wouldn't advise it. I went back into plant life and uh, I couldn't wait for them to pull me out of there. It was, uh, uh, extremely claustrophobic. Mm. You have to understand consciousness at some of these levels, even though you might wanna argue more in the now, but uh, extremely limited.

Dr. Reese (00:17:21):
So we wanna be human.

Dr. Morse (00:17:23):
Oh you, well, it's the highest level. It's time to go higher than that because there's other beings everywhere. I mean, the human is a lower species. I mean, I dunno if people told you that to travel, but the human consciousness is the one of the lower ones. So human has gotta start lifting itself up a little more. I mean, we still kill each other. You see what happened in the, in the, in the elections here, you still see the corruption everywhere. The government's so full of corrupt. That's the planet you're on. You know, this is a war. This is considering a waring planet among the spiritual people

Dr. Reese (00:17:53):
Could be on another planet. Right?

Dr. Morse (00:17:54):
Mm-hmm <affirmative> well,

Dr. Reese (00:17:56):
Could be a plant on Mars or something.

Dr. Morse (00:17:58):
<laugh> there are so many planes, but get this, there's so many dimensions within the planes. So not only has my father room imagine has many rooms. There are frequencies within fre. I mean, life is it's, it's beyond staggering. So that's why you cannot comprehend it through individual consciousness. You have to pull back to where you're outside of duality, you know, outside of seeing yourself as an individual, because consciousness, you don't see yourself and you don't see yourself as an individual. You are an individual in intensity of that awareness, but it's not something you are seeing at because you can't look at consciousness because that's the end, all that's, that's where everything originates. So there's nothing behind it, except deeper levels of it. So when you get into creation that manifests at frequencies and levels beyond, I mean, can't even comprehend anything like that in the individual form.

Dr. Reese (00:18:55):
Sometimes it's good. Not to even try to

Dr. Morse (00:18:59):
Trust me.

Dr. Reese (00:19:00):
Yeah. I've, I've heard another guru once say he was given a sat saying a talk and one of the students asked, they said, you know, have you ever seen angels and this, that and the other. And he says, yeah, but I don't pay him any attention. <laugh>

Dr. Morse (00:19:21):
Angels, except, you know, man has a lot to, to wake up to. Yeah. And, uh, himself is one of 'em, you know, and his need for freedom and stuff like this. You know, the social consciousness is negative. Forces are heavily pressing right now. Mm. So I, I heard a Chinese, this guy was way up there and government. And he said, you know, we, we consider the family, the unit, the individual, no, we don't consider the individual. We consider the family. Well, that would be family and family government and stuff like that. And he said, you Americans consider the individual. And I said, you're right on my friend, because the family is made of individuals. And as soon as you remove the individuality of someone, you've lost their freedom, You know? And the more that is, and you just see that. So you wanna hold onto that individuality of freedom. And if those out there, especially the young people, realize that everything comes through you, you create everything. You don't rely on government. You don't rely on anybody for your experience. You rely on yourself for your experience. You're where the buck starts. Always

Dr. Reese (00:20:29):
You are consciousness or being

Dr. Morse (00:20:31):

Dr. Reese (00:20:32):
It, but you are responsible for your body in your mind. Totally.

Dr. Morse (00:20:36):
I mean, if you think someone else is responsible for your journey, you're smoking something pretty bad in the back room because you are on your own journey here. And that's the sad thing Hubers don't know to educate in a higher level, you know, where they're taking an individual that's young because these new souls coming in are very aware. And I'm finding they're having a hard time with the existing consciousness because obvious they're coming in with higher levels. And we're, you know, except for people like you and me and others out there trying to lift this up, you're seeing your kids being quite aware. And those parents that are using the raw foods, holy crap, these beings are gonna be very powerful and, uh, very awake. And it's exciting to see, but you can see in these times they're needed, but we have to be careful that the negative forces don't crush those beings, those souls, because you know, that's what they're gonna try to do.

Dr. Reese (00:21:29):
Do you remember trying the easy way by Paul Twitchel? That was one of his methods.

Dr. Morse (00:21:35):
The easy way. Which one was that one? That's his ears, man.

Dr. Reese (00:21:38):
That, that, that is sitting in a chair, meditating and envisioning yourself, watching yourself from across the world

Dr. Morse (00:21:46):
That, or you can go in bed at night and, and look down from the ceiling at yourself and things like, that's no thing too. You know, anytime you want get outta your body, just put yourself wherever you wanna go. Like go the body.

Dr. Reese (00:21:59):
Can you get stuck though?

Dr. Morse (00:22:02):

Dr. Reese (00:22:02):
Yeah. Out. No,

Dr. Morse (00:22:04):
No. You can feel like you can, you can feel like you can, but you won't get stuck. You'll get back in and they'll pull you right back in or you'll get back in. Let me tell you, you're not gonna leave.

Dr. Reese (00:22:14):
Even if you're you're in Florida, but you just took a trip to India. You still come back. Boom.

Dr. Morse (00:22:20):
Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. But learn that you don't have to take that trip outta body. What were you asking me about viewing? See what I'm saying? Consciousness doesn't ne doesn't move.

Dr. Reese (00:22:34):

Dr. Morse (00:22:35):
And that, remember the secret I told you is, none of you guys are here. You're all in consciousness. This is just the body. And your attention is being fo focused through your bodies. So none of us are really here. We're all conscious.

Dr. Reese (00:22:48):
It's kind of

Dr. Morse (00:22:49):
Like a illusion. Is, is that your, your emotions and your mind and your thoughts they're taking that and limiting that because

Dr. Reese (00:22:57):
It's kind of like the ocean, right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>, it's just one big body of exactly.

Dr. Morse (00:23:01):
Exactly. We are consciousness expressing ourselves an individual form, but conscious as consciousness, we can't be individual forum and be consciousness. Yeah. But we can be consciousness and use individual form Even though individual form is within consciousness.

Dr. Reese (00:23:21):
So what would, what's the difference between the soul body and the Astro body?

Dr. Morse (00:23:26):
Whew. If I was gonna say there's a soul body, I would say that is the first step into Satna, uh, where you might maintain an individualized consciousness to a certain degree. Uh, I know a lot of manifesting is going on in the soul plain, but I, I personally don't see it as a separate body. I don't see consciousness as a separate body. Uh, I think it was a good term to get those working at that level. Cause I think TWI knew us. A lot of the masters knew that man is where he is at, you know? And, and he, he, he, it takes time for that, that level to, to unfold into these higher levels. That's why we chose to do, uh, uh, Eck and car. The, uh, it was what was the, uh, it was the, um, what did twitcher call it first? Uh,

Dr. Reese (00:24:31):
The title of it,

Dr. Morse (00:24:32):
No Eck and car was known, known as the, by location, the path of by location or something like that. Okay. Uh, and he first taught by location out of body traveling, you know, that's, if you read all the books, there are about the different levels, the different bodies. And then he officially came to Darwin and then he called that car way of life. And he's the one that took twits. This is what creation is made of. This is what conscious is made of. And then Darwin came along and said, now be conscious and creation will work itself out. And so Darwin came and he tried to bring about the now, well, when you try to do that, you have a lot of forces against you. Mm. Just like what you see going on right now, all around the world. There's a lot of, we're in a major battle. This battle's been going on in the middle worlds and it's now hitting here and it's gonna be a good one.

Dr. Reese (00:25:21):

Dr. Morse (00:25:24):
I didn't think we would move this quick.

Dr. Reese (00:25:27):
When, what the, the war, the battle.

Dr. Morse (00:25:29):
Oh yeah, it's coming. I just find myself wherever I wanna go, but I don't travel as much anymore. And I don't really, I'm not really into that because to be honest with you, that's a waste of time. I mean, it's fun and there's some places that'll blow you right. Outta the water and it's beauty. Right. But we're viewing something that's created. And I wanna keep teaching the viewer because if I pull myself down out of that and I've lost my way, then I can't do that. So I wanna always teach that the highest you can always teach. And that is consciousness. If you can get, if you can get to the point of the now you, you can't imagine what you've done yourself, what the favor and the journey that you've, and this is a good time to do it when you have a human body, because you can work through things better when you get up into the mental worlds and some of these higher causal worlds and stuff. They're so beautiful. You don't really wanna leave. So you can spend who knows how long playing and enjoying yourself there. Especially if you have buddies.

Dr. Reese (00:26:30):
Yeah. You, you once said you can't imagine anything that doesn't exist exist. Mm. So, so you can't go to a place that doesn't exist.

Dr. Morse (00:26:40):
You cannot,

Dr. Reese (00:26:41):
It's like a video game. It's like, think whatever's been designed in that video game.

Dr. Morse (00:26:47):
You, there is, there is nothing that doesn't exist that you can think of. You cannot create something out of imagination. The imagination is the mind is the, and so exactly there are places that are scary as, you know, what I told you about one prison once. And there's just things that are so deep that, um, I think sometimes this is why souls on this planet kinda onto things, you know, thinking to have security here in the physical world, and it's not, but can, I can see that.

Dr. Reese (00:27:20):
So if you watch the documentary, let's just say, uh, uh, a temple in Sri Lanka or something, you could put that image in your mind and then go there.

Dr. Morse (00:27:31):
You can pull whatever up you want without having to travel there. You know, why waste your time? Yeah. You can put your, you can view anything you wanna view even in consciousness, but, you know, just do you want that?

Dr. Reese (00:27:46):
Well, it kind of reminds me of Google maps. You can pull up a Google map.

Dr. Morse (00:27:52):
It's total like Google

Dr. Reese (00:27:53):
Map. And, and you, you can, you can actually go down to a street level and, and go wherever you want in the world.

Dr. Morse (00:28:00):
So if you looked at, uh, consciousness as the camera, as the viewer, and you wanted to specifically put your attention on any, any address or any experience or any person or anything in that camera would then focus its attention on that. And that's really what consciousness is expressing itself and learning to express itself. That's why you see so much of dwelling up and downs is that it's still learning to express itself in consciousness, uh, a consciousness expressing itself. And that's what you see in the human formula. That's why I say the best thing you could do is get your physical body healthy. Don't get so involved with that. That dominates your attention though, where your health is, is a hundred percent of your attention, make it a lot of it, but make in that journey, spending time in the quietness of the now. And that's what the beauty of fruit and raw foods do.

Dr. Morse (00:28:56):
It, it settles down that inflammatory acid, jittery, nerdy thing, and brings you into the peace and silence of the now. And then use that again. You get to develop that I've been 50 years trying to develop myself, to keep me in the now without slipping down, because some things can pull me out. You know, people that are hurting real bad. I mean, I'm a healer. So when I see somebody suffering, I mean, it just takes my attention right into, I wanna help. Now we're working to work on these, uh, poor children, like leprosy children and stuff. And, um, I'm excited as all get out about it, but I've got, I've got, I've got a key in the now, but at the same time, put some good attention on that so I can help them. You know? So that's what I think you learn is learning to be in the now first. And then how do you navigate your mind? As you said earlier, how do you navigate your mind and your emotion and your human body through consciousness instead of through thought. And that's what the line I think would be

Dr. Reese (00:29:57):
On the last episode, you mentioned that you struggled in your twenties and thirties, as far as business goes. Yeah. You even mentioned that you, you went bankrupt. Like you had some hard times. How did you get through that? Mentally did everything that you learned and everything that you inquired with and being in the now did all of that help you through these physical challenges?

Dr. Morse (00:30:23):
Oh yeah. I mean, I've been poor up till about 15 years ago, and then I have a little money now, but I've been very poor. I lived in RVs with my wife and my, uh, stepson. So we lived in little bitty ones all the way in all these years, but you know what? I'm so happy in the now I don't care what happens, throw me in a jail. I don't care. You only have my body. You know, I, I, I don't care what I'm in. And that was hard for my wife at the time to deal with because, but she did real good with that because, uh, it, it, uh, I was used to living in a Volkswagen van by myself. So when you take on another individual and you're trying to be in the now complications do arise. <laugh> especi when you're living in small areas. Yes, sir. But I taught classes, <inaudible> classes about every night health classes. And so about seven days of the week, no matter what my physical job was, I always taught. Cause that's been my passion. Once you connect that passion, that, that, that, I don't know what to say. The love you have for the divine does not go away. Intensifies.

Dr. Reese (00:31:33):
We have in my soul, I am free. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and an original Paul Twitchel brochure.

Dr. Morse (00:31:40):
Look at that. Imagine me able to soul travel. Look at that. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. Oh it. Second car. The science of bilocation. That was Twitch's first neighbor. Second car, second car. The science of bilocation by location.

Dr. Reese (00:31:52):
Mm. Did you actually join the organization Kar? Or were you teaching it?

Dr. Morse (00:32:00):
You did. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I was a Mo I was a priest to work. My, I was up in there. I was about 30 years in Kar, uh, as a member and then Harold clamp, I kept, when he came in, I kept saying something wrong with this guy, guys. He doesn't know the, now he's not teaching the, now he wants to make a religion out. And some of the higher initiatives with me were going, ah, and then they end up leaving and I stayed and I stayed. But then I said the, you know, you know, when someone's channeling them now and when someone's not, I mean, if you, if you know what consciousness is, you know, when someone knows it and when someone does it. Yeah. I don't care what they claim, who cares a lot of yoga. A lot of people claim a lot of things.

Dr. Reese (00:32:43):
So how would you describe Ekin card to someone that doesn't know what it is?

Dr. Morse (00:32:48):
Well, the new or the old,

Dr. Reese (00:32:51):
Uh, let's go with the old, that's the thing, the one you became involved.

Dr. Morse (00:32:54):
The one I was in. Yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:32:56):
What, and, and what year was it? Cuz Twitchel died in 1971. I

Dr. Morse (00:32:59):
Believe I joined in 71. Okay. And I left, oh man. This had about 30 years to that. Okay. Um, it was exciting because for those of us that, that realized consciousness and soul and, and, and all these different levels, it was just exciting to find information about it. It's like raw foods back in the seventies, you couldn't find books on raw foods. You couldn't go to your library and find a book on you probably can't now in food, Italian or anything. So there's special places that you can go to find these books. And back then that maybe at a Shangla health resort or a, uh, Shelton, natural hygienic mm-hmm <affirmative>, uh, resort. They would carry raw food books, but very difficult health. Uh, um, I, can't not health, uh, I can't remember their name, but they had tons of books, uh, on raw and stuff, but very hard to get raw books and almost impossible to get out body books.

Dr. Morse (00:33:58):
Once you learned about there was out body travel, just so you didn't know about consciousness, you just knew you had the ability to get outta your body and go somewhere else. Mm-hmm <affirmative> where do I get books? Where do I read about this? So some detectives said, well, go to the rose of Christians. So I went to the rose of Christians. Yep. They teach out body traveling, but they use the mind to put their will on others. So I didn't want that. And so, uh, then I ran into, then it took me from just out body travel to so travel and I'm well, wait, you've got, so really all these travels are, is just where's. Which body is your attention in? That's all it is. Which body is your, which realm are you in? Are you in national realm? Are you in the coastal realm or are you in the middle realm? Sometimes that's difficult to know

Dr. Reese (00:34:42):
When you joined was Twitchel alive.

Dr. Morse (00:34:45):
He had just passed. He had just passed.

Dr. Reese (00:34:49):
I would, I would have to think he was very revered, very

Dr. Morse (00:34:53):
Extremely. I had, uh, every night of my life there, I had, uh, at least twitle and a lot of Dar and tons of Fu Quy qu has been my main, uh, spiritual guy. He he's an incredible being. I just, I, I have nothing but profound respect for, but Paul TWI, uh, credible being and even Darwin, I, I don't, he was very powerful, very powerful

Dr. Reese (00:35:27):
And went into a Facebook group. And I asked some Dr. Morris fans, if they had any questions and let me get my old glasses out, cuz the old <laugh> I'm 41. Now here's the

Dr. Morse (00:35:42):

Dr. Reese (00:35:45):
Awana. Awana. I think her name is O a N a Ohana. Um, yeah, she, she asked what's Dr. Morris's spiritual name because she brought up the name you just did with Paul Twitchel and how and how can you, well,

Dr. Morse (00:36:04):
That's a good question. I don't know.

Dr. Reese (00:36:06):
You don't know?

Dr. Morse (00:36:07):
I don't know. I really dunno.

Dr. Reese (00:36:10):
So I really

Dr. Morse (00:36:10):
Have no idea what they call me. If

Dr. Reese (00:36:12):

Dr. Morse (00:36:13):
Can. I think

Dr. Reese (00:36:14):
If you leave your body to help somebody, you have no idea. It just does. It

Dr. Morse (00:36:18):
Just does it like when you're, you can appear to a lot of people simultaneously. So I'm trying to help a lot of people simultaneously. So you'll have, you know, come to 'em in their dream states and you work with them and sometimes you're working with 'em. You don't even know it because parts of yourself are being used. When you're working in the now you're allowing your you're allowing all this essence to go out and be used by the divine. So it's gonna go, it's gonna put you right where you need to know. It's tell about that lady with the juicer. This lady juicer broke pretty soon. I popped up in her, in her kitchen and I pointed at her juicer started running and I popped away. She goes, damn so. I mean, I didn't know that I don't, I, you know, that's what I'm saying. It's impossible to know all these things simultaneously. And I think there's an illusion out there that consciousness, you start knowing everything simultaneously, uh, creation is different than consciousness. You know, knowledge, all of this will never lead you to consciousness. Academics will never lead you to consciousness. Matter of fact, if you're not careful with academics, you'll lock yourself into the middle world for a long, long time. You've gotta be able to develop the mind, to keep yourself awake beyond the mind.

Dr. Reese (00:37:39):
Well, that's why I think it's, it's very imperative to say how cool it is that you got into this so young, because you know, you got someone like me, who is, I wouldn't say I'm an academic. I mean, I'm, I I've always been a researcher and a, a nerd, so to speak and studying and whatnot. So, you know, I didn't discover this stuff until I was 30. So I got 30 years of programming to undo. You know what I mean? Right. It's, it's a difficult thing to undo, to unlearn what you've learned.

Dr. Morse (00:38:15):
See that's difficult. And this is why you see, when you start conditioning, the mind you start developing the mind, you develop it in ego with it. So then as you develop yourself academically, you also can develop a wicked narcissistic point of view with it. Yeah. So that's what you see in the medical community and some of the higher academic communities. And they still haven't a clue to truth. So imagine you wasted all your time. You lost all this time being UN awake and you have lost truth. And now you're harming those because you don't know truth. And you're following these pseudo, uh, things that are set up by lower beings and the negative forces. And you don't, you don't even know that you're lost to that. So now you start a horrible car will for yourself, you know? So it it's try to always be awake. I don't care what level you're the mind is easy to develop when you're conscious it develop itself. It it's a great, uh, slave for you. But if it's your master, you you're you're. Yeah, you're true. You're gonna pay a big price

Dr. Reese (00:39:18):
For it. Yes you are. I remember enrolling to get my PhD and it was kind of an ambitious egoic type thing I'm gonna, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna, I'm gonna become a doctor. I'm gonna be like Dr. Morrison, Dr. Cousins and Dr. Savey, right. I'm gonna be this guy. But through those five years, I changed a lot and I had some and some awakenings and an understanding that were not the body were not the mind, man. When that diploma came, I was like, I don't even want this anymore.

Dr. Morse (00:39:56):
<laugh> yeah. I told you what I did with mine.

Dr. Reese (00:39:59):
And I said, how can I call myself Dr. Reese? I'm not even Kevin, nevermind Dr. Reese. This is, I went in almost like a dark night of the soul for a few months, cuz it's like, How do you, how do you exist knowing

Dr. Morse (00:40:15):
That selling secrets though? We, yeah, we decided on the doctor because uh, we could have picked different words. This is a journey I'm here to help those you to wait to the now and doctor health. The healthiest. Remember I told you, we're only using the health is the doorway, right? The humans need it bad. Cause it's the suffering is UN UN it's UN unre. The lack of understanding of truth on this planet is so bad, but that's one side of it. The other side is those that wanna awaken I'm here and, and saw a lot of other people. Not, not say that, but you know, that's what I know I'm here to help is to bring you in that now and show you the difference between consciousness and thought so that you can have a choice and that you can wake up at that and play with them and play all you want, but don't lose yourself. Cause if you lose yourself, there's prices to pay. And unconsciousness is what we're experiencing in the human state at an extreme level. And so it'll be probably a while, but

Dr. Reese (00:41:13):
So what what'd you do with your diploma?

Dr. Morse (00:41:15):
I, I tore 'em all up. <laugh> I went and I said, you know what? I, this is all crap. You know, because if you can't see truth for what it is, cause that diploma to me are just the doorway to say, yeah, he went to school so he should know. Yeah, really? I mean, how many medical doctors went to school? They don't know their, you know, wife from a whole, they don't know what causes anything. Yeah. How many years you go to school? How much many did you waste? So I tore 'em all up. And so after a while and I'll go get 'em back. I did get all of them back, but I got some of them back, you know, for nature path about chemistry and stuff. But it was like only because, and I don't even know where they are <laugh> I don't even care. I mean, it is all about you and I'm breaking up to you. Cause when you wake up to you, I'm right here with you.

Dr. Reese (00:42:02):
I, I had to change my viewpoint. When I got the diploma, I had to change it to make

Dr. Morse (00:42:06):
Your viewpoint.

Dr. Reese (00:42:07):
This is, you know, this, this is gonna help bring more people to me so I can help

Dr. Morse (00:42:12):

Dr. Reese (00:42:13):
Modi. The doctor title helps for whatever reason, they value that title. And that's

Dr. Morse (00:42:18):
The only world reason we use that. And some people didn't want me to use it because the, the fight of nature apathy is bad, but I am standing tall because we are the main healing art of this planet. Right. And they're trying to shut the nature path. They're trying to retrain them into medical thinking and stuff. And it's like, this is one old nature path that's gonna stand tall and hopefully wake up a lot of other nature path to understand the whole process of how you get someone. Well, I mean, I just got a letter from a lady. She was diagnosed with somewhere disease. She's in bed for two years. She couldn't move for 20 years or whatever. And she just watched our program, went on the raw, took the hers, and now she's out having fun playing and nothing's wrong with her whatsoever, but they couldn't diagnose her because they didn't know what was going on. Mm-hmm <affirmative> so that's the sort of thing that's that's, you know, I just feel sorry for, but remember everything is car. So you have that choice. So we're offering a choice that you can grab. This will help you burn your karma off faster and you become awake faster. Mm

Dr. Reese (00:43:21):
Well said.

Dr. Morse (00:43:24):
Cause when you join, I can car under the right masters, strap yourself in. That's all I gotta say.

Dr. Reese (00:43:32):
Does an ascended master choose you or do you choose them?

Dr. Morse (00:43:38):
Interesting. You know, it's interesting cause remember your consciousness playing the role as the unconscious being. So you have, I'm say something probably. I don't wanna offend some people, but a lot of the, as are not conscious. I mean you, it's one thing to develop yourself, but allow you, you develop yourself into kind, you develop yourself. But a lot of 'em think they're developing their self, but they're not at their consciousness state. You know what I'm saying? Most of these are at the cosmic consciousness state and the cosmic consciousness. State is a state where it is the most Nirvana state in the creation. You can have the closest to the, now there is the one subtle difference here I am. And there you are. It's that thin line of the ID that says I'm an individual and you're an individual. But when you move past up that thin line into the soul plane, into those consciousness worlds, there's no, you and me, we now merged and became one. Mm. So there's nowhere you are that I'm not. And there's nowhere I am. You're not

Dr. Reese (00:45:01):
We're in the ocean. We're just

Dr. Morse (00:45:03):

Dr. Reese (00:45:04):
One body of water. Exactly.

Dr. Morse (00:45:06):
Mm-hmm <affirmative>,

Dr. Reese (00:45:08):
Who's the brotherhood of light. Are there? Great white brotherhood.

Dr. Morse (00:45:13):
There's been a lot said about the great white brotherhood isn't there. Mm. Yeah. I don't think I seen much about that myself. I think I'll leave that one.

Dr. Reese (00:45:21):
Okay. Leave

Dr. Morse (00:45:23):
It there. I think I'm gonna leave that one. There was a blue hand, uh, group. There was a lot of the, uh, different, uh, uh, enlightened groups like that.

Dr. Reese (00:45:34):
Okay. There, there are a lot of ascended masters that are talked about, uh, Saint Jermaine seems to be a very popular

Dr. Morse (00:45:42):
One. Yeah. Saint JMA Saint Michael. Uh, of course, Jesus, you know, the, uh, what is it? The, uh, um, the, I channels a lot. Jesus, you have a lot of recordings of channels, but again, I, I highly advise not to not to become a channel. Uh, uh, it is not smart for one to open themselves up to become a channel. Mm. Because I can tell you right now, you don't know who you're gonna channel. And as you want someone hitchhiking on you, I can tell you right now, there's a lot of hitchhikers right now on people. They don't even know it. And it might not be someone they like, I'm gonna say that you wanna do the opposite. You wanna become strong in their consciousness where that's your greatest protection. There is because you're gonna need it coming. So this is something you wanna become more conscious, more conscious. That's your power. Power is in consciousness. Power is in thought. Yeah. That's yeah. You can have powerful beings and stuff. I used to get people to do anything I wanted to do with my mind. Yeah. Do I realize, huh? No way price to pay and why do I care? What they do? Why do I care? What someone else wants in face way? I mean, that's their world. Why, why would I want to waste my time worrying about other people's journeys? You know, it's like, I learned a lot about that.

Dr. Reese (00:47:12):
I have many friends, I know many people that are mediums and they're not enlightened. You can tell they're not in the, now they're not right. Self realized. They're regular people who have this quote unquote gift, or you might call it the opposite of a gift. Yeah. A burden.

Dr. Morse (00:47:32):
Yeah. Well, I mean, I can understand how people can think it's a gift, but, uh, the same thing with going under, um, uh, hypnosis and things like this, you gotta understand, you have a soul there that you've just opened your beingness too.

Dr. Reese (00:47:49):

Dr. Morse (00:47:50):
And my wife worked at a mental health clinic in, um, Sarasota, Florida once. And the cops came in one day and arrested the male and female therapist there because under hypnosis, they were doing a, you know, some things to their patients. And this is a sort of thing. Is that in the unconscious state, you are the least protected.

Dr. Reese (00:48:13):
Do you think that the ASCE gospel of peace was real or was it fiction with a great message?

Dr. Morse (00:48:25):
You know, ive wondered about whether Jesus was a part of the ACE. I know that I feel he was a part of the raw food movement. Then I think if you go back, you'll find raw food movements, probably all the way back to Egyptian times. <laugh> I really do. Uh, I do think there's that movement agnostic movement of, of, of better health while foods out body travels and stuff like that, that he was involved in. And then if you look at the other 23 gospels that they found, supposedly in the dead sea scrolls, and you read the gospel, according to Paul, and some of those, you have a much more agnostic, enlightened Jesus than Matthew mark, Luke, and John, you know, when you, when you use the four gospels there, they, those guys were outside taking a leak when Jesus was talking, uh, you know, using those gospels People,

Dr. Reese (00:49:15):
What the dead seas, you know, that's, that's where there's some juice.

Dr. Morse (00:49:18):
That's where there is some juice. But again, that's in the past, what's in the now.

Dr. Reese (00:49:25):

Dr. Morse (00:49:26):
You know, and that's where man's wanting to go back to past, to see if he can fix, oh, you can do that if you want. But if you want to truly expand yourself as an individual, have yourself protected answer questions that are deep within you. Some people don't even ask the questions you and I ask, of course, but you got to learn how to stop thinking.

Dr. Reese (00:49:48):
My favorite question is what's aware,

Dr. Morse (00:49:51):
What's awareness.

Dr. Reese (00:49:52):
What's aware. I like what I like, what better than who

Dr. Morse (00:49:57):
Exactly. Oh, let me tell you talking about going into plant life. And, uh, in fact, I only, not only went down into the lower levels of plant, I went into the fruit trees when I was in Texas. I was giving, uh, talks in some of these, uh, towns that were high Catholic towns, you know, high Mexican Catholic towns. And this one gentleman was telling me that every night he would have an outta body experience where he would go into this cat body he'd feel his paws on the ground. He would feel the hunt and, and the kill. And he, he said, I'd go out every night. And I said, you know, I can help you get beyond that. And he goes, why? I said, good, enjoy it. <laugh> holy crap. So there's all levels of things going on out there. And people are not always sharing their experiences with others, but for fear of condemnation, you know, and things like that. So it's, uh, I think people time now to open up your doors, uh, learn how to stop thinking and become awake.

Dr. Reese (00:51:04):
Speaking of sharing a few months ago, I had Dr. Gabriel cousins on this podcast. You're, you're contemporary. And I was happy to know that he also is a mystic and he

Dr. Morse (00:51:21):
That's good.

Dr. Reese (00:51:22):
He's got some, that's good to know, amazing experiences of one of which he claims Abraham came to visit him in a cave when he was in Israel, he just moved to Israel. And so he, you know, you guys are doing the, you know,

Dr. Morse (00:51:40):
<laugh> well, you know,

Dr. Reese (00:51:42):
Your occupation is a holistic health doctor, but behind the scenes, it's something else the same with him. And same with you. Well, I mean, and I, I said to him while we were talking, cuz the conversation just like we're right now. And I said, you know, Dr. Morris is kind of the same as you man. And he goes, well, we should have a big conversation.

Dr. Morse (00:52:02):
I'm open

Dr. Reese (00:52:04):
We a nice little, three way doctor thing going on on

Dr. Morse (00:52:07):
Zoom. That'd be fine with me. I'm always open because

Dr. Reese (00:52:10):
That could be a monthly podcast.

Dr. Morse (00:52:12):
Yeah. That be our wild podcast. I don't know how much he knows about the lymphatic, but spiritually, you know, you said it earlier, simplicity is the key and always keep it simple. If you're trying to, you think there's some complexity about finding God and finding the, the answers to life you're mistaken. That is the illusion. That's a cared in front of your nose or the apple thing. But uh, realize you are the living truth. Jesus said it himself. You are the living truth. But all of 'em saying the same Enoch, all of 'em saying the same thing guys, you know, but there's degrees of that. Mm-hmm <affirmative> and that's why I like the F masters because I've never seen, I read you pan sheds Babu. I studied all that living out in the woods and then the do, but read. So, uh, uh, I love the EC masters because of their ability, not only to teach you of these other levels, but to take you to 'em and to get your feet on the journey of unfoldment of, of letting things go outside of you. And I suppose that's the greatest key today is just let go. Who cares? Doesn't matter.

Dr. Reese (00:53:19):

Dr. Morse (00:53:20):
Be the Buddha thing, get out from the tree after 20 years or whatever and say, you know what? I've had it. I get it.

Dr. Reese (00:53:26):
Let go. Or good dragged.

Dr. Morse (00:53:27):
I, I don't I'm

Dr. Reese (00:53:33):
I asked Dr. Cousins something, I'm gonna ask you right now. Okay. What's more threatening to society being a holistic healing doctor or being a mystic that teaches a message.

Dr. Morse (00:53:47):
What's more threatening to society. What's more threatening to society is being more the mystic because you're in a society right now where the mind is, is salivating on the control of the ignorant. And, and so the, the, the war of that is of consciousness coming in. Those that are more conscious realizing that they can shut down the mind by not using it. And the mind is retaliating. And this is supposedly a lot of the negative cycles, you know, the strong cycles of the negative horses. So I don't know, but I would say that would be more threatening being a healer, you know? Yeah. You're gonna, you're gonna get booed and called every name in the book. But when you finally get to the point, you don't care because you're, you're grounded in your truth. Who cares? What someone else thinks about you? You know, you get on, you have a YouTube channel, you get all kinds of these surfers and all kinds of pharmaceuticals pays these trolls and all kinds of things. You could say anything about me. You want, I could care less. I am so happy with what I found. I found what I was looking for. So all I can say is I'll teach you, but, and I don't care. Say what you want. And that's what you gotta get. You can't care what anybody thinks, be your own. Who's driving your car. You know, you drive your car, then don't care what anybody says. Even your parents, your loved ones who cares, you know, truth. Stand on it.

Dr. Reese (00:55:10):
Tiffany Ann had a question for you in one of the groups. She said, I was planning to go to his school in April, but it got canceled. I'm wondering if Dr. Morris is gonna teach in person again.

Dr. Morse (00:55:23):
I put that class online.

Dr. Reese (00:55:26):

Dr. Morse (00:55:26):
I put it online. And in about a month, they're gonna have anology class at like no other. Let me tell you nothing. Nothing is taught like this. And then I level two, both are going online in about a month.

Dr. Reese (00:55:40):
Society's going through a transition. So we're entering what I've been calling for a few years. Now, the digital world order digital world order, everything's gonna be digitized, everything. And

Dr. Morse (00:55:52):
That way the world bank can control everything.

Dr. Reese (00:55:54):
Everything, everything that the money,

Dr. Morse (00:55:57):
It is bad. Oh,

Dr. Reese (00:55:58):
Population control. Cuz they're gonna release sex robots. No,

Dr. Morse (00:56:01):
No, that's

Dr. Reese (00:56:01):

Dr. Morse (00:56:02):
That's the one thing that people don't realize about this. And even those that think that socialism has a good thing. They don't realize who's driving the force. Right? So the one thing is just what you said, the reduction of the population of earth by hundreds of millions. And how do you do that? There's only one way that I see long studies showing ineffective of, of mass out of a hundred people wearing mask 85 got Corona. It's like, we've been telling you that, but the negative effects to your health are astronomical. And yet they're forcing that

Dr. Reese (00:56:33):
You're blocking the oxygen.

Dr. Morse (00:56:35):
Oh yeah. You're reabsorbing your CO2.

Dr. Reese (00:56:38):
Well, we gotta go back to Hilton Homa. He, he used to say, even have a fan in your room when you go to bed, cuz you want the air to circulate.

Dr. Morse (00:56:47):
Yeah. Yeah. Oh professor TMA. George Plymouth.

Dr. Reese (00:56:51):

Dr. Morse (00:56:52):
My, well, that's what he kind of got me turned on to oranges. Cuz remember he was an orange freak. That's right. Well that's where I went into oranges and I'm going, yeah.

Dr. Reese (00:57:00):
<laugh>, let's go back to that. Cuz we touched on it on the last podcast episode. How old were you when you went on all oranges?

Dr. Morse (00:57:09):
About 20,

Dr. Reese (00:57:10):
About 20.

Dr. Morse (00:57:11):
Oh this happened about the same time. To honest with

Dr. Reese (00:57:13):
You, your, your first, your rookie season. So to speak your rookie year

Dr. Morse (00:57:16):
Game just hit me all at the same time. I'm excited. I found raw. I'm starting to go on it. I'm going, wow. Uh, I'm introduced to in my so I'm free or, or the tiger span or one of them. Yeah. I'm reading that and going, I found that I found the guy that knows truth. I found the guy that knows truth. Cause in my being, I knew those worlds and I go, I found it. Right. So then I start getting visiting bio and that was even before I joined and then I go, oh, oh wow. After I read the first book, I put my attention to them and that brought 'em to me too. And then woo. So between that and the raw, my world went crazy baby, but I'm alone. I'm out in the wisdom, my Volkswagen van alone. And that intensity is hard to define to someone. Hmm. I had a guy on, he was out of the mountains of New Hampshire or, or no, I think maybe on, up in Maine or something, lived in a little cabin out with the bears and he's one. We could talk, I could talk with him about the alone state cuz when you're out there totally alone by yourself, you've got two options. Take advantage of that aloneness and go deeper into that alone state or freak out.

Dr. Reese (00:58:22):
And you were doing orange and while you were alone.

Dr. Morse (00:58:25):
Well yeah, I'd get deeper into that alone state because it goes all the way to pure aloneness consciousness.

Dr. Reese (00:58:31):
What do you say to some? Cause we talked about this, that you've been sort of branded as the Tarian doctor, which isn't

Dr. Morse (00:58:41):
True. I know, but I love that though. Life is, is, is by far. I mean, look at, I can't even tell you the cases right now that are just on fruits that are quads, right? That are neurological cases that are now getting their feelings back. Some have been walking. I can't even tell you all on fruit. And I, I think I told you last time in vegetables, I can't regenerate the nervous system. Right. But on fruit. So that is exciting. So yeah, I am a fruitarian thinker. I it's difficult for me to be one. Although I would love it. I, I'm not spending my attention on it anymore. Then I was highly self disciplined and all this, but I got so much everything is going. I mean, I feel a lot of things you guys don't realize. I feel you.

Dr. Reese (00:59:27):
So what do you say to someone that comes to you and says, Dr. Morris, I wanna do six months oranges like you did. What do you say?

Dr. Morse (00:59:35):
You know, there's some of my students that beat me, there's some of these guys, I think there was some, some lady with four years on, on fruit juices. Wow. I mean, some

Dr. Reese (00:59:45):
I did, I did four. I did four months.

Dr. Morse (00:59:49):
It's it it's intense. But for me it wasn't, it was almost, I can't tell you, these were organic Naval oranges by a special being. And it was almost like my body wanted to suck the orange into it. It was just so wanting that orange energetically in every other way that I just couldn't get enough of them. I would eat 15. These were, these nav oranges were great food size and there was nothing bitter. It was all, they were all tastes like honey mm-hmm they were sweet. And when I get bitter oranges, now I got someone sent me a load of Naval oranges from California, organic. And they were bitter. This is not, this is not raced properly. Cause proper organic Naval oranges are gonna be sweet as honey. And the more I ate, the more I wanted eat, I could eat 15 about this size, about a grape fruit size at one setting. And I could eat five settings a day. I'd have to buy bushel baskets of them. <laugh> right. But it man. Oh,

Dr. Reese (01:00:49):
Thankfully it wasn't grapes. You would've detoxed heavy

Dr. Morse (01:00:54):
Would be. I don't. But I told you I cut myself all the time. I heal. I didn't feel it. There's no pain at these levels. You'd lose pain. You lose bleeding. What you see at these high occular energetic levels is beyond human comprehension. Right? They've never seen anything like that.

Dr. Reese (01:01:12):
Let's talk about TMA for a second. In his book, one of my most recommended to people on this podcast, man's higher consciousness. He talks about how the original man, the first man, and he even brings it to Adam and Eve the Bible, he, he gives the quotes, everything he says we were born Breatharian and fruit was essentially our treat. It was a treat. So meat, dairy, grains, vegetables, they weren't even, they didn't even exist. According to TMA in this, you know, concept, it was just fruit. You think he's

Dr. Morse (01:01:59):
On the same? Well, I realize that man is not a cave man. Of course. Right. And you and I talked about that before he is an Islander mm-hmm <affirmative> and you realize that our genetic code is 96%, the same as primates. And you realize we're Fugi warrior species. So you could see how that's in play. If you wanted to ally or somehow go back and say the Adam E concept, uh, where you have that, you know, uh, and what someone took a bite of an app or something. And then that brought him into the realm of, of the physical and digestion and all that. I don't know. You know, you could say all kinds of things about that, I guess, but

Dr. Reese (01:02:34):

Dr. Morse (01:02:36):
Who cares?

Dr. Reese (01:02:36):

Dr. Morse (01:02:37):
Yeah. We're at right now where we're at. Where are we? Where are you right now? Yeah. You know, because now Arian is very difficult. I remember, uh, Johnny Love wisdom. You ever hear that name? No. Johnny Love wisdom. He's one of the old guys back in the time. And he went, I don't what island he went, where he went, but I think he went nuts. He went total fruitarian. He was going into Breatharian mm-hmm <affirmative> and uh, that's the last time I heard of it, love he was into and be a Breatharian and I've never heard from him, anything about him. These guys go way out there, bro. I mean, they get into these things and you never know. I mean, when you start playing out body, you start getting deep in consciousness. This, this is just this planet, this realm isn't very unappealing.

Dr. Reese (01:03:26):
I'm re I'm reminded of bohi Dharma. The man who created Zen and he's known for sitting in the cave, above the shallow temple and meditating for nine years straight. Now let's just assume that's a real story. He's gotta be outta body or he's gotta be in some hibernated thing.

Dr. Morse (01:03:51):
Oh yeah. I'm sure he's a consciousness. Yeah. Or he's he's he drinks, but remember time differences. So what appears to be nine years there? He could have been in some realm, you know, and even in consciousness, uh, and that nine years went physically, but it didn't appear to him that way. You know what I'm

Dr. Reese (01:04:10):
Saying? He could have been gone for 10 minutes.

Dr. Morse (01:04:12):
Oh yeah. He could have been gone 10 minutes in terms of consciousness, you know?

Dr. Reese (01:04:16):

Dr. Morse (01:04:16):
But it's eternal. There's no time measurement. There's no measurement. That's what I'm saying. If you wanna know about the now lose the identification of yourself. You're not Robert. You're not anybody. You're not, you don't have a body. You're not male. You're not female. You're not anything that you can identify with. So you have to lose all points of identification. Well, that means the end too. Yeah. You gotta lose yourself.

Dr. Reese (01:04:40):
People have trouble with this. Especially people, especially people with kids and families. How do you look at your child and say, how does a mom look at her child and say, okay, this, this child came out of me, IGA birth to this child. But you mean to tell me that they're technically not mine. It's just another soul.

Dr. Morse (01:04:59):
Right? They're gonna have to get to that. But that's a spiritual awareness, right? Because all we do is manifest physical bodies. I mean, we're in the physical world. So all the females and males do is come together and, and produce physical bodies once the consciousness is using them. And no one can claim that that's God, you know? Yeah. So it's consciousness learning to manifest in that form. But since consciousness has been manifesting in, who knows how long before it takes that particular form. And that's why I'm saying that those of, uh, of those on the raw foods and the parents that are really opening themselves to higher levels, they're bringing in these higher beings. They themselves are gonna have to understand as their children awaken that they're gonna have to halfway awaken with them. <laugh> or they're gonna have little beings, much more awake than them.

Dr. Morse (01:05:47):
Mm. I mean, I've had beings that, that were here that couldn't get with the educational system and they rough way to go rough way to go for both sides. So I don't know what to say about, you know, it's all about growth, but I said, letting go, I think our biggest thing, we judge, you know, we judge others, we judge things. We use our mind so much. We have predetermined ideas and concepts. We're so lost in a social way. All the books that we read now, I hope that with the Trump thing and everything, at least man realizes that everything that you think you know has been fed to you, your books in school have been chosen. Your, your media is all corrupt, corrupt. They, they choose what you wanna hear. And that's fed through what channel time Warner, which is all, you know who, so time Warner then is part of what the world bank and the world, uh, globalists. So when you realize you've been moved down this road unconsciously, you know, you've been unconscious and been taken down this road, wake up a little bit. Yeah. Because if not things could get rough

Dr. Reese (01:06:51):
<laugh> have you ever heard Santos of Santos BCI?

Dr. Morse (01:06:57):

Dr. Reese (01:06:58):
No. He's a pretty notorious researcher and syncretist and I had him on this podcast episode 38. And so it turns out that he, he, he loves you. He watches your videos. He oh,

Dr. Morse (01:07:11):

Dr. Reese (01:07:12):

Dr. Morse (01:07:12):
But he

Dr. Reese (01:07:13):
Back, he says to me, he says, I would love to talk to Dr. Morris. He goes, I think his practice could go even to the next level, if he includes astrology

Dr. Morse (01:07:25):
<laugh> well, I mean, we could take it to all kinds of levels and I'm struggling to keep it at this one.

Dr. Reese (01:07:31):

Dr. Morse (01:07:32):
Well, you know why? Because it's like right now we only have one lab currently. Yeah. And that lab was just sold. So we're going through hard times getting botanicals. So it's a struggle just to maintain, you know, and, and deal with these lower levels of healing. And yet they're higher levels than this kind of nose, but it's still, there's so much we can add to this. I try to add energetic experience to it. That's why I try to keep myself in the now quite frankly, I try to let my energy go through every, every herb that you take, everything that you take, I try to let my whole essence go through everything that I'm teaching that way, energetically, you're gonna feel and understand that. So I try to do that.

Dr. Reese (01:08:15):
And where do you think astrology falls into everything?

Dr. Morse (01:08:21):
Um, I, I definitely think there's mathematics cycles of everything in creation, but it's creation.

Dr. Reese (01:08:27):

Dr. Morse (01:08:28):
It's creation. Who cares? What the cycles influence you physically, who cares emotionally, if you just keep identifying with those levels, you're going keep yourself at those levels. And it's like, you know, become consciousness. Gotcha. Don't become cycles. Yeah. Become awareness. And then if you wanna play with cycles fine. Yeah. There, they're definitely magnetic influences on everything. No question about it. And mathematics rules. Right? It's like, chemistry's just nothing but consciousness becoming thought, becoming frequencies becoming matter.

Dr. Reese (01:08:59):
Mm. Why do you think chemistry is so mundane? Because it's

Dr. Morse (01:09:04):
Yeah. I it's just another level. Yeah. At a lower level. It is brother. I mean, when you look at electromagnetic frequency of electromagnetic energy has to be real co to become chemistry. Yeah. Become so physical. It's not like it's more energy. It's a lot less energy. So chemistry holds energy in it, but a lot less than, uh, let's say, you're gonna get when you become conscious or when you, you open yourself up to the flows of energy, that energy will heal your body, like nothing else. So when you add your consciousness and that energy flowing through you, and you add the consciousness of raw foods and the botanicals, it's a, win-win all the way around, but you can't even tear. Then I had to say this. I mean, if you wanna really get to the real deep essence of, of, of learning how to become awake, you can't care about nothing, including your health, yourself or anything else. At the same time, you gotta also take care of all that

Dr. Reese (01:10:02):
Consciousness, you know, Goma, the bud of famously called it nothingness or emptiness.

Dr. Morse (01:10:10):
And yet in that is everything.

Dr. Reese (01:10:12):

Dr. Morse (01:10:13):
Cause he could have been at a level where there is that. But when you take that next level out of that, there's everything consciousness. You can't go beyond everything. You can't go beyond the, all the one consciousness. I mean, you can get levels of that, but the intensity could

Dr. Reese (01:10:30):
He, he put a negative on it because there was no way to put a positive. There was no way to, there's no way to say everything. There's no, there's no words.

Dr. Morse (01:10:37):
There's no words. And you can't and it doesn't matter anyway, cuz it, it it's only for, I suppose one has to understand the difference between creation and consciousness to understand that difference between being able to know or see about everything. And, and yet at the same time, not cause even in the lower levels of consciousness, you're not seeing in creation in everything that's happening, you're in consciousness. You would have to look in, you know, you would have to put your attention. Well, when you move into consciousness, it individualizes your attention. So you can view remotely from the soul plane. I mean, let's just talk that way you can view remotely from the soul plane while your bodies are going through the things that they're going. If you pull your attention into your bodies, that's where you are.

Dr. Reese (01:11:32):
So here we are. But

Dr. Morse (01:11:33):
That makes it, that makes the drama good though. If you, you know, you're in most unconscious state is when you, you mess up the most, you have the most experiences, you know, and you get the most karma. Some they like

Dr. Reese (01:11:44):
That. We're in the play. We're in the Lila, the illusion. Yeah. The matrix

Dr. Morse (01:11:48):
You bring these new souls in here, consciousness. That's just now starting to manifest more in human form. They're rowdy, baby. They're rowdy. I've seen many of 'em and they're rowdy. They don't care. They become hookers and all kinds of things. They're rowdy. They wanna experience. They wanna know they wanna experience. I'm not here for that. We're here for those that wanna waken up from that.

Dr. Reese (01:12:09):
Mm. I don't know if you got any feedback from the last episode.

Dr. Morse (01:12:15):
I don't think so. I don't know maybe,

Dr. Reese (01:12:17):
But this, you know what, these conversations that we're having these two beyond the body one and beyond the body two, how, how is your fan base gonna be able to, are they gonna be able to handle this Dr. Morris? This, I dunno. We're so beyond the lymphatic system in the kidneys right now,

Dr. Morse (01:12:37):
I know. I dunno. I have no idea to be honest with you. I don't wanna lose anybody freak 'em out, you know, cause I really want people to get themselves well and, and latch truth, you know? So yeah. I tell em that if you don't get that part, then just ignore it and you know, deal with your health side, you know? But I don't pay attention to all that I can't.

Dr. Reese (01:12:57):
Cause this seems like based on what I've heard, that the deepest you've gone into the divine on these two, at least on recordings.

Dr. Morse (01:13:05):
Well, I'll tell you what we are moving into a higher level. I think you're feeling that, knowing that, so the health side is gonna take care of itself. Plenty of our YouTubers are so smart and they can teach and they're already healing people all over the world. So I wanna start seminars like at seminars where we have different, uh, modalities, where you can speak, you have different speakers. And then we have different musicians with creative arts and what some of the beauty looks like beyond this world, you know,

Dr. Reese (01:13:32):
But, but will it have to be online with the new society coming in?

Dr. Morse (01:13:37):
I hope not. We made you. You never don't. I wouldn't count out the divine yet.

Dr. Reese (01:13:44):

Dr. Morse (01:13:46):
I'm just telling out the divine yet.

Dr. Reese (01:13:49):
Don't count out the

Dr. Morse (01:13:50):
Divine. I'm telling you, uh, there's things. There's things we'll see.

Dr. Reese (01:13:55):

Dr. Morse (01:13:55):
I'm excited. But one way or another, you know, you and I are gonna be going outta here.

Dr. Reese (01:14:01):

Dr. Morse (01:14:02):
Mm-hmm <affirmative> and the more awake you can get yourself, you're gonna wake up to some where you, where you'll be happy. You woke up, put it that way. You won't be lost in cycles again. And you don't wanna be lost in cycles again. I mean you, if you want to, you can, I guess, but I don't wanna be. I'll tell you once you find that now, once you find that along state hang on it it's like Jefferson, well, you gotta Republic. If you can keep it. So man's been struggling to keep his individual freedoms, all these generations and now worse than ever

Dr. Reese (01:14:37):
Keeping that being this keep, keeping that aloneness, keeping that consciousness in the marketplace is not an easy,

Dr. Morse (01:14:43):
That's the point that

Dr. Reese (01:14:45):
This is

Dr. Morse (01:14:45):
All the marketplace.

Dr. Reese (01:14:46):
This is why a lot of people retire to ashrams and monasteries and the Himalayas mm-hmm <affirmative> there there's beings up the Himalayas right now. Mm-hmm <affirmative> that?

Dr. Morse (01:14:57):
You know what? Not me. I'm have no reason to hide. No. To put myself, we're do battle

Dr. Reese (01:15:05):
Spiritual friends.

Dr. Morse (01:15:06):
Let's do battle. I'll tell you. I don't mind. I've been doing battle all my life. And people been me for nature states, the feds. I don't care. We're here, baby. And I'm not here to, to, to find myself in comfort. I'm here to, to do my thing. And then I'm out.

Dr. Reese (01:15:26):
How, how are

Dr. Morse (01:15:26):
Your journey, bro?

Dr. Reese (01:15:29):
Yeah. Well, people are definitely gonna get a whiff of that on these two episodes on this podcast. So good.

Dr. Morse (01:15:37):
I love them all, you know, and I'm here to help you on both levels and if you don't get the spiritual level, that's okay. You know, work with your physical body and get it healthy. And in that journey, you'll start to awaken because it's impossible not to. Yeah, because thoughts are obstructions. Emotions are obstructions and you're detoxing the obstructions outta your beingness. <laugh>

Dr. Reese (01:15:59):
Beyond the body. Part two, I think is a wrap.

Dr. Morse (01:16:02):
Yeah. Love you. Thanks.

Dr. Reese (01:16:04):
Thank you, Dr. Morris, it's been a pleasure.

Dr. Morse (01:16:06):
Same here, my friend.

Speaker 2 (01:16:09):
Thanks for listening to inner peace with Dr. Reese. If this episode opened your heart, feel free to share on social media and tell your loved ones. Also be sure to subscribe. So you never miss an episode until next time.